Thursday, March 29, 2012

New House and Pets!

A little note before I start: 
Thank you SO much to Skye Everard for building this lovely house. I have made a few minor changes, but not too many.

This will of course be in Laura's point of view. Bear with me if this sucks, I'm not the best at making new house posts. xD

With the all of the things that are happening lately, I decided it was time for a change. I'm not necessarily sure if that the change I needed was a new house, but hey, there have been times where the other house was just too small.

When I walked through the front door, I  immediately noticed the living room and kitchen/dining area.

After I looked at the living room, I turned and went through the first door that I saw. It turned out to be one of the bathrooms.

I made my way to another door and figured out that it was my bedroom. I deeply enjoy all of the purple in here.

Here's my bathroom.

All of  the kids' rooms were upstairs.
As you could probably tell, this was the nursery. I can already tell that it's going to be perfect for all of the toddlers and kids because of all of the toys.

This is the girl room.

The boy room has an awesome jungle theme. Isn't it cute?

And then, going back downstairs, here's the garage.

In addition to the actual house, there's a barn that has a few things to help the kids improve their skills.

We also got a horse that lives in the barn. (Only on the first floor, not the second.) Her name is Mocha and she is the sweetest, and probably the most athletic, horse that I've ever met.

This little guy is named Lucky. He's a shy dog who enjoys hunting.

The front of the house is pretty calm. There's a big pond that Mocha enjoys drinking from and a small doghouse, but that's about it.

Since the back yard was so huge, I was able to put in a lot of fun things for the kids.

We also added a hopscotch area in the front of the house. After all, what kid doesn't enjoy hopscotch?

Alright, so, that's the house and pets. I've been putting off this post for a looooooong time and now it's finally done. The only reason I did it now was because I want to start writing the next post right away. xD


  1. No problem about the house I just realised I needed to add some toys outdoors today. The changes you made were lovely.


    1. Thanks :)

      Haha, that's okay. Ienjoy furnishing, it's just building is a pain in the butt.

  2. Ooooh! Gorgeous house! Go Skye! The animals look awesome too! Can't wait to see the new posts!

    1. Haha, I would say thanks about the house, but that's allllll Skye. :)

      Thank you about the animals! Their the ordinary guys, the weird one comes later on. xD

  3. Wow, that is such a nice new home! Damn, Skye, you're talented at many things. O.o

  4. House = Beautiful!

    I agree with Destiny, you're very talented Skye!