Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby 6 Part 1

Kellan was a big help with all of the kids. One night he could tell I was exhausted, so he read Spencer to sleep.

The next morning I got a call that I had won a free vacation.

Of course I took it. With all of these kids I needed a small break. I decided to leave Kellan in charge since he's a good kid and I doubt he'd ever throw a party.

*Kellan's POV*

After my mom left, I went on a field trip to the Bistro.

I got some weird Bento Box thing. I decided to just put it on the table, because where else could you possibly put that thing?

I had Duncan age up once I got home.

Here he is as a teen. I made him plan a party while I was at work. If mom wasn't home, then we were at least going to have some fun.

He went ahead and aged up Gregory and Dominic because we sure didn't want two screaming babies at our party. At least with toddlers they can just play with blocks or something and they won't cry as much.

This is Gregory. I gave him one of my old hats because I thought it looked spiffy on him.

This is Dominic. He got my mom's curly, purple hair.

Once the party started, Duncan met a girl and I think that they hit it off really well. I think her name was Deanne. I'm not sure about the last name though. I'd have to ask Duncan later.

I also met a girl name Hollie Torrez.

In the midst of our flirting, I got a phone call. The neighbors heard about the party and called the cops.

I made everyone get out. I didn't need my mom to know about all of this. She'd be ticked.

Everyone got out just in time. The cop came into the house and started talking to me.
"I heard there was a party in here," She said. "Is this true?"
"Not at all. We've just been taking care of our younger siblings. Also, does it look like there has been a party in here?" I asked her.
"Well... No, but I heard complaints from the neighbors about noise."
I sighed. "The neighbors complain about noise all the time. With the bus, crying children, a vomiting mom. Either they have amazing ears or they're just stupid."
The police officer shrugged, "Alright well. I'll just go then. Have a nice night."

Once she finally left we taught Greg and Dominic a few skills.
"Say... Hobo," Duncan said.
"Hoho," Dominic muttered.
"Not, not Hoho, you're not Santa and you aren't eating a chocolate cake filled with cream. Say hobo."
"You aren't a clown either."
"Duncan," I intervened. "Just give up. He isn't going to say hobo."
With that Dominic looked at me and said, "Hobo?"
I just snickered and walked out of the room.

The next night was Prom night. We left the kids with a sitter and went with the girls from last night.

Although you can't see them well, we got two awesome pictures. We also got two awesome girlfriends and our first kiss.

That night Spencer aged up too.

Duncan and Deanne (I learned that her last name was Burroughs) were well... Slightly awkward to be around.

*Laura's POV*

I came home to a mailbox full of bills. Lovely. Well, I guess you can't escape for too long. At least all of the boys were good and didn't throw a party while I was gone.

See a few things missing? That's because I had gotten some inheritance money from a long lost relative and we were moving.
It's about time to get an upgrade anyways.

Duncan and Kellan both wanted to age up and stay at the house with their new girlfriends, so they invited them over to age up with them.
Although it would be weird not having the two move with us I knew that they wouldn't exactly be happy as teens.

Kellan as a young adult.
Kellan had gone into the Scientist career since science had always been his favorite subject.

Duncan as a young adult.

He was in the medical career.

This is Duncan's girlfriend Deanne. She was in the Stylist career.

And here's Kellan's girlfriend, Hollie. She's a business woman.

As soon as the boys aged up they proposed to their lovely girlfriends. So THAT'S why they insisted on aging up so quickly.

"Congrats," I said to them. It was weird thinking that my little boys were growing up so fast.

Of course before we left I decided to get to know Hollie and Deanna a bit better, I mean, they were marrying my sons.
I decided to start with something fairly simple, "So, what are your families like?"
(AN: It was the only thing I could really think of... Even though it's slightly awkward. xD)

"Well," Hollie said. "Shortly after I was born, my mom became a vampire."
"Really?" I asked. I couldn't imagine having a vampire as a mom.
"Yep, my dad told her not to change him or myself, so she didn't. It's a weird lifestyle having a vampire mother, but i works."
She stopped and let Deanne talk next.

"Well..." Deanne started. "I never exactly had a family. My parents gave me up after I was born and I lived in an orphanage my whole life."
"Oh... I'm sorry," I said. Now I felt horrible. Maybe in the future I shouldn't ask that question....
"Oh," She said. "Really it's okay. The other kids were nice and well, the owner of the orphanage was pretty much like a mom. I accepted awhile ago that since they gave me up my parents weren't really ready to have a kid and I actually appreciate that they gave me up."

"That's a great way to think of it," I said. I'm glad Duncan had found such a mature young woman.
After we talked for a while longer I said my farewells to everyone and headed out.

Now I just couldn't wait to see the new house.

Thanks for reading everybody! I can't wait to write part 2 (I have the pictures on here already, they just all need words.)
If you have any feedback on how I can improve my posts, baby names, or possible fathers please feel free to comment.


  1. I really like reading from Kellan's point of view! I think I might use one of Laura's sons (either Kellan or Duncan) in my challenge, probably Duncan because he has that purple hair. Anyway, I can't wait for baby 6!!!!!

  2. Baby Names Girls:
    Skye Emily Christy Donna Paisley Trinity Georgina Sarah Rhiannon
    Baby Boy NAmes:
    Alex Jason Jonathon Ocean Riley.

    The only way I can possibly think to improve your posts would be to flesh out the text a bit more, just a couple of sentences out to do it.

    Could I aslso use Duncan in my challenge?
    And sims to be fathers, I'm putting a whole load up on my studio tonight all being well.
    God that was long...

  3. Catlover: Thanks, I''m glad you liked it. It was kind of odd writing from his POV. Yay! That'd be awesome if you did. ^.^

    Skye: Thank you for the name suggestions! I really like Paisley for a girl and Riley for a boy. I may have to use them.

    Yeah, I think fleshing it out should do the trick.

    Of course!! That's part of the reason I upload them to the exchange. Might as well help the other challenge mothers. =)