Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baby 2! =)

Kellan woke me up early every morning. It wasn't too bad after awhile, but at first it was pretty rough. I liked to call his waking me up baby boot camp.

I couldn't believe how fast Kellan was growing up. It seemed like just yesterday I was going into labor, but now he's turning 1.

Kellan turned into a cute, bald, toddler. I could tell he had his father's hair though since his eye brows were a strange green color. He also got Justin's eyes.

I met with Justin Sickly's friend, Jack Flame shortly after Kellan's birthday. I was going to talk to him about the challenge, but he had to go somewhere so I never got the opportunity.

After he left I went home and fixed the TV because the babysitter broke it. It was nice to see he was doing his job. (Not.)

After I got that done I gave Kellan some much needed attention since the babysitter wasn't exactly good at his job.

Jack Flame came over the next day. I waited for a while to ask him about the challenge since it would've been weird if that was the first thing I said to him.
"So," I said after awhile. "Nice weather, huh?"
"Yeah," He said back. "Nice and sunny."
After that there was a bit of an awkward silence. Here was my opportunity. "I'm doing this thing called the 100 baby challenge," I said. "I would love for you to be the father of baby 2."
"Oh yeah, Justin mentioned that. I guess that would be fine."

And well, you know what happened next. ;)

I decided to start teaching Kellan to talk. I figured I might as well before the baby came.

As soon as I went to sleep that night I got right back up because of morning sickness. This was always my least favorite part of the pregnancy.

While I was painting in the morning I could tell I was pregnant.

I was eating lunch outside 9 months later when I went into labor.

Introducing baby 2, Duncan Johanson. His traits are friendly and perceptive and he got his father's awesome skintone!

Hope you all enjoyed this post. I'm sorry it's out so late, school started recently and I just haven't had time to post or play. I'll make sure to try and manage my time better, but it's rough because I have marching band and hopefully the fall play (I get to see if I'm in it tomorrow. ^.^) to go to as well as homework to do.
Also, I promise the next post will be longer. I know that they've been short and choppy and quite frankly, I hate short and choppy. >.<


  1. I'm glad Duncan got his father's skin tone, it's such a bright color!!! Also, Kellan is so cute!

  2. So am I =)
    I love that skin-tone.^.^
    Thanks, I aim to make cute babies. xD