Monday, December 26, 2011

Did someone say party? Baby 16 Part 1

Quadruplets: The reason I nearly pull my hair out everyday.
Like a typical morning I was grumpy, looked over at Tom, and said, "Good god, why didn't you come installed with a condom?"
Which he replied with, "Well you're the one who agreed with this."
"You were the one who brought it up."
Most of the time we're just joking around.

A rumor was going around that I had a child out of wedlock, which I did, but I felt it was unfair to get criticized for it since I was doing the challenge, so I went and sued for slander.

When I got home after losing the case, I saw this in the yard. It's cute, but it's also kind of creepy.

Right when I got through the door, I got a call from Calista. "Hey," I answered.
"Hey, I'm glad you're up."
I looked at my watch. It was midnight. "Yeah, speaking of that, who calls someone at midnight?"
"I do, and plus I knew you would be up since you just had quadruplets."
"True. So, what's up?"
"A few challenge moms are visiting Bridgeport in a couple of days, you want to join us?"
"Alright, I'll see you in a couple of days then."
"Alright, bye."

The next day Tom and I decided to age the quadruplets up to make it a bit easier on him.
Tessa was too cute. The only thing she got from me was her skin tone. She was definitely a daddy's girl and would never leave Tom alone.

Alec definitely was trouble, you didn't want to see this boy if he didn't get his way. He looked a lot like me, but he got Tom's lips.

Felicity absolutely loved the color purple. Or as she called it, "purpo." You can't really see them in this picture, but she has Tom's eyes. She was the perfect cross between the two of us, Tom's nose and eyes and then my hair, skin tone, and lips.

Last but not least was Isabelle. She refused to wear dresses and loved her llama shirt. She maily had my features, but she does have Tom's hair color.

We started teaching them all some skills right away.

The morning that I left I gave Tom a hug. "Good luck," I said. "If you need anything just call me."
"Will do," He said. "Don't get pregnant."
I laughed. "I'll try, no promises though."

I got to the hotel we were staying at in a couple of hours.

Then I went up to out floor...

And into our room. Skye and Calista were engrossed in some sort of action movie. Personally, action movies make me fall asleep. I saw a familiar back of somebody's head over by the bookcase.

It was none other than Hadley Reed-Pope! Hadley just finished her 100 baby challenge and got married. I had met her once before in her blog.
"Hey," I said.
"Hey," She said. "How is everything?"
"Even with quads it's much more peaceful than when I had to deal with Chester. How is everything going with you?"
"Everything's great. IT's so weird not being pregnant all the time though."
"I bet."

Just then Skye and Calista separated themselves from their movie. "Hey Laura," Skye said.
"Your hairstyle is waaay too classy to go clubbing with."
"Wait, what?"

All of a sudden I was pushed into a chair and surrounded by Calista, Hadley, and Skye. "W-w-what's going on?" I asked.
"We're giving you a makeover," Calista said.
"I think I look fine like this," I said, trying to get up.
Hadley pushed me back onto the chair. "You do, but we need a new hairstyle at least for tonight."
"Yeah," Skye said. "This is just too... Fancy for a club."
"Exactly," Calista said.
"Fine," I said. "Do it."
"Let's do this girls," Calista said.

"Hmmmmm.... Let's get her hair down first," Calista said as she undid my ponytail. "Dang, this is longer than I thought."
"I guess we probably won't need these then," Skye said while holding up purple hair extensions.
"Where in the world do you get those?" I asked.
"They're in any store now because lately there's been an increase of purple hair children," Skye said.
"Peculiar, isn't it?" Hadley asked.

First they tried this. "You guys. I look like an anime character."
"And a very classy one at that," Hadley said. "Calista, how did you even do this?"
"With lots of hairspray," Calista said.
"Next," Skye blurted out.
"I agree with Skye on that one, next," I said.

"Good god, I look even more like an anime character with this one."
"I know," Calista said. "I'm changing it now."

"I have this style I want to try next," Calista said.
"What is is?" I asked.
"Well, it's a pixie cut..."
"I have a wig. You could try it on and see if you like the style first."
"Alright," I said.
She put it on. "Hey, that's actually not bad," Skye said.
"It's not," Hadley said. "It looks really good, classy, but edgy at the same time."
"I like it too," I said. "Alright, cut my hair."
"Yay!" Calista cheered.

I'm actually surprised that it turned out so well. (And that I could trust Calista with scissors that are very close to my neck and face.)
"Well," Calista said. "I nearly stabbed your eye once, but that being said, it looks really good!"
"Wait, you nearly stabbed my eye?"
"Yes, you fell asleep and your eye almost had a bad collision with the scissors."
"Crap, sorry about that."

Once we were done getting dressed we of course took some photos.

When we got to the club we ordered some nachos, but some lady tried taking them. She of course got ranted at by 4 angry (And hungry) women.

We all started dancing pretty soon after that.

I ended up in the bathroom puking though because it turned out that those nachos had some sort of meat in them.

When I got out of the bathroom, Skye was dancing on the counter. It appeared I was in there longer than I thought and everyone was getting a tad bit drunk. Skye was the crazy, party-girl drunk.

Calista was making this derpy face and was sad because her hair was blue. I'm thinking she's going to be an emotional drunk.

At first I thought Hadley was normal, but then...

She exploded at Calista. "Do you REALLY think I care about you and your stupid hair problems? Good god, quit your stupid whining."
That only made Calista more emotional. "Why are you yelling at me?!?" She asked as she started crying.
Looks like Hadley is an angry drunk.

After vomiting three times already from the meat I decided to just go back to the hotel. I was told by Hadley to call when I get there, but truth be told, I was kind of scared to talk to her. She was like a ticking time bomb.

As I was walking to the subway I saw four creepy looking men. Among them was Chester.

I decided to just act like I didn't notice then and hope that they didn't notice me. I heard some of them shouting things about my legs and how I was dressed.

Then Chester cut me off.

"Well if it isn't the best challenge mom ever, Laura Johanson," He said.
"Get out of the way Chester."
"Oh, what was that? Oh, you want me to move? And what if I refuse?"

"Look, I really don't feel like dealing with you right now, okay. If you just leave me alone I won't tell anyone where you are and what you're doing."
"What, you think I'm scared of your little boyfriend? Well I'm not. He's been chasing me for quite a while now and guess what, I'm still out here."
"Yeah. In Bridgeport. Where there's a crap load of paparazzi. Trust me, if I don't tell him, he's bound to find out where you are eventually."
"But how can I be sure that you won't tell him?" He asked while he started to circle me. I decided to start running, which probably wasn't the best choice, but I had to try.
"Chaz, get her!"

Some big, buff guy who I assumed was Chaz grabbed me. I tried breaking free, but his grip only tightened.
"Go ahead and knock her out Chaz," One of them said. "We could have some fun with this one."

*Third person point of view*
All of the other girls got out of the club a couple of hours later and started heading down the street. "Hey Hadley," Calista started. "Did Laura ever call you?"
Hadley pulled out her phone and checked it. "I don't have any missed calls, and I think I would've heard it in the club too."
"Oh," Calista said. "Maybe she just forgot."

"Hey guys," Skye said hesitantly.
"Yeah?" Hadley and Calista asked.
"There's someone laying in that semi-dark alley over there..."
"Do you think it's--?" Hadley started to ask.
"It couldn't hurt to look," Calista said.
"And plus," Skye said. "If someone is hurt we could at least try and get them to a hospital."

They went up to the body and noticed it was Laura. "What scumbags," Calista said. "Whoever did this is..."
"Going to get whooped by all of us plus Tom?" Skye asked.
Hadley got down on the ground and gently nudged Laura. "Laura, you need to get up now, okay?"
Laura's eyes slowly fluttered open. "What happened?" She asked groggily.
"We don't know, but we're going to find out, okay?" Hadley said.

I hope you guys erm... Enjoyed(?) this post. I decided to split it up into 2 or 3 parts because otherwise it would be pretty long.
Also, thank you to those of you who let me use your sims in this post, it was really awesome playing with them. ^.^


  1. Oh no!!?!?!? It started out great but, eek, what a cliffhanger!! I'm anxious for part 2 now. Oh Laura, please get better and Calista and the other challenge moms better kick Chester's butt. I knew he was bad news when Laura bumped into him. :(

    I'm glad Calista didn't stab Laura's eyes out, the makeover was funny!!

    ~Calista Smith

  2. Thanks ^.^

    Yeppers, I enjoy cliffhangers (Well, when I know what's happening, not when I'm a reader though. xD) I'm excited to write it. There are going to be a loooooooot of changes with Laura, Tom and Laura's relationship, and other things... O.o Oh, trust me, if he isn't seriously injured by the time Tom is done with him, he will be by the time the other challenge moms get to him.

    Lol, that was harder to write than the part where Laura ran into the guys. xD I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I must say, lately, I have many uses for a shot gun... Now if only I had one. :/ HOW DARE YOU CHESTER!

    I'm loving the party in Bridgeport. Calista always seems to be so different in other people's blog than her own. :D And Hadley, just wow. She definitely IS very different when drunk.

    The babies = AMAZINGLY cuuuuuuuute!

  4. Hehe. First a comment about a comment.
    YOU GOT A SPAM COMMENT! Someone trying to sell you wigs.

    I loved the party in BP, we always seem different in other blogs, but I like me when I'm drunk. Hadley made me laugh, and so did Calista. (The bit where Hadley yelled at her hair)

    As for Chester, can you keep us around a while so we get to whup his sorry little butt into next century? And as for Destiny's shotgun, I have a couple of NERF blasters, and my sister has a real AK-47, if you want a hand shooting him.


  5. loong: Wow, those sound like some realy nice wigs! But sorry, I already have a full head of curly hair so I don't need more. And as you may have noticed this story is about a Sim so if I want to change her hair I can do it in Create a Sim. ^_^ (Oh, by the way, don't spam my blog with your useless crap, because to be completely honest I don't really care about your fake hair. :))

    Destiny: I'm sure Tom could hook you up with something, he is a cop after all. :)
    Lol, words can not describe how much I loved writing that part of this post. (But then Chester showed up and he ruined it. >.>) I know, I tried making Hadley really sweet and motherly, but then when she got drunk I wanted her to be really angry and grumpy. (She's kind of like my grandma now that I think of it. O.o)
    Thanks! I knew Tom and Laura would make cute babies together, but I was soooo surprised when I actually saw how cute they were.

    Skye: Lol, yeppers, it was fun adding a little sass in my comment to them. It's most likely getting deleted after this though.
    Gosh, as I have said in other comments, that was so much fun. I had to think of different kinds of drunks and then I had to pair them with everyone. I'm glad I did well on that. (I had no slutty drunk though. That might have been Laura if she actually would've stayed to get drunk. And then one of the other challenge moms would have kept the dude from getting in her pants.)
    Oh, trust me, the other challenge moms are actually going to be reeeeaaaalllllyyyy important in the next few posts. (Definitely important in their own way though, no two mom will have the same purpose.) I have a NERF gun too, so if you don't have enough guns there I can help y'all out. xD

    A little comment to everyone (Except for spam guy because nobody cares about you.): I love how you all hate Chester so much. For whatever reason it makes me want to make him come back again and again to just cause more trouble. And trust me, I hate him as much as the next guy so that's saying something. xD

  6. I just read that last comment, I laughed SO hard throughout, especially at that last bit.
    Sorry SPAMGUY, no-one cares about you.

    I think she'd be an EXCELLENT slutty drunk.


  7. Oh gosh, that was grumpy morning self speaking. xD
    Sorry spam guy, that no one cares about you thing was kind of harsh, I'm sure someone does. Just not over the internet because you spam them. O.o

    The sad thing is, I think she would be too. xD