Thursday, April 12, 2012

Weston? Chester? Why are THEY here?

 "God dammit," I muttered. "It's just a dream, why am I crying?"

I wiped my tear streaked face in annoyance. How long has it been since I slept through the night? 2? 3? 4 weeks? And of course this happens when I don't have a toddler or infant in the house. "Well crap," I sighed as more tears made their way out.

I know not to think of toddlers or babies, or should know, by now. It only makes me get emotional and break down because then I think of that ectopic pregnancy, which isn't the most satisfying thing to think about for anybody, especially a challenge mother.

"Think happy thoughts for once," I said under my breath as I started to get up. "About magical unicorns and ponies or something."

"Ha," I laughed sarcastically after seeing my reflection. "Dark circles under my eyes, talking to myself, and muttering about ponies. I must look pretty insane right about now."

I twisted around experimentally. Have I lost weight? "Good," I muttered. Wait, no... Bad. Or good? I don't even know anymore. I've been having a lot of conflicting thoughts lately; probably from lack of sleep. Well, no... Not all of them. My weight just happens to be one of them. On one hand I know I'm losing weight and know that I shouldn't be, but on the other hand, I don't exactly care that I am. And I'm doing nothing to prevent this weight loss either. I barely, if ever, eat anything and I really have no desire to.

I walked into my bathroom and stared at the medicine cabinet, wondering if I should bother taking the antidepressants today. Do I ever take them? No. They don't work anyways. The only pills I do take are sleeping pills and they don't really help either. Maybe I should see Wes... No. Not going to see him even if it is for health purposes only.

I could just find another psychologist, but I'd rather not.

Somehow I ended up in the kitchen looking for food, but gave up after about thirty seconds and went out to my new garden. I've recently discovered that gardening is a good way to take my mind off of things. Being as OCD as I am, all I can think of is all of the dirt getting under my fingernails and how icky it is.

I wasn't gardening for long because I got a call from Tom. Do I answer it or not? He's been trying to get a hold of me a lot, but I never really answer. I know it'll only be questions like, "Are you okay?" or, "Do you need me to come over?"

And I would reply, "Yes, I'm great. I don't think I need you here now, but I'll tell you if I do."

That's the way it worked the first couple of days and then I just stopped answering. I got a bit tired of lying to him after awhile.

I was suddenly snapped out of my thoughts when the ringing stopped. Well, I guess I'm not talking to him today.

The next order of business was getting Mocha all cleaned and ready for the day. I'm actually starting to think that I love horses as much as Calista Smith loves her cats. My riding skill is already at eight and I've won one race with my beautiful girl so far.

Once all the chores were done I got a call from a familiar voice telling me to go to the park. I didn't necessarily remember who this voice belonged to, but I went anyways. May as well live life on the edge.

"Over here, Laura," I heard.

I turned around nervously and saw Weston. Greeeeeaaaaattttttt. Eh, it's my own fault. Kids, don't answer the stranger and go to the park.

I sighed and started making my way over to him.

As it turned out, he attempted to make hot dogs. And by attempted, I mean he burned them. A lot. We silently took a seat at a picnic table."So," I said awkwardly, not quite knowing what to say.

"Want a hot dog?" He asked.

"Not... Really..."

"You sure?" He asked, wiggling one in front of my face. "It's nice, large, and juicy. You'll love my wiener!"

I laughed for what felt like the first time in months. "No I really don't," I said, slapping it out of my face.

The hot dog flew out of Weston's hands and hit him in the face, only making me laugh more. "Alright Johanson," He said with a small smile. "You're twig sized and keep refusing to put my meat in your mouth. Something is wrong right now."

"Are you implying I'm a whore?" I asked. "Because you certainly are not any better Mr. Lets have sex in my office even though I have a wife."

"Hey now, you could've stopped me. And don't deny that you liked it. Now please, just eat a hot dog," He said with an exasperated expression.

I smacked him in the arm. "Fine. I'll eat your damn hot dog."

He smiled. "That's all that I ask of you."

Once we were done with the most burnt hot dogs ever, we headed over to a bench and Weston sat down. Unfortunately for me, there was already somebody else sitting down. Weston just patted his leg. As I sat down he said, "I was told not to tell you, but a certain someone was worried about you and called me to see if you've been coming in. After I told them no, they made me ask you to meet me at the park since you wouldn't answer their phone calls."

I looked down guiltily. Tom. Maybe I should've at least answered one call. It would have only been fair. He must be worried sick. "Can you tell him I'm okay?" I asked.

"I'm afraid that I can't," He said as the person nest to us decided that this would be a good time to leave.

"And why's that?"
He laughed bitterly, "Laura, I've seen this before. People see me and they look just like you do right now, dark shadows under your eyes, thinner than you were before, lying and saying they're fine when they're not. I'm not stupid. I can see that you a clearly very upset right now. Which reminds me, are you taking your antidepressants?"

"Ummm... No," I muttered.

He sighed and rubbed his temples in annoyance, "Why? Just, why?"

"They really don't help at all."
"I could try prescribing something different."

I sighed, "Look, I really don't need anymore antidepressants." Weston looked at me in irritation. "Really, I can just try finding new sleeping pills or something. I just need some sleep and I'll be fine."

"You are the most irritating and stubborn person I've ever had to work with."

"I bet I am, but I really don't need any of your happy pills."

I looked at the time on my phone, seeing that it was already a quarter to nine. Farrah and Sydney were probably wondering where I was. After all, they were supposed to age up today. "Crap," I muttered as I got up. "I have to go."

Weston got up with me, "Would you like me to escort you to your car?"

"If you want," I said as I felt myself blushing, feeling very much like some teenage girl out of one of those terrible sparkly vampire movies.

He put his arm around my neck and started walking with me.

"We should hang out more often," He said as we got to my car. "As friends of course."

I smile. "I would like that. I'll see you later then?"

He started turning around, "Fine by me, but promise me one thing."


"Don't do anything stupid."

I glared at him, "I won't."

Farrah aged up into a lovely young adult who didn't feel like dealing with her leaf hair anymore, so she just shaved it all off.

Sydney decided it was time for her curls to go and started straightening her hair every morning. I'm wondering if it's even worth it, but she swears that it is.

A couple of days later I decided I should probably try to eat something when I heard the door open. "Johanson," A voice that I knew all too well yelled out.

I got up and ran over to see Chester walking through my door. "Why are you inside my house? You know, there is this wonderful invention called a doorbell, maybe you should use one sometime. Or you could knock, but if you get any smudges on that glass I'll bitch slap you into next week."

"Yikes, I would really want you as my mother."

"Shut up, creep. And I'm not really in mothering mode right now. In case you haven't noticed there are no kids in sight."

"Hm... I guess not. But I'm not here to discuss your lack of crotch candy right now, I have business to speak of."

"Business business or lets torture Laura business?"

He walked over to the counter and sat down in a chair. "Please, sit."

"Don't tell me to sit in my own house. I'll sit if I want to sit.," I snapped.

"Damn, somebody's having her period."

"Just get to the point and get out of my house," I said with a sigh. "I have a house to clean, a garden to tend, bills to pay, and pets to take care of."

"A, there isn't a speck of dust in sight. B, I saw your garden and I can assure you that the plants look healthy enough. C, they have food bowls and water, what else do they need?"

"A, you obviously haven't seen the rest of the house. B, I still need to water them, harvest them, and weed them today. C, you're an idiot; they need a lot more than just food and water."

"Alright, whatever; I'll get to the point. But you're going to hate me after you hear this."

"I already hate you, so continue on."

"Really," He said sarcastically. "I couldn't tell. Anyways, I'm sure you've already heard about this. It's all over the news..."

"I live underneath a rock, so I most likely haven't."

"Oh, well then that makes this  even more fun. To be honest I just wanted to taunt you, but this is much more fun."

"Why? What's going on?"

"Your beautiful boyfriend got into an accident."

"He isn't my boyfriend," I grumbled as I realized what he just said. "Wait... Accident?"

"Oh yeah, he was hit by a drunk driver and now he's in the hospital in critical condition. They're saying they might have to pull the plug soon."

I could feel myself shaking and leaned against the counter to hold myself up. "No," I gasped. "When did this happen?"

"Oh, just last night. He was on his way over here I believe and somebody just happened to be going home from the bar."

"Why would he be coming over here?" I asked.

"Well, your psychologist told him how you were doing and he was rushing over here. Maybe if you would have answered his calls."

"Don't you even blame this on me."

"But it is your fault. You wouldn't answer his calls."

I sighed, "Alright, you know what? Just get out. Please."

"Alright, fine. But if you want to go to the hospital and see him they only want family there."

As soon as he left I grabbed my keys. Quite frankly , I didn't care if they only wanted family visiting him.



Thank you for reading and I hope that you all enjoyed this post. I'm sorry that it wasn't the best, but I tried. To be honest it took so long because of the Weston photos (I cut out a couple that I would've loved to put in, but eh... They would've only caused more complications with Laura's life anyways"

I really don't know what I want to do with Tom from here. Maybe I could kill him, make him wake up and be paralyzed. I don't know. Too many options. I know what you guys would probably want though. (Yeah, make him magically wake up and be okay, but I promise that won't happen.)


  1. NO TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: I'm am going to shout for eternity until he wakes up and marries Laura. >.< And now I have to go to bed thinking about this.

    Lol, but Weston, that was the best part, hehe, wieners.

    Okay, seeing Chester freaked me out a bit and I got a bit creeped out when he started talking about periods and stuff but I'm so glad he didn't do anything bad while he was there, except tell bad news.

    This post was worth the wait Amanda. I loved it! Haha, I still laughed at Farrah's leaf hair that no longer exists. I don't know why but it's still funny. I found the download on MTS and I'm going to make Calista have a plant sim child too, someday. Perhaps I'll name her Farrah.

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Oh gosh, I'm sorry. D:
      I hope you had a nice sleep. O.o

      Thanks! That part was a pain in the butt, but hey, I did my best.

      Hehe, that's Chester for ya! Just being a creep no matter what he's doing.

      Thank you! I'm glad that Farrah's hair still amuses you. Unfortunately she took a weed whacker to it. That would be awesome!! The only reason she didn't still have her leaf hair was because I was too lazy to re download it. xD

  2. I, personally, would very much like to kill Chester for being so insensitive. But it made for very entertaining reading material. :/

    1. Thanks
      Hehe... Someday I will gladly kill him off. Until then though, he's going to torture Laura some more.

      Funny, when I originally made him I didn't think he would cause so much trouble. O.o

  3. Please don't kill Chester off. I love his little comments and when he randomly turns up. Though... how long has she been nice-ish to Chester for? I'm not very observant.

    It's a sad post, and I'm sorry it took so long to comment.

    1. Oh, I won't... Yet. He amuses me too much at the moment, so I can't bring myself to do that. Just this post (I think). I didn't mean to make her so nice, but I guess it's just hard to make Laura really really mean. xD

      That's okay!