Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chester Returns... Baby 10

Hey everyone, I just remembered that I totally forgot to thank Catlover800 (A.K.A Calista Smith) for letting me use Mason and Calista in the last post (And also briefly in this post), so thank you very much.
Also, thank you to everyone who replied to my last post regarding what to do with this one because it helped a lot.
Enjoy. ^.^

Mason aged up into a toddler and I was surprised to see that yet another toddler looked exactly like me. I wonder what the next baby will look like.

With Christmas coming up in a month, the kids and I decorated the house. Outside we have a cute inflatable snowman and snowglobe.

The dining room doesn't have much in it besides a Santa gnome and some garland.

We have yet to get a tree, but this is how the living room is looking so far.

One day Annalise came home looking like this.
Needless to say I was pretty shocked, so I asked her about it.

"Annalise?" I asked hesitantly.
"Yeah mom?"
"What happened to your face and hair?"
"VJ Alvi put some color in it for me today and then another friend of mine was able to do the piercings. Can I keep them?"
"Well, I'm all for expressing yourself, but this is a bit extreme..."
"Please mom, I promise I'll take care of them and make sure they don't get infected."
"Alright, I guess it's okay, but please at least ask me before you do anything like this again."
"Yay! Thanks, mom." She gave me a big hug and then went to do her homework.

You may be wondering why I'm vomiting when I'm not even pregnant. Well to tell you the truth, I thought I could at least eat sushi because I don't consider fish a meat. Apparently I can't eat fish.

After I had my little sushi incident I went upstairs and read Mason to sleep.

Then I headed into bed myself and was woken up in the morning by my phone ringing. It was Mason asking if he could come over with Calista to see Mason Jr.

Half an hour later we were all on the couch and Mason was playing with his teddy bear near us.
The expressions on our faces:
Mason: Aw yeah, new high score.
Me: I thought they were coming over to see Mason and also, dang, I need to learn how to do that.
Calista: Why is Mason Jr. eating that teddy bear?

Later that night I fell asleep and then felt a huge dog jump on the bed. I love Sam, but he really does hog the bed.
At last we got our Christmas tree. I even had a few presents ready to put under it.

Mason was probably the easiest child to take care of that I've had so far and he also learned his skills extremely fast. It wasn't very long before he aged up into a child.

He was just a simple, fun loving kid. I'm still extremely happy his evil trait hasn't caught up with him, but that could happen at any point.

Having nothing to do around the house with everyone at school I gave Sam a very much needed bath. I'm going to have to remember to bathe him more often.

After that I went to meet the next challenge father who turned out to be The Joker! Hopefully the next child would look a little like him.

*Calpurnia's POV*
After school today I decided to go to the park and swing. i needed a little break from school for a while.

*Chester's POV*
I felt like going to the park today. I'm not exactly sure why though. Maybe I just wanted some fresh air.

I saw familiar purple hair on the swing set and went over to the source.

The little girl looked up at me with big eyes, she looked just like Laura Johanson. Maybe it's her daughter.
"What's your name little girl?" I asked.
"I'm not supposed to talk to strangers... Or tell them my name," She said.
"You already broke a rule by talking to me, so tell me your name."
"Fine, it's Calpurnia."
Calpurnia. That's a weird name. "I need your last name too.
"I don't see why you need that."
"Just tell me kid."
"Fine, I'll tell you if you stop being so rude."
"Alright, fine kid, just tell me."

"Oh," I said. "I know your mother, I could give you a ride home."
"I don't know..."
"Really, we're great friends. Come with me."
"Okay," She reluctantly agreed.
Finally I had something that could lure Laura out of her little hiding spot.

*Laura's POV*
I returned home and immediately noticed someone missing. I went up to Dill. "Sweetie, do you know where Calpurnia is?"
He shrugged, "She told me she was going to the park after school and said she'd be home around eight."
"Okay, thanks," I said.

I looked at my watch to see it was only 7:30, so I waited in the chair in the living room for her to come back. After about an hour of bad soap operas I was getting nervous.

The first person I called was Spencer. "Hey mom," He said. "Is something up? You usually don't call after 7."
"Yeah, you're still in the education career right?"
"Yeah, I love working with all the kids so I probably won't quit anytime soon. Why do you ask?"
"Calpurnia isn't home yet. Was she at school today?"
I knew it was stupid to ask, but I might as well start with that. "Yeah, she was here the whole day. I saw her go across the street to the park, but then I headed home myself since I had nothing left to do at the school. She was swinging when I drove by."
"Did you see anyone shady in the park?"
"No, nobody looked very suspicious."
"Alright, well, I'm going to go out and look for her."
"Good luck mom, hopefully she just lost track of time."
"Yeah, hopefully," I said absent mindedly as I hung up.

I drove around most of the town but she was nowhere to be found. I wanted to go to the police office to at least file a missing persons report, but they weren't open at this time.

When I got home Annalise came up to me. "Mom, we'll find her, don't worry."
"I should've been back when you guys got home. I would've noticed she didn't get here and then I could've found her."
"This isn't your fault! Even if you were here Dill would've told you she wouldn't be back at eight and you would've believed him. Don't blame this situation on yourself."
But how could I not blame myself? I should've known to be home when the kids got off the bus.

In the midst of all of my panicking, somehow I ended up in my room, sleeping on the couch rather than my bed.

I woke up and of all things I could've done I started cleaning. I tend to clean in moments of stress.

In the middle of cleaning the bathtub I completely lost it and started sobbing uncontrollably. What if we couldn't find her? And even worse, if I did find her, who would I find her with?

My phone snapped me out of my crying and I answered it. "Hello?" I asked as I wiped the last tear from my face. No one answered and I just hung up.

I put all of the boys up to asking people around town what could've happened and then Annalise and I searched around town ourselves. It was a good way of teaching your kid to drive, I guess.
There was still no sign of her or anyone else, so we just headed home.

The boys were back home too so I asked Greg if they found out about anything. "Half of the people in town have never even seen her since she focuses on school so much. This one dude was acting weird though. I wrote down the address of their house if you want it. "
He handed it to me and I thanked him even though he could be acting weird for various reasons.
I had totally forgotten about the missing persons report until later, so I just went in and made it. They told me not to worry or try searching anymore because they would find Calpurnia.

I got into the habit of sleeping on the couch though because they could find her at any given time.

The next morning I found out about some new neighbors and decided to greet them.

Inside were four bachelors. One of them kept trying to flirt with me though. "Hey," He asked. "You want to go out Saturday night?"
"Um, no, sorry. I'm not exactly into dating."
He looked down at my stomach. "Oh, you're married, aren't you?" He asked while looking at my ever growing belly.
"No," I giggled. "100 baby challenge."
"Oh, well people date in that challenge right?" He elbowed me.
"Not this early on. Wait, what's your name? You were too busy flirting to tell me."
"Thomas Rictor, the sexiest, man alive. What's your name?"
"Laura Johanson, the most neurotic mother you'll ever meet."
"Nice to meet you Laura. Can I be the father of your next baby?"
I walked out and went back home after that.

Everyone had taken up a new hobby to take their mind off of Calpurnia missing. Annalise started working out.

Dill read even more since all of this happened. Loosing his twin had made him sort of a loner. I tried talking to him once, but he just asked me to leave. After that we all pretty much stopped trying. Everyone else knew that if he wouldn't even talk to me they wouldn't be able to get him to talk either.

I had taken up sketching. Though with my frequent frustration at life in general anymore kept making me break my pencil because I would push down too hard.

Greg and Dominic were unsuccessfully trying to flirt with every girl in school. They always just told them to go away though.

Mason had started painting, but I didn't get a picture of him.

Eventually I went into labor.

Introducing baby 10, Micah Johanson (Virtuoso and Eccentric are his traits.).

Immediately after the birth I got a call from an unknown number. They said if I wanted my daughter back I had to go to the address they mentioned.
It was the same address Greg wrote down for me.

To be continued....

You guys probably hate my guts right now. I'm pretty ticked off at myself for even writing this. xD
As usual thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.
For some reason the story of this post made me get it out faster than I thought it would (And plus I didn't feel like doing Chemistry homework, so it was a good procrastination method. xD)


  1. Poor Calpurnia!!! I hope Laura gets her back!!!!!

    Oh, and thank your for thanking me btw. Mason's quite the cutie, even though he didn't get his father's blue hair. :( That's alright, Calista, Mason, and I all love him. <3

    I can't wait to read the next post!!!! :)

    ~Catlover800 aka Calista Smith

    I forgot to mention, I like the Christmas decorations, I should definitely spruce up Calista's house for the upcoming holidays....

  2. I love the decorations! They just really add a little something.

    I hope Calpurnia is okay! I also hope Laura kicks some stalker butt. Can't wait to see what's next!

    I like the dog hogging the bed too :) My dog totally does that.

  3. I hope she kicks his butt too. Crazy stalker man. I think the decor for Christmas is lovely. Skye's getting hers done this post!


  4. Cat: I know! I honestly wanted to use a teen, but decided Calpurnia would be better since she's Chester's daughter and also looks like a mini Laura.
    You're welcome. ^.^ I know right? I was upset when he looked like Laura too. I think it might be from a mod I downloaded, but I can't be sure until Micah ages up. (He's a bit of an experiment baby tbh. xD)
    Thanks! You should because it's really fun making sim houses all Christmasy. ^.^

    Nickels: Thank you! I agree, I thought it would be a bit odd if I didn't add any since Christmas is in less than a month.
    EEEEEEH.... You all are making it so hard not to give any spoilers. Now I'm going to stop this paragraph before I do. >.<
    Haha, yeah, he did that on his own and I just played along with it. My dog probably would've too if my mom would have let her on the furniture.

    Skye: Yet again... Must. Resist. Urge. To. Give. Out. Spoilers. *Twitch*
    Thanks! I can't wait to see your Christmas decor too!