Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Answers, Answers, and More Answers-- Baby 17

After a lot of debating about who could be Diego's dad and a lot of Bill saying it wasn't him, we just decided to age him up. He looked a lot like me, but he had a different nose.The only problem was, we had no clue who's nose it was.
Tom: That looks like Bill's nose.
Me: But he insisted that it wasn't him.
Tom: Laura, I'm a cop. Not only can I tell when people are lying, but he seems guilty.
Me: But why would he try so hard to deny it if it was him?
Tom: Wouldn't you want to deny it if you were guilty too.
Bill: This is pitiful.
Me and Tom: What?
Bill: Well, we established that he has a nose similar to mine, what more do we need to discuss.
Me: So wait... It was you?
Bill: I can't believe I'm admitting it, but yes.
Me: Why didn't you just say this to begin with?!?
Bill: I don't want to go to jail.

Then Tom did something that surprised me and completely lashed out at Bill. I haven't seen him this angry before.
Tom: You're a little lying piece of crap, you know that, right?
Bill: What?
Tom: Don't what me. You know what I'm talking about. You're a cop who says he's going undercover in Bridgeport to stop crime from happening, then you go ahead and rape my girlfriend.
At this point Tom had went from angry, to fuming mad.
Bill: Dude... Calm down.
Tom: Calm down?!? How do you expect me to calm down right now?
Bill: Just... Calm down.
Tom: Just get out, please.
Bill: Alright, fine.
Tom: Before you get punched. Just run. Run for the hills.

Bill came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder. I smacked him. "Don't touch her, you creep," Tom said.(Thank you to Calista Smith for that line right there. It helped me set up this whole fight so it helped a lot. *hug*)
"Sorry," Bill said timidly as he finally left.
I sighed and looked at Tom. "Well what do we do now?"
"Don't worry, I know people," He said.

I have a feeling that I will never want to meet these people. Ever.
The next day Tom took me to the psychologist that was supposedly supposed to be really awesome and all the jazz. He talked about it all night and I couldn't sleep. Although it's not like I could really sleep anyways, so at least we were talking.
When we walked in I set eyes on the fakest, most plastic human Barbie I had ever seen. You could tell that she had seen quite a few bottles of hair dye, boob jobs, and tummy tucks in her time. Maybe she also got attacked by a few carrots on her way into work too, because she looked slightly orange.
However I couldn't help but feel slightly jealous because she was totally checking Tom out. "Yo, ditzy secretary, over here," I said.
Tom snorted.
"What do you want?" She asked in the most annoying, nasally, valley girl voice I ever heard.
"I kind of have an appointment. You, know, that's why I'm here."
"Oh," She said in her annoying voice. I swear I just want to punch her every time she talks. I could tell Tom was refraining from laughing at this point too. He could sense how ticked I was getting though because he wrapped his left arm around my waist tightly.
"Don't attack the secretary you feisty little thing," He whispered in my ear. "That my send off a bad message."
I whispered in his ear. "I just want to pull those hair extensions off her ugly little head."
He laughed again and the secretary looked at us. "Are you going to tell me your name or not?"
"Laura Johanson," I said.
"Go sit over there, I'll tell you when the doctor is ready."
We sat down in the little waiting area with ugly couches, old newspapers, and bad magazines. Tom looked at the top of the newspaper at the top of the stack. "Hey Laura, did you know you're getting stalked?"
"No," I said sarcastically. "I never noticed."
He laughed. "Someone's a bit moody today."
"No, I'm only moody right now because the skank keeps checking you out."
It was true. She kept glancing over here and admiring Tom's muscles. This time she had the nerve to ask, "You wanna bang in the bathroom with me?"
Tom put his hand over my mouth and held me down right as I was about to use some very inappropriate language and launch myself at her.
"No thank you, to be quite honest you're too fake for my liking," Tom said.
She scoffed. "At least I have boobs."
Oh she did not just go there. "Nah, she has boobs," Tom said nonchalantly.
She laughed. "How would you know?"
"I'm her boyfriend. What do you think we do? Play Go Fish at night? No, we..." I smacked Tom in the arm. "All that I'm saying is she has boobs, they're just not fake like yours."

That made her shut up. She turned back to her computer and started typing again, trying not to make eye contact with us.
Tom and I started talking again. "Seriously," He said. "You're jealous of that.... that... Creature?"
I giggled. "Most guys would be all over her."
"Ew. No way," He said. "She seems too high maintenance to me."
"And I'm not?"
He chuckled. "Well, you are at times, but she seems like the whiny type of girl who demands diamonds and other expensive things."
"Yeah," I said. "How can you tell?"
"Well, I used to have a girlfriend just like this chick."
"I would've never imagined you with someone like that," I said laughing.
"Yeah, she always demanded that I get her expensive jewelry. And shih tzus. She had a strange obsession with those annoying, yippy dogs."
"That's really weird."
"Yeah, she was a strange woman. I have no clue why I dated her."
"You wanted to get laid?"
"... Well, that was probably part of the reason," He said.
I looked at him. "Okay, yes it was. But she said I had to give her the dogs first."
I laughed and the secretary looked over at us. "He's ready," She said. She still seemed a bit bitter.

We walked in to this. "Sit down." He said in a high-pitched voice.
"You're Laura, right?" He asked me. 
"You got a phobia? I've seen some weird ones like for butterflies, dolphins, ladybugs, possums, raccoons, parakeets, chocolate, ducks, toilets,bunnies, purple hair," He glanced up at my head. "Plaid, bagpipes, hippies, reptiles, monkeys, carpet, spandex, body hair, in laws, bubblegum, goats, priests--"
I stopped him. This list wasn't going to be finished any time soon. "You intrigue me, can I have your babies?"
Tom laughed. When had I become so straightforward?
He got up. "I have to go, I'm not the actual guy. He'll be out in a few minutes," He said as he started rushing out.
"Wait!" I yelled after him. "You don't have to Woohoo with me! Just donate a sample to the sperm bank."
"I'll get right to that," He said as he slipped through the door.
Then this guy walked in. "Hello," He said in a deep voice.
You have GOT to be kidding me.
He just sat there and stared at us. 

Then this guy came in. "Get out," He said.
The weird guy got up and walked out.

This new guy sat in the chair. "Sorry about those two. You must have ticked off Valery, she only send them in here if someone annoys her."
"Is that the...?" I began.
"Secretary?" He asked. "Yes, it is. Anyways, I'm Weston Ferris. You must be Laura and Tom. Laura, this is your first appointment, correct?"
"Yeah," I said.
"So what brings you here?"
I stiffened. Tom gave me a supportive look. "Well," I started. "I was raped and there's this stalker named Chester who won't leave me alone."
He looked over at Tom. "I'm going to ask you this question, have either of these situations had an effect on Laura at all? Has she changed at all?"
"Yeah," Tom said. "She eats less when she's stressed out because of these things and she hasn't been sleeping much lately."
"Anything else?"
"Well, she's just seemed very unhappy lately. And pretty unmotivated to do anything. She's kind of reminding me of a zombie lately but she's putting on a smile and doing things anyways."
He turned back towards me. "Now have you ever harmed your self, thought about suicide, or tried committing suicide."
The question lingered in the air for a couple of seconds. "Well, harmed myself no, but I have considered suicide a couple of times."
"When I was a teen and then recently before I told Tom about the rape?"
"What happened when you were a teen?"
I hesitated. I never told Tom about what happened between me and my dad or the thoughts I was having (AN: Muahahahahaand you never knew either because in that post Laura's thoughts were a secret. *evil cackle*) . I was always too nervous to. Eh, whatever, I might as well just let it all out now. "Well, my dad was abusive towards both me and my mom."
"I see..."

After some more talking about my feelings and many issues, Weston finally said. "Okay Laura, I think we're pretty much done for today. However, I believe you may have depression and I would like to see you again next week and prescribe you some medicine."
"So they're basically happy pills?"
"In a nutshell, yes," He said laughing. 
"Alrighty then."
He looked at Tom. "Also, I want you to ask Laura how she's feeling every night just to see if she's doing any better. Oh, and don't let her tell you 'I'm fine' or other crap like that. From what I've heard today that probably isn't true. Make her actually answer."
"No problem," Tom said to him.
Weston gave me the prescription. "And please. Take the happy pills. Just. Do it. Please. I even put you on a decent sized dosing. You need it."
"Oh... Well, thanks then."
 When we got home I change up my look. My hair was getting a bit longer and I could now bobby pin it back.
Tom also made me take some happy pills right away. 

 The kids have been very cliquey lately. Alec and Isabelle only hung out with each other and wouldn't let their sisters, Tessa and Felicity join them in the pool. So they both just rode on the spring riders and eventually moved on to playing catch with the Angry Birds plushy. 

 Diego was absolutely in love with Pinky (Thank you to Calista Smith and Claire Bunker for requesting that name!). He reached out to hug her and she just licked him. "No doggy kisses." He said in his innocent little toddler voice. When Pinky looked hurt by his little rule he said, "Just kidding, I love puppy kisses."
Pinky jumped on him and licked his face while he giggle. "Pinky," I said. "No jumping."
She quickly got off of Diego and continued her licking fest. I have a strange dog. 

 While Tessa and Felicity were playing a paparazzi guy came and started snapping photos of them.

 Just as he was writing something down I walked out of the house. 

 "Hey, paparazzi," I said. When he ignored me I added, "Guy with a camera and cornrows."
"What?" He asked in an annoyed voice.
"Get off my lawn and stop taking pictures of my children you creep."
He sighed and walked away. 

While I was making dinner, Tom offered to teach Jace how to drive. He really is very helpful, I don't know when I would have even found time to do that.

*Tom's POV*
 Me: So how are you?
Jace: Shut up. 
Me: Wow, you're just like your father.
Jace: Shut up.
I sighed and just looked ahead. 

 *Laura's POV*
 I was reading a book called "Special Snowflake," when Tom came in and sat next to me.
"How did it go?" I asked as I finished a paragraph and closed the book.
"You have a very angsty son."
"I know. Trust me, I've tried talking to him a thousand times, but he just pushes me away."
 "So," Tom said. "I'm supposed to do this ever night."
"Oh no."
"Oh yes," He said. "So, how are you feeling tonight."
"Oh... Well," I muttered. Tom grabbed my hand reassuringly and I smiled hesitantly at him.
"It's okay, you don't have to rush."
"I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed right now."
"Because, everything feels like it's happening so fast lately. What if I get caught up in everything and just crack? Or--"
Tom kissed me and cut me off. "What was that for?" I asked, feeling quite caught off guard. Do I need to tell him that? Eh... No, not necessary. I think he could tell.
"To stop you."
"You were starting with 'what ifs' again. Don't ask questions, we just have to try our best and if nothing works then we'll try something else. We'll get through this."

 The next day I woke up to a very hungry toddler. Look at him shoveling that food in. 

 Then of course I started teaching Diego how to walk. "I don't wanna get up." He said stubbornly.
"You're going to have to eventually."
"Not now."
I sighed. "Don't you want to be able to give Pinky walks?"
The got him up!

 As I was potty training Diego Tom came in. Completely. Shirtless.
"I'm going to work out. I'll be in the basement if you need me."
"You do that," I said as I tried not to stare at his beautiful abs. 
"Oh, I will, I'm getting a bit out of shape."
Sure he is. I rolled my eyes. 

 Later that day we had a couple of birthdays. Now we have two elder dogs. It turns out Pinky was older than we thought when we adopted her. 

 Then Jace also aged up. 

 He aged up to look just like his dad aside from the purple hair.
He joined the Firefighter profession and then moved out.
I of course got pregnant via the turkey baster. It was the first fake psychologist's baby. It turns out he actually DID donate to the sperm band. Who knew?

 The next morning I had the urge to vomit while Tom was taking a bath. "Are you okay?" He asked sounding very confused.
"Yep, fine," I said as I threw up again. "Hey Tom?" I asked when I was done.
"Could you stop checking out my butt?"
"Dang, how'd you know?"
"You're just that predictable," I said as I got up and went to brush my teeth.

 Later that night we had more birthdays that we couldn't do yesterday because of grades and toddler skills.

 Isabelle, or as she likes to be called now, Izzy, is in the sports club and also the debate club. She's a very strong girl and doesn't let anybody judge her.

 Tessa is a teenager who's obsessed with shopping and music. So it would only make sense that she's in those two clubs with her sister, Felicity. She wants to be a model one day.

 Alec was in the debate club and study club. He didn't want to do anything, but I was able to convince him to do something. He turned into a bit of a rebellious teenager. 

 Felicity is, how do I say it,  a bit of a snob. She only talks to Tessa and always makes fun of her other siblings. 

 To take your mind off of birthdays for one second, I'm pregnant! What else is new?

 Diego is a bit of a loner. Kids bully him at school because he's more shy.We're talking to his principal about it though.

 The next day was spent doing laundry. I got so behind on it. The house was starting to stink. I also did the other chores we had all been avoiding.

 I was so exhausted that I went to take a nap and didn't realize I had slept for quite a few hours until Tom curled up next to me.
When I tried to have a mini freak out he just shushed me and told me to just go to sleep.

 Since I had somehow slept longer than everyone else, nobody was home when I woke up. So I called Skye and we went to the beach and played chess.
"So, how are you?" She asked.
"I've been better, you?" I asked. 
"Good, want to talk about it?"
"Not really, I just kind of want to forget about everything for a little bit."
"Gotcha," She said. "We could... Gossip."
"Alright," I said.
"I can't believe that Luke was just meeting with his sister!"
"Oh, I know. I did not think that was who he was meeting with."
"Me neither! I thought he was having an affair. Which I would have had to whoop him if he did."
"Same here."
"You have anyone you need me to whoop, Laura?"
"Yeah, I'll give you my hit list later."
She laughed.
"Oh, I'm not kidding, I will really get you a hit list."
 Once I got home I finally went into labor. 

Introducing Oliver Johanson!

Oi. It's over. -_-
Thank god. 
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this long awaited post. 


  1. Nice post! :D Oohh Shocking! :p FIRST COMMENT! xD

    1. Thanks!
      Hehe, if you say so. :3 *Can't tell if you're using sarcasm* I would understand if you weren't. I'm kindof predictable. xD
      Congrats, would you like a cookie?

  2. OMG, WHERE TO START?!?!?!?!?!

    Okay, first of all, I loved the way Tom reacted to that barbie... made me laugh my socks off. :DDDDDD Too much information TOM! Good thing Laura was there to cut him off before he said too much. Also, Tom SHIRTLESS? He sure does have beautiful abs.... *sigh*

    Second, HOLY SMOKES, I love Weston!!!!! Almost as much as I love Luke.... :)

    Haha, LADYBUGS (and POSSUMS)... you totally got that from me, didn't you? I also enjoyed my quote, "Don't touch her, you creep." I'd like to say it fits Tom quite nicely. I was so rooting for Tom when that happened. Naughty Bill. >:[

    I laughed so hard when all those doctors came in too. I seriously love seeing Laura all let's-get-to-the-point.

    I'm glad you named the doggy Pinky! SO cute! ^_^ I didn't know Pinky was so OLD! -_-

    Wow, I'm surprised that first doctor actually donated his, er, sperm. He didn't seem like the kind of guy who would keep his word, especially to some random woman.

    Haha, the conversation with Laura and Skye... epic. I feel so honored to be important enough to gossip about. ^_^

    ~Calista Smith

    PS: Enjoy your "happy pills" Laura!!!

    1. I think you should win the award for longest comment ever. xD

      I loved making him react to Barbie. I was just like, "Well, might as well have fun with it." So I did. That was a very good thing. xD He does. *drools*

      Daaaaaaannnnnnnnggggggg.... Luke is going to be jealous.

      Lol, yeppers, you were all like, "Throw in possums and ladybugs," so I did. It really does. I had so much trouble writing that part. -_- Yes, bad, bad Bill.

      Yeah, I made those Sims and knew I wanted them in the blog, so I threw them in there.

      I didn't think she would age up so fast! I didn't think Sam would either. I need to expand the lifespan of pets.

      Hehe, I had to do it. Had to. I wouldn't let him not do it.

      Lol! It was the first bit of gossip I could think of. And plus, it's easy to gossip about.

      Oh, Laura may or may not enjoy her happy pills. All that I'm going to say is maybe they don't make her so happy at all. *strokes imaginary goatee*

    2. You probably just won the longest single reply award! Congratulations!

      Are the two other doctors going to be challenge fathers later in the challenge?????

      Bahaha, I had to spell "smsms" for the word verification!!!!

    3. Probably xD

      Yeppers :)

      Haha, sounds legit xD

  3. I loved the way you reacted to the barbie girl in reception. I totally would've too. And I DO love Calista's comment the size of France. I'm afraid mine will be considerably smaller.

    First things first, Tom checking out Laura's butt! I can't believe I didn't notice it before!Especially in the big version on Facebook.

    Secondly, I loved the bit at the end.

    "Me neither! I thought he was having an affair. Which I would have had to whoop him if he did."
    "Same here."
    "You have anyone you need me to whoop, Laura?"
    "Yeah, I'll give you my hit list later."
    She laughed.
    "Oh, I'm not kidding, I will really get you a hit list."

    That had me cracking up.

    And I must say, that I promised to go whoop his sorry butt if it was him, so tell me the time and place.

    I want your next post now.


    1. Haha, yep, that's how I would have reacted to Barbie girl, so I made Laura react that way. xD I love it too. It's so big. :O That's okay!

      Lol, that was the first thing I noticed in the picture. :3

      I'll definitely do that. He deserves a good whooping. xD