Thursday, December 29, 2011

Computer Issues >.>

Hey y'all. It pains me to say this, but I have...

*Cue dramatic look*

Laptop issues. (Bum bum buuumm)
Anyways, here's the gist of my little issue. A couple of nights ago I went to turn this bad boy on since I couldn't sleep. It had start up issues and was all like, "Well, do the system repair or else I'm not doing anything for you missy." So I did the little repair and it worked. Yada yada yada. Anyways, I go to turn it on about an hour ago and it does the same thing. I also found out why my time keeps messing itself up on here- turns out it just goes to the last time it saw before it went wiggy. 
Just a fair warning. If you suddenly see me drop off the face of the internet that would be why. DON'T WORRY! Chances are I am not dead. This would only be if my laptop decided to just be a massive jerkwad and not start up at all. Granted I would still be able to Facebook on my phone, just not blog. And I will not stop blogging unless it gets that bad. I refuse. This thing is like my child. xD
So toodles for now, here's hoping my computer is nice to momma and continues to work. :)


  1. haha your not the only one! for future reference, its good to know you have not dropped of the face of the earth ;)

    hopefully you computer is just being stubborn and it will be all good soon!

  2. You definitely shouldn't stop Amanda! You've already attempted two other challenges, the third one is bound to be the lucky one! Even if you can't play on sims, hopefully we'll see you on facebook every once in a while.

    I hope your computer gets fixed! I want to read the next post!!!!

    ~Calista Smith

  3. Amiee: I really hope so. It definitely wouldn't be the first time it was stubborn.

    Calista: Ohhh, if it isn't I might bash my head against a wall. xD I would be sooooo ticked if this one didn't work out. I'm getting so far too! It would suck if my computer died.

  4. *Has fingers crossed for you that everything will turn out fine*

    If only you could hit your laptop, and then everything would be fine... yes, I live in a dream world!

  5. That would be so much easier. >.> I wish it was that easy. xD