Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love is in the air- Baby 11

Thank you Imey82/Amiee for the adorable Sea Adventures dress! I hope Laura has a little girl soon so that it can be used. ^.^

Thank you AevalM/Skye Everard for the Cordial Chiffon Dress! Laura will definitely be wearing this soon. Merry Christmas!!

So let's get this post started, shall we?

Chester ran off before a court date could even be decided. Sure, it was scummy, but as long as he wasn't around my family I was fine. I just hope nobody else has to go through this.

We had quite a few birthdays to get through tonight, first to age up was Dominic. He decided to get a job in the sports career.

Greg was next. He had decided to go into the music career because he wanted to be a hit movie composer.

Annalise was the third to age up. She had settled down quite a bit. First of all, look at her clothes, they don't hurt anyone's eyes now. Then she got rid of all of her piercings. She kept the highlights, but they were cute, so nobody argued. She didn't get a job since she's going to be traveling a lot.

Dill had grown into a very artistic teenager and decided to join drama club and art club. He wants to move to Bridgeport one day and become an actor.

Calpurnia aged up with quite a few scars, but they didn't affect her at all. She was a really smart girl in newspaper club and study club. She told me she wanted to become a journalist eventually.

Next was Mason, he was in the music club and the sports club.

Last but not least was Micah. You could tell that The Joker was his father by his appearance-- the only thing he got from me was my skin tone. Don't let his slightly scary appearance fool you, he's one of the sweetest kids I've had so far.

The next morning I started teaching Micah to talk. Look at his cute little "I don't get it," face. How could I NOT take a picture of it?

After teaching and playing with Micah for a while I went downstairs to see the three teenagers working on their homework.
Calpurnia: You see, all you do to find x is divide that number.
Dill: Ugh. I thought you said subtract.
Mason: That's if the number if being added to x Dill...
Dill: So wait, what if the number being added to x is negative?
Calpurnia: Then you add it, Dill.
Dill: *Muttering* This is stupid.
Mason: *Under his breath* Not as stupid as you.
Me: Mason! Don't call your brother stupid.
Mason: But mom, this is an easy concept. Wait, how did you even hear that?
Me: I'm a mom, I hear everything.
Mason: Wait... Everything?
Me: You'd be surprised to know how many things I've heard around this house.
Mason: O.o

After doing her homework, Calpurnia told me she wanted too cook dinner tonight. "Alright," I said. "Just don't burn the house down."
Luckily, she didn't and she also made some of the best macaroni and cheese I've had in my life. I don't know if it's because I didn't have to cook it or what, but it was good.

The next day I got a call from Calista telling me to get my butt over to the pool or else she'll eat my toes. It's one of the weirder threats I've gotten, but I do enjoy my toes so I called a babysitter and went to the pool.
When I got there I noticed that Skye Everard was there too! "Hey," I said. "It's nice to finally meet you!"
"Hi," she said. "Nice to meet you too."
We got settled in some lounge chairs and started talking.
Me: So, how's life.
Calista: Well, I think Luke is cheating and my dog keeps reproducing, but other than that things are great.
Me and Skye: *Awkward mumbling* Oh um... Sorry.
Calista: Oh, it's all good. Uh Skye what about you?
Skye: Well, Leilah was raped, but otherwise everything's great.
Me and Calista: *Awkward mumbling* Oh... Um.. Sorry about that.
Skye: It's okay, we're getting by. You just gotta roll with the punches sometimes, you know? How are you Laura?
Me: I'm doing well. I think Chester is finally gone, but you never know with that creep.
Skye: Oh, yeah. I remember seeing something about that on a magazine cover.
Calista: Oh, yep, I saw that too. Anything else going on?
Me: Well, there's this guy...
Skye and Calista: Oooooooh...
Me: I'm not interested in him. I'm just bringing it to your attention that there's some guy who has the hots for me.

I looked towards the pool and there was Thomas.
Me: Speak of the devil.
Thomas: Geez, even your friends are hot.
Me: They both have boyfriends, just an FYI.
Thomas: Doesn't matter, you're the only one that I'm actually interested in.
Me: Oh, um... Thanks.

I tried to look away but how could I not look at him? He was gorgeous. Oh crap no, don't think of that. Avert your eyes. Make it look like you're not interested. I wonder if there are any birds out today. Oh. There's one. Wait, why is it flying down to that dead bunny? Crap. It's a crow. Alright, look away that's gross.
Thomas: Laura?
Me: Huh? Wait? What? What's going on?
Thomas: Why do you look so terrified?
Me: Psh. I'm not terrified.
Crap. Now I keep looking at the dead bunny.
Thomas: Awww, are you upset about the dead bunny? Laura, it's the circle of life. It's okay.
He pinched my cheeks.
Thomas: Maybe some swimming would cheer you up.
I sighed. "No, it wouldn't"
He nudged me, "Yes it would."
"Fine," I grumbled.
He grabbed my hand and dragged me into the pool.

We ended up having a breath holding competition. (Which I totally won by the way.)

After a huge debate about who won we ended up getting into a splash fight.

From the side of the pool I heard Skye and Calista talking.
Calista: Psh. She totally likes him, she's not fooling anybody.
Skye: But herself, maybe.
I glared at the two of them and they gave little smiles and waves. Unfortunately in a splash war, getting distracted isn't a good idea because well, it gives the other person an advantage. Thomas splashed me so hard with water that my top got messed up and I had to fix it. Eventually Skye and Calista joined us in our little war.

A few months after our pool day, it was time to age Micah up. His features weren't nearly as scary as they were when he was a toddler. Thank god.

I changed my look a little bit too. I went with a cute flowered top and jeans and then I put my hair in a bun and change my makeup a bit.

The next day after dinner I realized I still wasn't pregnant, so I asked Calpurnia if she would mind being in charge for a little bit and went next door to see if anyone would be willing to be the next baby daddy. I was surprised to see that only Thomas and The Joker were home.

Thomas: Hey Laura, what's up?
Me: Oh, I just needed the next baby daddy so I came over here to see if anyone was willing.
Thomas: Well, I'm perfectly willing.
Me: *sighing* I guess.
Thomas: Cool, but if we're just going to be well, "together" this one night can we watch the stars first?
Me: Um, no, not at all.

While we were sitting there I couldn't help but feel comfortable with Thomas. Not only was he strong and protective, but he also listened to all of my worries about Chester and Calpurnia. I don't even know how long we sat there. I think it was hours.

But we were suddenly interrupted because I got a phone call from Calpurnia.
Me: Hello?
Calpurnia: Hey mom, Micah just threw up...
Me: Oh, crap, alright, I'll be home in a few.
Calpurnia: Alright

After I hung up and went to say goodbye to Thomas.
Me: *hugging him* I'm sorry, Micah isn't feeling well. I have to go.
Thomas: That's okay, it's understandable. I'll see you later.
Me: Bye

As I ran home I couldn't help but think about what just happened. Am I- dare I say it- crushing on Thomas? No, I couldn't be. I was doing the 100 baby challenge. No commitment. But what about other mothers? Some of them have boyfriends, look at Skye Skye and Calista, they're able to do it. Heck- Hadley Reed even married someone before her challenge was over.

When I got home I found Micah sitting on my bed.

I pulled up an old folding chair beside my bed and looked at him. "What's wrong kiddo, not feeling well?"
"No," He said. "I have a tummy ache."
I felt his head. "You don't have a temperature, do you want to see how you feel in the morning and then see if you feel well enough to go to school?"
"Okay," he said.
"Night sweetie, I love you. See you in the morning."
"Night mom," He said as he walked groggily to his bed.

Micah went to sleep and when he got up in the morning he felt better. "I guess something I ate just didn't agree with me," he said to me.

After everyone left for school I saw this guy outside. "Hi," I said to him. "I'm Laura Johanson."
"I'm Cyborg K29"
"Oh, well, hi there Cyborg. I'm doing a 100 baby challenge, do you want to be the next father."
"You don't have to talk to the kid."
"Okay fine. But I want money when I'm done."
"Um... How much do you want?"
"$10. I'll finally have enough for that new video game I want."
"Fine," I said.

After what was quite possibly the worst WooHoo ever, I went to the ice cream truck that was parked outside my house and bought myself a treat.

It really hit the spot. I just wish that the kids were home so I could've bought them something.

The week passed very quickly and then Saturday came around. We decided to go to the pet store to see if there were any new pets.

I immediately took a liking to a little hot pink chihuahua. She was just too cute.

Dill however loved the snake that they had in stock.

And then Calpurnia loved the parrot. She was trying to teach him to talk.

In the end, we took home the chihuahua and snake. Dill insisted on naming the snake Bones. I guess boys will be boys. (Name suggestions for the chihuahua would be amazing! *Nudge nudge*)

I didn't even realize how fast time was flying, but one day I just went into labor while playing chess with Calpurnia.

Introducing Jace Johanson! (Brave, light sleeper)
I was excited to see that he had his father's skin tone.

About a week after the birth I got a call from Thomas telling me to meet him at the beach.

Once we were both here I went up to him. "What's up?" I asked. "Is something wrong?"
"No, he said. Nothing's wrong."
"Alright, so why exactly are we at the beach? And why this beach in particular?"
"This beach never has anyone and plus, I wanted this conversation to be... private."
"Alright... Should I be scared?"
He laughed. "No, alright, maybe. But what I'm wondering might be scary to some."
"Alright, what's going on?"

He grabbed my hands. "That's actually what I was wondering."
"Thomas, you're not making and sense."
"You can call me Tom, you know."
"Okay, I will if you tell me what you mean."
"I mean, what's going on with us. There are times like this where I think we might both like each other. But then there are times when I don't know how you feel. I just want to know the truth, I mean if you feel the same way can you do something to show me or tell me? If you don't that's fine, I would be more than willing to be friends."

After he said that I did something that surprised both of us. It was like I had no control. I just kissed him.

Thanks for reading everyone!! I hope you enjoyed this post. So anyways, I need opinions on a few things.
1) Do you want to see Laura and Tom as a couple?
2) Any puppy names?
3)Do you like the pictures this size or bigger?

Thank you to Skye and Calista for letting me use their sims in this challenge, it really means a lot.


  1. Awww, I think Laura and Tom are cute...I guess it depends on what you want out of the game...and what that will mean for her challenge...are they going to have a lot of children together or just have their relationship separate...
    Oh, do you have Laura available for download? I would love to have her along with some other challenge moms in an upcoming post...if that's ok...

  2. Thanks. ^.^ They'll probably have their relationship separate and Laura probably go with alternative methods to get pregnant.
    I would be perfectly fine with that, here's her download link. ^.^ http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=4604754

  3. Poor Cal, she still has those scars, but I'm glad she's moving on. Lol! I loved the pool scenes. We challenge mothers sure have a lot of weird things going on in our lives.

    Calista would totally say she'd eat your toes. I think I'll used that phrase in my blog... just for fun!

    Ooh! Laura and Thomas?! YES YES YES!!!! <3 <3 <3

    Cyborg K29 was funny. A weird guy though... O.o I'm glad his son got his cool skin tone! I love the name Jace by the way! It's amazing what some people will do for a bit of money.

    I think the pictures look great the way they are and I especially like the new blog look. ^_^

    Cute puppy, the only name that comes to mind is Pinky, which is so original. Not. :)

    Grrr... Chester.

    ~Calista Smith

    PS: Wow, I had a lot to say.

  4. Yeah, I feel sorry for Cal... She's a little trooper, that's for sure. Oh gosh, that was oodles of fun to write. xD That's all I'm going to say about that.

    Haha, yes!!! That's like, the only threat I could come up with besides that she would kick a puppy. (Which, face it, that just isn't fun.)

    Haha, yeah, I was thinking of the conversation between the two of them with his voice as a robot voice. Well, he really needed the $10 for that video game! Lol, thanks. I have to admit though, I kinda borrowed it from one of my favorite books so... yeah. ^.^

    Thanks! It took forever to find this template. xD

    I'll definitely consider Pinky, because honestly, I can't think of anything.

    Trust me, it's okay, I leave long comments for you all the time. xD

  5. CHESTER! poor Cal! hopefully the scars fade! she is just so pretty!

    i LOVE the new look for your blog btw! and i'm super excited for your next post! and thomas and laura are AMAZING together!

    i like the name brink for your puppy! i think its the name of some crayon but it suits your puppy. (oh and btw calista, i like Pinky, Very original ;) )

  6. Yeah, I tried fading them, but the costume makeup can't fade. >.>

    Thank you! It made me super happy when I finally found it. Haha, I agree, they're so adorable together. (I love playing with them in the Sims because of that. ^.^)

    Brink is a pretty cute name. I'll also thinkof that one too.