Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Baby! Baby 9

After having Calpurnia and Dill I changed my look once again. This time though, my outfit is maternity enabled too so I'll stick with it.

With the most high maintenance twins in the world, I only had time to take naps.

Spencer is a gift from God though, since I take care of them at night, he takes care of them when he wakes up.

Later that night we aged up Cal and Dill.

I have to say, they're the most identical boy-girl twins I've seen. I was happy not to see much of Chester in them since I was still spooked about him. I had nightmares every time I laid down because I was afraid of what he could do to my kids.

Aren't they too cute? They get along so well together already. Somehow I get lucky and have twins that get along. I have yet to get twins who argue. (And hope I never do)

Once they aged up I started teaching Cal how to talk.
"Say garbage because garbage is everywhere. On the street, in dumpsters,oh, and people can be absolute trash too."
"Mommy," Cal said and looked at me with big eyes.
"I'm sorry sweety, mommy is going on a rant again."
I had been mildly grumpy since the twins were born. A combination of paranoia, stress, and never sleeping does that to a woman.

With a little bit of downtime I checked my email and found about five emails from Chester saying I was a coward for moving, he would find me, and then hurt my family.
I don't even know how he knows my email address.
I feel as though I'm being stalked...

Spencer aged up into a young adult later that night, joined the education career and moved out.
(Download him here)
After showering and taking off my make-up I decided to try and get some sleep.

I woke up to a ring on the doorbell, forgot how god awful I looked, and of course looked like an idiot by going out in my underwear.
Outside was Calista Smith and her son, Mason. "Um..." Calista said. "We could leave... I mean... um. Wow, this is awkward."
My face went tomato red because of her response and plus I could tell her son was trying hard to look at my face.
"You guys can settle down in the kitchen for a little bit while I well, put on clothes and make myself look decent if you want to," I said.
"Sure, that sounds good," Calista said.

Once I made myself at least slightly appealing, we all sat at the kitchen table. "So, I said. What brings you two here?"
"Didn't we agree to meet up and I could introduce you to Mason this morning?" Calista asked.
"Crap, I'm so sorry, I totally forgot about this. I've been so out of it lately it's not even funny."

Calista looked at me. "I could tell when you walked out in your underwear, plus the dark circles under your eyes, and the fact that you look way too thin right now. Have you been eating properly?"
Damn. I thought I covered those dark circles up. "Um," I started my answer to her question. The truth is, I honestly couldn't remember the last thing I ate... I just wasn't thinking of keeping myself healthy at the moment. "Well, I haven't exactly been hungry or thinking of food recently, so I guess not," I muttered. "I've just been feeding my kids to be honest." Which was true, most nights I would cook for them and then I would just sit and talk to them while they were eating.
Calista sighed. "Laura--"
I cut her off. "It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I'm honestly not hungry."
She put on her stern mother voice. "Get up and make yourself some food. It isn't healthy to not eat because you won't have any energy and plus, you could also you know, starve to death."

I got up to go to the refrigerator and for whatever reason I passed out. The last thing I really even heard was Calista getting up and yelling for Mason.

What a surprise, it looks like another nightmare for me.
I saw my dad and Chester standing outside of my house and not only was I afraid, but I was angry when I saw them. Those two had caused so much stress in my life, how could I not be angry with them?

Greg actually let them both in, which was the scary part. I'm just glad Chester did nothing to him.

When they walked in and I walked past them I still felt the same fear I had felt the first time I dealt with them.

When I woke up I noticed Mason by the fire place. "Come over here and sit, sleepy head."
I was pondering my dream/nightmare. It wasn't exactly that creepy, nor was it happy either. It was sort of awkward to be honest.

"What about the kids?" I asked. "I should go take care of them. Oh snap, the toddlers must be really cranky."
I started getting up when Mason pulled me back down to the couch.

"No," he said. "You need at least some relaxation my mom said you seem stressed and you probably passed out from lack of nutrients. Don't worry, she's taking care of the toddlers."

Through the vents I could hear Calista. "Whoa, what's this? OH NO! It's the claw! It's gonna get you."
"No," Dill muttered in a scared little voice.

While I was listening to Calista and Dill Mason yawned...


And well, it's a yawn and stretch, that's all there is to it.
I giggle. "That was so unbelievably cheesy..."
He laughed. "But it worked did it not?"

"Yeah, I guess it did," I responded. "So, tell me about yourself."
"Well, I have a wife--" He started.
"Whoa, wait, you have a wife?" I asked. "Are you sure that this is alright with her?"
"Yeah, I talked to her about it already. She said it was fine."
"I don't know about this," I muttered.
"Mommm," Mason groaned. "Have you been listening to everything we've been saying?"
"No, I only heard from 'That was so unbelievably cheesy.' now get to baby making."
Mason turned to me, "Sorry she's so embarrassing..."
"I'm your mom, it's my job. Now kiss her or something or else I'll go in there and..."
"Okay mom, I get it."Mason rolled his eyes.

We decided to follow Calista's advice before she came in here and did something she would regret later.
I have to admit, I was still a bit timid about doing this with a married man, but he was an amazing kisser. I mean after a slobbery old man and a man who I honestly did not want to kiss anyways, it was nice having someone like Mason in the challenge who was attractive and a good kisser too.

We weren't exactly on the couch for much longer and soon we heard a lullaby.

Morning sickness was a pain in the butt this time around. If only morning sickness wasn't a part of pregnancy. Wouldn't that be nice?

It was time for Greg and Dominic to age up into teenagers. "I'm going to miss playing in the sandbox with you bro," Dominic said.
"Think of it this way Dominic," Greg said. "Teenage girls."
"Aw, yeah buddy," Dominic high fived his brother.
Oh good lord...

Dominic ended up aging up first. He was determined to "score all the chicks," when he got into high school.

Greg was pretty much the same way as Dominic, but he wasn't as determined. Hie only words to me when I asked him about it were, "I just wanna get laid."
Wow, those kids say the darnedest things nowadays don't they? I just told him to use protection as he gave me a funny look and said, "Mom, you've had 8 kids..."
I guess I'm not the BEST example for this particular subject.

Later I finally started showing.

Along with the twins, Sam aged up too. He was even more cute as an adult.

The next morning Calista and I decided to meet up at the park for a little while since Dominic and Greg offered to watch Calpurnia and Dill for me.
We ended up chatting over a game of chess. "So," I said. "What's new with you?"
"Eh, the usual, just trying to find another baby daddy, you?" She responded.
"Just trying not to get my children killed," I replied. She looked up from the game with a slightly panicked face. "Oh... Darn, I guess I never told you about obsessive creeper man, did I?"
"Um.... No," She said looking extremely confused.
I explained the situation with Chester and how he threatened to shoot me and then kill the kids if he couldn't be a challenge father. "What a creep," Calista said when I was finally done.
"I know," I replied.
"Has he tried contacting you or anything since then?"
"Yeah, he's been emailing me threats all the time. I was really reluctant to leave the kids alone today, but Dominic and Greg insisted."
"Is this why you haven't really been you know sleeping... Or eating for that matter?"
"Yeah, I've just been paranoid and having nightmares and ugh... it's just not fun."
"I would imagine."

Once I got home I tried sculpting. I have to say, it was pretty fun.

Soon enough Annalise was pestering me about aging up. Since she was getting good grades, I agreed.

Her insane trait had really... Well, caught up with her. A lot. At least we could all say she was unique.

Then we went ahead and aged up Calpurnia and Dill.

Calpurnia was the most serious child I had ever met. She always tried to discuss politics with me and whenever someone made a joke she would just stare blankly at them and explained how something couldn't happen because it wasn't scientifically proven.

Dill was slightly less serious, but he had the same sense of humor. Or rather, lack of a sense of humor. At least they both still got along.

Since it was nearly Thanksgiving, I put up some festive decorations in the dining room. My favorite is the turkey. (:

When Thanksgiving finally came around both Dominic AND Annalise were in a bad mood. Lucky for me, neither of them caused much trouble.

Around the time when I was about to start dinner, Mason called. "Hey," I said. "Happy Thanksgiving!"
"Thanks, you too," He replied. "How's the whole pregnancy thing coming along?"
"Pretty well, I should be giving birth soon."
"That's good, just call me when you do, okay?"
"Alright, I'll make sure that I do."
"Okay, well, thanks. Talk to you later."
Before I could reply he hung up. How weird, it seemed like he was the only father so far who wanted to actually know his kid. That's a nice change.
After I got off the phone, I started preparing dinner. Since I couldn't make a turkey because of that whole vegetarian decision and tofu is disgusting, I decided to make some Stu Surprise. (AN: I honestly could not seem to find anything better in the recipes she knows. xD)

All of the kids really enjoyed it, especially Calpurnia, which surprised me since she thought that surprises were overrated.

Right after I climbed into bed I went into labor.

I'm pretty sure Mason didn't appreciate being called at nearly midnight, but he still came, so I'm guessing that's a good thing.

Introducing baby 9, Mason Johanson! I was feeling rather unoriginal while naming him and just decided to name him after his dad. At least Mason was happy about that.

Family Update

Spencer had found a nice man named Alan Rogers and they ended up falling in love.

Eventually they got married.

And then adopted two kids. This little guy is named Tyler.

They're second child was named Clary.

Aren't they too cute?

Thanks for reading everybody!
I have to admit, this post was pretty rough to make. It was all clear in my head and then I started writing and was like, "Wow, this didn't turn out as well as I had hoped." >.> But hey, I tried.
Well, that's really it. I hope that you all had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday (That is if you're also from the US and it was yesterday, I know that different places have it at different times for obvious reasons.). Those who did celebrate Thanksgiving, I sincerely hope you enjoyed your food coma. ^.^


  1. I'm English, so no thanksgiving for me!

    But, the post. I was LOL-ing from start to finish. The entire thing with Calista, AND the bit about:
    "I just Wanna get laid." Kids say the darnedest things.

    They had me cracking up. It was a ice break from all the suspense.

    -Skye. <3

  2. NICE not ice, and also, the suspensey bits in this were COOL!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to your too Amanda!

    I loved the part with Calista and Mason and Laura. That just made me laugh so hard! Mom's are like that, aren't they?

    I really hope Mason Jr. get his father's blue hair, that'll make Calista very happy. ^_^

    Thanks so much for using Mason in your challenge, I'm sure Mason's wife won't mind that he was in Laura's challenge.

    The thing with Chester is getting so creepy! I really want him to GO AWAY!

    ~Catlover800 aka Calista Smith

  4. Skye: Oh, I didn't know that! O.O You learn something new everyday.
    Yeah, I tried to add A LOT of comedic relief in this post. The next two posts (Mostly the one after the next post) are going to be pretty serious because of... Reasons. >:)
    I was cracking up with the Calista, Mason, and Laura bit when I was writing it. I was going to make it all serious-like and then I was just like, "Eh, screw it. His mother is over, why not make it interesting." xD
    As for the "I just wanna get laid," thing, one of my friends said that to me and honestly, with the previous comment about girls, I couldn't resist.

    Cat: They definitely do! My mom would totally do that. xD
    I hope he does too! I love Calista's blue hair. It would make me extremely happy. ^.^
    Your welcome! I forgot to thank you in the post when I was writing it, so thanks for letting me use him. I'll be sure to actually thank you in the beginning of the next post.
    Oh, haha, he isn't going away any time soon, trust me. xD But I agree, he is creepy. I don't know why I ever thought of him, but he just popped into my mind and I was all, "OHMYGAWD PLOT TWIST!"

  5. Spencer = HOTNESS! So sad my challenge is almost done, otherwise I would definitely have asked you if I could use him! too bad he's married now... :D Like Skye, I also don't have Thanksgiving, but anyways, happy (late) Thanksgiving to you.

    Freaky dreams Laura had... O.o

    It's so funny looking at the teens' faces when they got up on the morning of Thanksgiving; reminds me of my sister when she had to get up for school. :)

    I just so LOVE this post! ♥


  6. I know right? When he aged up I was like, "Geez, when did he get so hot?" xD Well shucks, that stinks, but hey you only have one kid left. that's pretty darn impressive. Thanks ^.^

    Yeah, I wanted to make the one that was actually shown freakier, but my creativity was seriously lacking while making it and also, if I used my weapon mod he literally would've killed someone so I couldn't. xD

    Oh my gosh, I know right? I read that they were both having mood swings and I just sighed. I mean seriously, of all days they're grumpy on Thanksgiving? Haha, reminds me of when I have to go to school. xD (Soooooooo not a morning person here. xD)

    Thank you. ^.^

  7. Just started reading and love it! This post was hilarious. I love Mason, so I can't wait to see what baby Mason looks like when he grows up! I'll be checking back in for sure. Stop by my blog if you want!

  8. Thank you! I'm glad that you liked it. So do I. He was very fun to play with in The Sims. I would love to check out your blog. ^.^

  9. Lol I'm canadian so thanksgiving is over and gone I love this post and you know that I love calista and mason and little mason and I dunno why but greg is my favorite child of yours so far