Saturday, October 29, 2011

Little Issue

Hey guys,
After a couple of really long days all I wanted was to play the Sims and get some pictures taken for my next post. But for whatever reason my game keeps crashing. I'm going to try uninstalling all of my CC to see if that works. (Even though I'm not sure if it will.)
That's all for now... If it weren't for this happening I would be working on a post right now. >.<


  1. That's such a shame. I really hope you can fix it. I know how you feel too. The same just happened to me!


  2. Oh no! Let us know how it's going. Good thing Laura is safe in my game. :)

  3. Skye: I'm sorry it happened to you too! I hope you can fix your game as well.

    Cat: I think it worked since it hasn't crashed yet. That being said I didn't play for a long period of time. No kidding. She also looks like herself in your game, without CC she just looks slightly foreign to me. xD

  4. Hey Amanda. How's the game coming? I felt like I should check up on you. And also wanted to ask if I could put Amanda in my game?

  5. Hey there Skye,
    It's going really well. I'm almost done with the post, so that's good. Deleting CC helped a lot, it's just now I have to get it all back. >.>
    If by Amanda you mean Laura, then yes you can. ^.^

  6. Lol, I did mean Laura. I think I said it on the exchange as well. Just input Laura wherever I wrote it. Or poke me in the eye.

  7. Yay! Amanda, the new download of Duncan worked! Now I will just make his skin orange with the skin tones I have in my game and all will be great! Thanks so much! I'm going to use him as the next father!!!! :DDD

  8. That's good!
    I can't wait to see him orange again. (He just isn't the same. xD)
    No problem, I can't wait to see him in your next post!