Friday, September 2, 2011

The Handy man... Erm... Woman. Baby 3!

Kellan grew into a plump little boy who looked very much like his father. He had developed the eco-friendly trait when he aged up into a child.

Little Duncan wasn't nearly as high maintenance as Kellan was when he was a baby. He just really liked to sleep. (Don't tell Kellan I called him high maintenance! He'll freak out!)

I decided to change up my look a bit. It was much easier to just tie my hair up in the morning rather than straighten it.

Kellan always helped out around the house. I managed to take this picture while he was making his bed.

He also had a huge imagination. At bath time he would always take a submarine adventure.
"Mom," He wailed.
"What?" I asked.
"I'm taking a bath, get out!"
"I changed your diapers, I think I'm fine."

He had even convinced me to get a recycling bin.

We decided to have a bit of "family bonding" by watching TV together. It wasn't exactly my idea of bonding, but it was a start. Maybe next time we'll have a picnic in the park or have a bonfire.

Later that day it was time for Duncan to age up.

He turned into a handsome little boy. Can't you see him with a goatee in the future?

I decided to start teaching him some toddler skills. He was a bit timid on his training potty at first.

He was very good at walking. I wonder if he'll be athletic in the future.

About a month later, I met up with a new challenge father.

His name was Jackson Thorn. He found out about my challenge in the newspaper and emailed me to see if he could participate.

After about an hour of talking to him I left because I couldn't trust a babysitter to take care of Duncan for too long.

The next day I invited him over to my house.

He seemed a bit nervous so I gave him a kiss.

And then we tried for a baby.

A couple of weeks later I had horrible morning sickness.

But even though I was miserable, Kellan was excited. Why?

He had a field trip to the Soil and Water Research Facility.

They gave all of the kids little molecule statues.

Meanwhile, I found out that I was pregnant with baby 3.

During this pregnancy everything broke!
The sink...

The TV...

The toilet...
I wonder if this baby will have the handy trait because of all the repairs I did.

One day, Kellan tried to skip school. I scolded him and he had to ride his bike there.

That was the same day I went into labor.

I walked calmly into the hospital.

Then I came back out with another baby boy. His name is Spencer Johanson and he has the Artistic and Friendly traits.

Thanks for reading. ^.^ Baby names and possible fathers are always appreciated.
Constructive Criticism is ALWAYS appreciated, so feel free to speak your mind.
Bye bye for now.


  1. Duncan is so cute with his purple hair orange skin combo! It's too bad everything was breaking but it makes for a good story! :)

  2. I know right? When I saw him I was like, "OMG I want to hug him so bad, but I can't because he's virtual. D:"
    Yeah, I wish they had more money to upgrade stuff, but I don't like using cheats. Painting helps, but at this stage of the challenge the mom doesn't exactly have time to paint. xD