Monday, September 5, 2011

A strange man -- Babies 4 and 5!

While I was shopping for clothes for the kids, I came cross a set of new baby blankets. They're so much better than the boring ones I had before!

Before we all went to sleep, I aged Duncan up into a child.

Duncan is a little boy with a big imagination. I always see him around the house doing something unusual.

The next morning I woke up to another clogged toilet. Hopefully we would be able to move out of here eventually-- this house is falling apart by the seams.

While I made waffles, Kellan rushed to do some homework he forgot to do yesterday.
"Mom, what does 2/4 reduce to? I hate fractions!"
"1/2," I said.
Maybe I should look into getting Kellan a tutor. He always seems to struggle in math.

While the kids were at school, I called a babysitter (Something I normally wouldn't do.) and went out to find a new challenge father.
I saw a guy who looked like he'd be willing to help, so I introduced myself to him.
"Hi," I said. "I'm Laura Johanson."
"Hal Breckenridge," He said in a deep voice. "Nice to meet you."
I talked to him for a little while and then explained the challenge to him. He was more than willing to help.

"Thank you so much," I said to him, pulling him into a nice hug.
After that, things were a bit awkward, mainly because an old man was all up in my business.

We headed to the theater to get to know each other by taking a tour.

Then I did something I never thought I'd do-- Try for a baby backstage.

Much to my surprise, when I got home I saw that the babysitter was actually doing her job. Who knew?

The boys ended up doing their homework together. It looked like I didn't need to get a tutor because Duncan excelled in math.

Once they were done, they played tag while I prepared dinner.

Spencer as a toddler.

Kellan requested that I read him a bedtime story before he aged up into a teenager.
How could I have refused? Isn't he adorable?

In a couple of minutes he fell asleep. I tucked him in and got up to do some things around the house.

Yet again I had to fix the sink. I had two thoughts running through my head;
One, I really have to get a new house.
Two, I'll have my first teen in the house tomorrow. Are they harder to raise than children, or are they easier? Either way I'm scared.

After I fixed the sink I became nauseous and ended up throwing up.

Eventually I got to sleep.

I wasn't asleep for very long though because Spencer started crying. I don't know what for though, he wasn't hungry, he didn't have an accident, and his brothers had been entertaining him.
Maybe he just wanted his mother.

I started potty training him later in the day. Emptying the potty wasn't exactly fun, but it had to be done.

While we were preparing for Kellan to age up, a man named Jace Lehart showed up on my doorstep.
I never knew him until he came over, but I invited him inside because I guess I could get to know him for the next baby, or babies.

Time for Kellan to age up. Doesn't he look excited?

Even that Jace guy decided to stay and watch him age up, which was kind of weird.

Into maternity clothes I go.

Kellan as a teen.
Kellan reminded me of his dad. He definitely didn't have many traits from me.

While I was going to the bathroom, I heard Spencer crying again, but didn't know why.

I walked out to find Jace gone and Kellan comforting Spencer.
"He took Spencer's candy," Kellan said. "I told him to leave after that, but Spencer is still agitated."
I couldn't believe it. I had let this guy into my house and then he stole candy from my kid. He's lucky I didn't see him do it otherwise he would've gotten yelled at. A lot.
"Thanks for taking care of it," I said. "He's lucky I was in the bathroom."
Kellan just laughed and put Spencer in his crib.

It took a while, but I was finally able to afford a car. It wasn't much, but it would help a lot since I could drive the kids places and teach Kellan to drive.

Duncan has been pretending to rule the house, or as he calls it, the kingdom, a lot lately.
I wonder what kind of things he'll do as a teen. Perhaps he'll be in the drama club since he has such a vivid imagination.

While I made breakfast, Duncan played Peek-a-Boo with Spencer. Spencer didn't really understand the concept.

Later I played with Spencer since I felt like I hadn't been spending enough time with him.
He really seemed to enjoy his xylophone.

Kellan got a part-time job at the grocery store. I told him he didn't have to get a job (In fact I'd prefer if he didn't.), but he didn't listen.

He also started to paint. I don't know where this spark of creativity came from, but I'm glad he found something he enjoys.
More potty training.
Doesn't Spencer look adorable in this picture?

The TV broke again. I was starting to wonder, were the boys watching more TV than I thought? Or was it just a crappy TV?

Kellan and Duncan decided to sit next to each other on the bus.

While they were both at school, I finally taught Spencer to talk.

And then I had to repair the toilet... Again.

Apparently plunging the toilet makes me go into labor.

As usual I strolled into the hospital to give birth.

I came out with Gregory Johanson (His traits are Virtuoso and Good) and...

Dominic Johanson (His traits are Loves the Outdoors and Disciplined).
It seems like Hal is going to need to learn how to hold a baby.

Finally, the first set of multiples! I was started to think I would never have and twins or triplets. xD Unfortunately I have yet to get a baby girl, but she'll come eventually, I'm sure of it.
As usual thank you for reading. ^.^ I truly am sorry I can't post more, but things are hectic right now and I barely have any free time.


  1. YAY! A new post, I liked the awkward man (hehe). I was surprised that the babysitter was actually doing her job, usually they just stand there annoyingly. Congrats on your first set of multiples, I hope baby 6 is a girl! Remember, blogging is a hobby, not a priority so take as much time off from blogging as you want. Everyone is really busy at this time of year! Anyway, I have to say, I can't wait for baby 6. :)

  2. Yeah, the awkward man was pretty interesting. xD I can honestly say that people who my sims never met don't just come over like that, so it was weird from the start. xD
    I was extremely surprised too. When I saw she wasn't just standing there annoyingly I was like, "Whaaa?"
    Thanks! I hope baby six is a girl too. Getting all boys is just really weird. You would expect the occasional girl at SOME point. xD
    I'll be sure to remember that. I love blogging, but now it's like I never even have time to do it. Some nights I don't even get home until about 9:00. >.<