Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Brief Little Post

Hey guys!
To be completely honest, I was expecting to have the next post out by now. So to start out, I'm sorry it isn't out yet! Soon, I promise.
I pictured this post a lot easier to make in my head beforehand, but then I got the pictures all done and well, it isn't going as well as I had hoped. O.o At first it all went well, but then it became, "Then so and so showed up and blah blah blah, this happened." So either I need to go back and get more pictures to fill stuff in, engulf you all in a wall of text, or I'll write out the post first and go back and fish for pictures later. (That's probably the best way of doing it for this particular post. xD)

I definitely will fix this issue because well, right now it's really bad. I just wanted to give a warning before it took too long.

For right now, please do admire the scarring image of Chester as a teen. (Once a creep, always a creep as my friends and I always say! ^.^)


  1. Chester... :0

    Take you time girl! It's totally worth the wait. And... I know how you feel, things always seem easier in our heads. :D

    ~Calista Smith

  2. OMG.....chester

    dont worry about the wait. without waiting for awesome things i wouldnt get through school lol

    Becks Best