Sunday, November 13, 2011

So So SO Sorry

I know the next post is taking a while to get out. I've really wanted to post it for a while now, but I haven't had the time yet. Luckily, I'll be getting a lot more time to write and everything, so that's good.

I can't wait for you guys to read the next post! But for now I'll post a little bit of a preview. (No picture, just text.)

At this point I knew my kids wouldn't be safe in Riverview. So I had to make the decision to move.
It seemed like every town had SOMETHING wrong with it at first. Bridgeport obviously had way too much night life, Twinbrook is just a scary town, my dad is in Sunset Valley, and in Appaloosa Plains I heard that kids didn't get a quality education.
In the end, I chose Sunset Valley. I wanted what was best for my kids and Sunset Valley was the option that ultimately seemed the best. Even though my dad may still be out there, I'm not letting him touch my children.

Hope you guys enjoyed that little preview. ^.^


  1. Ohhh, very interesting preview. Makes me want to see the post. And If your dad comes back, Skye volunteers to help whoop his butt into next century.

  2. Hello neighbor!

    Now Laura lives in Sunset Valley with Calista. We can finally make a valid excuse as to why Calista and Laura visit each other! :D