Saturday, November 19, 2011

Neighborhood Threat: Babies 7 and 8

Annalise grew up into an adorable little toddler.

She loved the little spring rider! She got so into it! Look at that intense look on her face.

The boys were always in the sandbox nowadays. By the end of the week they had at least ten sandcastles.

Something weird was happening to little Annalise's hairstyle so we had to change it. (AN: This is where I started having CC problems. You'll see another change of hairstyle for Annalise and a change of style for Laura pretty soon too.)

The next morning I got up early to make some pancakes for the boys.

At least I knew Greg and Spencer like them, although Dominic was still sleeping so he didn't have any.
The two brothers took this as their chance to pounce on me. "Mom, there's a pet store that just opened," Spencer said between mouthfuls.
"Can we get a pet, mom?" Greg asked.
"Yeah, like a horse or a cat or a dog?" Spencer asked.
"Or a chipmunk or snake?" Greg added.
"OH! Or a hamster. What about a hamster mom?" Spencer interrupted.
I sighed. "We'll see. Definitely no cats though." I had had bad experiences with cats vomiting everywhere and scratching me, I definitely am not, nor will I ever be, a cat person.

As soon as the boys went to school I decided to work out a bit to loose some extra baby weight I had put on.

Ick. You know when a green vapor cloud is forming around your armpit that it's time to go take a shower.

When the boys got home from school, Spencer aged up into a teen.

Girls lined up at the house trying to get Spencer to date them. I had to keep a big stick around to chase them off. It's too bad none of the girls will ever get him though, because Spencer doesn't exactly play for that team.

After I had put Annalise to sleep for the night I turned on the news and was very surprised at what I heard.
News Anchor: We've got some shocking news to report today. Is Riverview as safe as it seems? The answer is no. Today at Four Bridges Park there was an unexpected shooting. There were three dead and two badly injured.
From there someone came on the screen saying what it was like.
Nameless Witness: It was the scariest thing I've ever experienced. The man just came into the park and started shooting.
News Ancor: There you have it folks, there's an investigation going to find whoever did this. If you know anything you should go to the police station immediately to report it. Stay safe folks.

Since I had woken up too late to see the boys go off to school and Annalise was still asleep, the next morning I searched for pets in the paper. Unfortunately none were up for adoption.

Since I was keeping the TV on for any updates on that guy involved with the shooting I heard when the news anchor came on and announced something else.
News Anchor: Hey there folks, we're still on the hunt for the man in charge of the shooting in the park.

I sat down on the couch to listen to what was happening now.
News Anchor: The school has issued a code red lock-down just minutes ago because the man seen at the park was spotted walking through the halls. Unfortunately he heard the announcement and got away before we could catch him. Parents are allowed and strongly advised to come pick up their children as the school doesn't want any danger.

Before I was going to go get the kids I ended up changing into something new.
(AN: Worst time to do this. Ever. I know, I'm extremely sorry. This was after I deleted CC though so she loocked very... different from the previous picture.)

Before I could get out of the house I spotted a man through the window.

Not trusting his appearance, I brought Annalise to the toy room upstairs and locked the door so he couldn't get in there to hurt her.

I walked outside nervously and greeted the guy. "Hi, um, I'm sorry. This is a bad time. Is there anything you really want?"

"Laura Johanson, I've been searching this town up and down trying to find you or you children. Chester Hester," He introduced himself. "Now this is quite simple. Neither you or your children get hurt if you use me as a father. If you refuse I'm afraid I'm going to take matters into my own hands. About ten minutes ago I was going through the school trying to find one of your kids to at least hold hostage, but that didn't work so I have to do it the boring way."

"Are you kidding me?" I yelled at him. "You have to do all of this to be a challenge father? Geez, what happened to being you know, normal and not shooting people or holding children hostage? I refuse."

"Listen Johanson. you're either doing this the easy way or the hard way. Either way you don't have a choice. Now either you have my kid or you get a couple of nice, nonfatal shots that will probably make you pass out from blood loss and while you're passed out I will find all of your kids and kill them one by one."

I glared at him. "Fine," I said. "But you better not touch any of my children or else all hell will break loose."
"Only if you promise not to tell anyone what I've been doing. If you report me I'll do exactly what I just told you I would do if you wouldn't have my kids."
There was no use trying to fight him. Either way he was going to win.

At this point I knew my kids wouldn't be safe in Riverview. So I had to make the decision to move.
It seemed like every town had SOMETHING wrong with it at first. Bridgeport obviously had way too much night life, Twinbrook is just a scary town, my dad is in Sunset Valley, and in Appaloosa Plains I heard that kids didn't get a quality education.
In the end, I chose Sunset Valley. I wanted what was best for my kids and Sunset Valley was the option that ultimately seemed the best. Even though my dad may still be out there, I'm not letting him touch my children.

Before we moved though, Duncan and Kellan had a conjoined wedding.

Duncan and Deanna were too cute together. And Deanne's dress was stunning!

The boys were too precious! Little Dominic was crying and Greg had an expression that matched my own. I would have never thought they would be emotional at weddings.

They exchanged their rings and had their first kiss as a married couple. May they be happy and have plenty of children... I mean memories together.

Dominic was that awkward guest who kept throwing rice. We tried getting him to stop, but we gave up after awhile.

Next up were Kellan and Hollie. Unlike Deanne, Hollie had chosen a more traditional dress.

For some reason she was glaring at the cake. The baker must've decorated it wrong or something.

Whatever it was, she got over it and took a slice.

I sighed as I looked around the house one last time. It seemed like a waste of money ever buying it, but then again I didn't exactly know this would happen. After one last glance at the bathroom I used to vomit in due to morning sickness we left.

Here's the house that I bought in Sunset Valley. (AN: I was surprised at how well it turned out. Usually I build a house and it sucks. xD)

Here's the garage.
The first floor bathroom.

The living room.

The kitchen/dining area.

Upstairs bathroom

My room which ended up a little too big.

The boy room

The girl room

This is the nursery

The basement is the quiet area where kids can do homework, learn some new skills, or play Foosball or shuffleboard.

Finally the yard. It isn't very big, but it'll do.

As soon as we moved in I aged Annalise up since she had learned all of her skills.

She was a perfect blend between me and her father. She mainly had my face, but she had high cheekbones and a strange hair color from Hubert.

Morning sickness, the best part of pregnancy.

For whatever reason I decided to teach Spence how to drive in the convertible. "This is so cool." He said. trying to accelerate more.
I gripped the arm rests. "Spencer, slow and steady wins the race."
"I'm not in a race though, so I'm okay."

After he learned to drive, my baby bump started to show.

While Spencer went home, I decided to go to the pet store.

I ended up getting a little puppy that we named Sam.

Isn't he the cutest little thing?

Both Dominic and Annalise brought home new friends that they had met at school. It was nice to know that the kids were all making friends.

Spencer however, didn't have as much luck finding friends. They had all shunned him because he just moved and he was gay. I could only hope future generations would be more accepting.

Pretty soon I was in labor.

I ended up coming out of the hospital with a baby carrier? Multiples? Wasn't expecting that!

Introducing Calpurnia Johanson. (Genius, Excitable)

And her brother Dill Johanson! (Loner, Absent-Minded)

Finally able to make a family update!

Both Deanne and Hollie found out they were pregnant around the same time.

Both of the boys and their wives wanted to get a horse, unfortunately Kellan and Duncan allowed the girls to decide and they got the girliest horse ever. Her name was Destiny.

Awwwwww.... What a big boy. Mommy is so proud.

What a cute couple! Kellan and Hollie took this picture while they weren't paying attention.

Soon enough I had my first grandkid! His name is Devin.

Soon enough Hollie had my second grandson, Kyle.

Kyle as a toddler.

Devin as a toddler.

In childhood, Devin was very proper, he even joined ballet to "embrace the arts."

Kyle was the exact opposite, he was a typical boy and joined boy scouts.

Soon enough Deanne found she was pregnant again.

Hollie found a unicorn too. Since the house had very little room now, they moved out. Hollie wanted to bring the unicorn home that night, but she couldn't because she had to be a friend of all creatures.

So they got their cat, Maria.

And their dog, Cotton. (AN: Cotton was my old dog, I wanted to make her since I got pets, so I made her for one of Kellan and Hollie's pets.)

Duncan is orange again!

Despite living separately now, Kyle and Devin still hung out frequently.

Duncan and Deanne's second child was Mayella. Isn't she gorgeous?

Meanwhile, Hollie had found the unicorn again. This time since she was a BFF with all of her pets, it moved in. They named him Stark.

Stark and Destiny got along really well.

Finally, my fourth grandson, Atticus.

I was going to show Atticus as a toddler/child and some unicorn-horse babies, but my game crashed and I hadn't save for a while and well, to be completely honest I didn't feel like going through the same thing again.
If anyone can guess what book (It was also a movie) the names Calpurnia, Dill, Mayella, and Atticus come from, not only are you awesome, but you get a... Cookie!!
Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed this post.


  1. Was the book : To kill A Mockingbird?

    And I love the kids. My favourite line was:
    But I'm not in a race so it's OK.

    And Also, can I do a magazine interview type thing about this for my challenge mom? The whole shooter guy thing. So she picks it up, sees you, reads etc.?

  2. Yes it was! *Hands you a cookie*

    Shucks, thanks. That was one of my favorite lines too.

    Sure,that sounds like an awesome idea! I can't wait to read it. ^.^

  3. Thanks Amanda!

    And To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favourite novels, yet I never seem to remember it, so I read it a lot.

    And thank you for the magazine thing, and your welcome for the line. It was funny.

  4. You're welcome!

    Haha, I just read it for my English Class and it's one of my favorites too. ^.^

    No problem!

  5. I had to read TKAM too!!!! It was a pretty good book, if I do say so myself. :)

    I was going to use Duncan in my challenge as the next father, since the 2nd download you gave me did work! I hope his wife won't mind....

    Also, should I make Duncan orange with my own custom skin tones? Which one does he have in your game? I might possible have it. It it the one by Robod at Mod the Sims?

    Eeek, that Chester Hester guy creeped me out! I'm glad Calista has a neighbor in Sunset Valley now!!!!

    Great post Amanda!!

    ~Catlover800 aka Calista Smith

  6. Thanks!

    Yeah, it was one of the few school books I've actually finished. xD

    His wife won't mind, Deanne knows that since he's the first boy with purple hair a lot of people are going to want his babies.

    If you want to you can go ahead. It was just bothering me in my game since I had always seen him orange. If you prefer him white then that's fine by me. ^.^ Yeah, I have the Robod mod. Best thing ever.

    Yeah, he creeped me out too. O.o It definitely isn't the last you'll see of him though. He's coming back quite soon Maybe with company too. Muahahaha.