Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sims needed!

Hey everyone, I know it isn't the Christmas post (Which I have pics for, but haven't actually started writing it yet.) but I need some assistance for the post after the Christmas post.
Here's what I need. If you have a sim you would like to see in my blog (Like a challenge mother or legacy founder) please post a link to them in the comments. If I already have your sim (*cough cough* Calista and Skye) please comment saying if you would like to see them in in the post after the Christmas post.
Here's a little something to keep in mind, in the post I need them for they're going to be clubbing, so if you don't want to see your sim in the clubs for whatever reason then that's fine.
As of now, the Christmas post should be out late tonight/very early tomorrow morning because to be honest, I'm using the neighbor's wi-fi at my dad's house right now since he doesn't have it and it keeps booting me out. xD (That's also why if you have put out a blog post that I haven't commented on it yet because the darn things take a day and a half to load here. >.<)
Anyways, here are some pictures I'm not using in the post anyways (I thought I might, but they really don't fit anywhere. xD). I'm also adding funky comments to them since it's just fun to do that sometimes. xD

Laura: Nom nom nom. You smell good.
Tom: ... Thanks?
Me: Dude... Who cuddles on a counter?

Yay for having a weird looking stretched out arm!!!! O.o

Laura: *thinking* I'm just going to rub his ears and look away like I'm not doing anything. *Whistles*
Tom: *Thinking* Geez woman... Stop rubbing my ears. >.<

Laura: Oh god... Tom, get down, I'm not strong enough for this.
Tom: Oh come on... You need to buff up, I'm not even that heavy. Of course compared to YOU, you're like, half of my size. I could probably bench press you if I tried.
Laura: *Huffing* Please don't. Hey Tom *huff*. Arms. Breaking. Please get down.
Tom: Ugh, fine.

Anyways, toodles.


  1. I'd love to be in the post. You have me already.


  2. I love Tom! And of course you can have Calista in your post, I love seeing her in other people's blogs.

    ~Calista Smith

  3. Skye: Thanks!!

    Calista: So do I. And so does Laura. (I think, you never know with that woman. xD) Thanks a bunch!

  4. Feel free to use Hadley! I have her on mediafire!

  5. Alright, thank you. ^.^
    I'm downloading her right away.