Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby 6 Part 2

The new house was amazing. This was the living room.

The foyer

My room

The nursery/ a bathroom

The sitting room (Or library I guess you could call it), Dining room, and kitchen.

The boy room, skills room, and toy room

The girl room and bathroom

Outside play area
(As much as I would love to say I made the house, I didn't. I also would've loved to give the link to everyone, but I can't seem to find it. :()

Spencer wanted to have a pillow fight. I look so vicious in this picture, I swear I didn't hit him very hard!

Don't worry, Spencer got me back.

Dominic and Greg were enjoying themselves with blocks and xylophones.

Since we got a computer, I was extremely interested in the writing skill.

Meanwhile, Spencer had enjoyed being an astronaut.

Yet again I had a new look. Since it's fall and it's getting colder out, I thought it would be a good time to change.

One day I saw an old man standing outside of my house.

I invited him inside and greeted him.
"Laura Johanson?" He asked. It sounded a bit strained.
"Yeah," I said. "That's me."
"I'm Hubert Jones. I heard you're doing a 100 baby challenge. My mother always wanted grand kids, but I never got around to it because I was busy with other things. Now she's gone and I'm almost gone too, so I would at least like to give her her last wish."
He looked at me with sad eyes. "Well, I said. I'm fine with you being the next father. Right now I don't really have anyone in mind, so why not?"

He stayed for a while longer playing with Dominic at the xylophone.

I couldn't sleep that night, so I just started writing a book. When in doubt, write a book.

This pregnancy brought terrible morning sickness. At some points I was by the toilet for quite a while.

Spencer wanted me to raise my logic skill with him, so we played some chess before he left for school.

I finally got some strollers to go on walks with the kids.

One night, Kellan had a party. It was a swimsuit party though, which I don't get because well, there's still no pool at the old house.
I caught up with him a bit. He and Duncan were planning on having their weddings within a month of each other. Well, whatever floats their boat.

On my way home I changed into my maternity clothes. (Finally!)

When I got home I invited Hubert over to tell him the good news. At first he didn't say anything, but then a huge smile went on to his face.

"That's great!" He said happily, patting my shoulder.

I had invited Hubetr over for dinner and while he was waiting he went into my room to get a book to read.
Suddenly he was engulfed with yellow sparkles and became almost translucent.

In the midst of cooking dinner I heard a bang in the foyer. I ran out, hoping not to see one of the kids or Hubert lying on the ground. What I saw was the grim reaper.
I ran past him to see what had happened and saw Hubert had died and I had of course started crying.

Then Spencer walked in and having the coward trait, he fainted for a couple of minutes. I sat by his body on the ground and waited for him to get up.
He blinked dizzily at me for a few seconds and asked, "Mom?"
"Yeah?" I asked cautiously. I haven't ever had one of my kids faint before, so this was a first.
"Did I faint?"
"Alright," He said. Then he just got up slowly.
"You look sad," He observed.
"I am. And I'm also slightly scared because it happened so quickly."
"It's okay," Spencer said as he pulled me into a hug. "You made him happy mom. He was lonely at first but you were a friend towards him AND you helped him to make his mom happy."

Then he left without another word and painted while I cooked some Cheese Steak. His painting looked really cute so far. I couldn't wait to hang it on the wall!

After dinner I went out to the garden that I just discovered we had and picked some of the fruit. It's too bad so many of the plants were wilted, I could've really increased my gardening skill with all of them.

Since I had taught Greg and Dominic their skills, I decided to age them up.
Dominic had decided to cut his long hair. I think it's safe to say that he doesn't look a lot like me. Except for his hair that is.

Greg had gotten the same haircut as Dominic and also looked a lot like his father.

Months later someone new moved into the house down the street, so I decided to go and greet them.

I can honestly say I was shocked at who it was. It was Calista Smith. I have to say, I was somewhat starstruck. She was already on baby 60 in her challenge. (Read her amazing challenge here:

She invited me inside and greeted me. "Hello," She said perkily.
"H-h-hi," I said nervously. Gosh I sounded like an idiot.
She just waited there for a minute until it occurred to me that I had to say something. "Calista Smith?" I asked in disbelief. My god, I'm standing in front of another challenge mother and saying her name is all I can come up with?
"Yeah, that's me," She said. "Are you okay? I mean, you look kind of like your about to wet yourself. Of course, that could be the pregnancy. There's a bathroom right down the hall if you need it."

"Oh no," I said, with extremely exaggerated hand motions. "Trust me, I'm fine, really... Just a bit starstruck. I love reading about your challenge online."
"Oh," She laughed. "You were kind of scaring me for a second there."
"Yeah, so what brings you to Riverview, I mean, don't you live in Sunset Valley?"
"I do," She said, "But I come down here every now and again to catch up with family that lives down here. The thing is, none of them really have much room for me to stay, so I just got a small house that I can rent."

"But what about your kids?" I asked. "Do they come with?"
"Nope," she said. "I only come down here when I have a teen in the house. And I don't really come down here all that much. If there was a decent hotel here I would just stay there, but unfortunately there isn't."
"Yeah, that's really inconvenient. If you ever need to come down here, I'm willing to let you stay in my house. I mean, we have plenty of open bunk bed if you're willing, or a pull out couch."
"Darn. Well, this place is mine for at least a year, maybe after that it might work. Oh, this is slightly awkward, I mean I'm discussing maybe staying in your house and I don't even know your name."
Oh... Awkward. I laughed, "I'm Laura Johanson."
"Oh," she said," You're one of the new challenge mothers!"
"Yep," I said.
"How far along are you with this little guy?" She asked, rubbing my tummy.
"39 weeks," I said.
"Wow, you're getting close to your due date. Do you know the gender?"
"Nope, it's a surprise."
"Ah, what are you hoping for?"
"I would really like a girl since my only five kids have been boys.But either way I'll be happy."

After talking about baby stuff for a while we went to my house since the boys were coming home.
She ran into Dominic on the way in, "Hi there," She said.
"H-h-hi," He said with wide eyes. Wow, my son and I had the same reaction when meeting her. I think he had a little crush on Calista though. I was just a bit starstruck.

She immediately went to the skills room and picked up the guitar.

While I was cooking some spaghetti I went into labor. Calista was up playing the guitar the whole time. (I just find it funny that she was jamming out and kids were walking in and out and panicking. xD)

Introducing the first little pink bundle of joy, Annalise Johanson!
Her traits are Insane and Clumsy.

While we were eating the magical spaghetti that didn't burn, Calista noticed I wasn't wearing my maternity clothes anymore. "When did you give birth?" She asked, sounding slightly panicked.
"While I was cooking," I said. "Your music was very calming."
She shook her head and muttered, "How did I play guitar through all of that?"

After dinner Calista said her goodbyes, "Well, you have a new baby to take care of and I need to driving back to Sunset Valley, so I guess this is good bye for now."
"Aw," I said, feeling slightly bummed. "Well I guess we both have other things to do right now, so take care."
With that I gave her a quick hug and she left for Sunset Valley.

The next morning I took Annalise with me to do something I had been putting off; placing Hubert's grave.
Sure, it isn't exactly ideal to do with your daughter, but I figure she should know where it is since he was her father.

R.I.P Hubert Jones.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. It was nearly impossible thinking of a reason as to why Calista would possibly be in Riverview, but I did it, so that's all that matters I guess. xD
Toodles for now. ^.^


  1. YAY! I love seeing Calista in other peoples' blogs. I like her look in your game! Perhaps Calista was looking for potential fathers... :D

    It was so sad that Hubert died but I'm glad he finally has children.

    I've already worked ahead and written a few posts for my challenge but the one I'm working on now will have Laura in it! So expect to see her and one of her sons in a few weeks! I'll have to think of a reason for her to be in Sunset Valley....

    Eeep, I can't wait for the next post!

  2. Thank you! I was just like... Hmmm, how should I make Calista look? It took quite a while.

    Yeah, it was kind of bittersweet making this post because of that.

    Yay! I can't wait to read it. The post I'm working on now could have a good reason for her being there. Once I post it you'll know why. But as of now it's a wee bit of a mystery.

    Speaking of which, would you rather read her childhood next or the next baby? Both relate to Sunset Valley, one more than the other.

  3. Ooh, I'd love to read about her childhood, but which ever you prefer. :)

  4. If you care about my opinion, I doubt it, I'd also love to find out about her childhood.

  5. Of course I care about your opinion! I love hearing what readers have to say. =]
    I want to do both of them equally, so I think I'll do the childhood first.

  6. Hehee, Annalise, thats close to my real name, Anneliis :D