Friday, December 30, 2011

Help- Baby 16 Part 3

 The next day passes in a blur. I focus on teaching the toddlers their skills while I try not to think too hard about anything. Tom said Bill was coming over in a couple of days so he could see if I recognized him. First I focus on teaching Isabelle to talk. "Now say heartbreak sweety, heart-break."
"Mommy, what's heartbrick?"
Of all words I could choose...

Then I teach her to walk. "Mommy's happy!" She said while giggling. "She's smiwing."
"Yes, mommy is happy," I said back.
In all honesty, am I happy? No. I hate having to fake a smile to make everything seem alright. I've been told by a few people to just get over it, but how can I? I would never want anybody else to go through this, but some people just don't understand the effect it has. 

Later as I'm cooking dinner, Tom comes and sit on the counter. "Hey now," I said. "No butts on the counter."
"Oh, chillax, it's all covered. But if we were to move into the bedroom or that bathroom over there I think that it could change rather quickly."
I laughed. "Maybe later."
"Really?" He asked me excitedly.
"Alright," He said. "Hey, this is a little change of topic but..."
Oh no.
"Have you thought at all about what I told you earlier?"
"Tom, I really don't need to see a psychologist for this. I'm fine."
"I wish I could believe you."
"Honestly, I don't think talking to a stranger about my problems will help at all."
"You don't know that."
"Fine, I'll think about it."

 We decided to age everyone up tonight. (AN: I didn't get a picture of Tessa, sorry about that.)
Jace looks just like his dad, only he got my hair and my lack of body fat/muscle. He's trying to buff up though!

 Felicity is just as obsessed with purple as she was as a toddler only now she pronounces the word right. 
She's also a girly girl at heart. (Along with Tessa, they get along great.)

 Alec loves getting dirty and playing in the mud. He's a very typical little boy. As long as he doesn't track mud throughout the house I'm fine. 

 Isabelle gets along with Alec more than her other sisters. She's definitely a tomboy and doesn't mind going out and getting muddy or scraping a knee. She also has a strange fascination with worms. Do I get it? No. But hey, whatever makes a kid happy.

 After a long night with Tom, I'm woken up to this by the side of my bed. 
"Psssssstttttt, Laura, wake up."
"What do you want?" I asked grumpily. "I thought you wanted me to sleep."
"I do, but we have a visitor!!"

 "Why would you invite someone over at 7:00 in the morning, Tom?"
"Because I want to see your reaction before I go to work!"
"Alright, this person better be pretty damn important then."
"They are."

 I sigh, get out of bed, make myself look decent, and then wonder why this person had to come and interrupt my sleep the one time that I actually don't have nightmares about Bridgeport. 

 When I head outside to see who this person is, I see my mom. She looked different. She looked happier and a lot less stressed out.

"Mom!" I yelled as I threw my arms around her.
She laughed. "Hey sweetie!"
"How are you?"
"I've been great," She said. "Your dad and I finally got a divorce about a year ago. Everything is much easier now."
"That's great," I said. "I'm glad you're away from him now."
"Yeah, so how have you been? Tom told me you were having a rough time lately."
I shrugged. "I'm getting by. Tom and the kids help a lot."

"So," my mom said. "You and Tom are married and have some kids together?"

I laughed. "Noooo, if we do get married, it's not going to be for a while. And some of them are his, the others are from different fathers."

"Wait... What?" 

"I'm doing a 100 baby challenge. I'm doing a pretty good job too, I'm already on baby 16."
"Are you crazy Laura? Why would you want to do such a challenge?"
"Because I love kids, why, what's the matter with me doing the challenge?"
"It's dangerous, do you know how many diseases there are out there?"
"Yes mom, I do. I'm very well aware of the risks."
"Then why are you doing this?"
"I already told you why I'm doing this. Why are you flipping out at me?"
"Because, I don't want you to get an STD or something and die. I already lost one of my kids, I don't need to lose another."
"Collin committed suicide when he was on summer break from boarding school because he couldn't deal with what your dad was doing."
"When did this happen?"
"A few years ago, why?"
"And you didn't think I might want to know this?"
"I didn't even know where you were at that point, Laura."
"You could've emailed or called me."

"Well you could've made an effort to contact me too," She said as she stormed off.

I was pretty silent throughout dinner because I couldn't stop thinking of what happened between me and my mom. It felt weird knowing that one second everything was fine and then the next second she was yelling at me and then it slipped that  my brother was dead.
It took a while, but then I realized everyone had gotten silent and they were now staring at me. I blushed, "What?"
"Oh, we were just wondering how your day went, mommy," Isabelle said.
For whatever reason it totally slipped my mind that we talked about our days at dinner today. "Oh, um, well. It was good. I cleaned up around the house a bit."
"Who was that lady you were talking to when we got onto the bus?" Alec asked.
"Oh, that was my mom."
"Awesome!" Tessa said. "Can we meet grandma? She looked really nice!"
"Yeah," Felicity said. "I want to meet her too."
"Well so do we!" Alec and Isabelle interjected.
"What am I, chopped liver?" Jace asked. "If you guys get to meet her I want to too."
"I'll see if I can set up a time for her to come over..."
"She should've stayed for dinner!" Tessa said. "It would have been so fun!"
Tom laughed. I had almost forgotten that he was there. Whoops... "Your grandma probably couldn't stay for very long you little rascal."
"Then why did she come over?" Tessa asked innocently.
"Just for a little visit," Tom said. "She'll probably come over again and meet you, no worries."
While everyone was doing their homework after dinner I went downstairs to paint. Somehow Tom had ended up at the easel next to me.
He glanced over at my painting. "Seems... Dark," He commented.
I looked at his. "Seems light."
"What exactly are you painting?"
"The arcade machines."
"The colors are kind of different."
"I'm aware."
"You seem kind of moody. Did everything go okay with your mom?"
"If you consider her freaking out at me for doing the challenge and then telling me that my brother committed suicide, then yes. Everything was just dandy."
He looked warily at his painting. "I swear I didn't know that was going to happen." 
"I know," I said. "Look, I considered what you said about the..."
"I'll go."
He came over and hugged me. "That's great. I really do think that it'll help you a lot."
"I know, and I trust you, so I'll do it."
On a completely unrelated note, Tom's lizard finally came in the mail! It's a gecko named Geico. 
What a wonderful sense of humor Tom has. 

It felt like the longest three days ever, but as I was talking to Tom I went into labor. "Hospital?" He asked.
"Eh, not this time around, thanks though," I said back.
"Alright," He said. "It's getting late, do you want me to get everyone in bed?"
"Knock yourself out."
As Tom was upstairs trying to get Isabelle and Alec to stop playing outside and go to bed (Which is an extremely difficult task)I gave birth to a little boy named Diego. He got the Easily Impressed  and Friendly traits. 

Tom and I both passed out once everyone else was in bed. Truth be told, I don't know how I would function without him around. Not only does he keep me sane, but also, he helps out a lot. 

The next morning I woke up and went to take care of little Diego. "You're so cute!" I said to him. "Even if your father is a total creep, you're adorable."
He looked at me with a confused face and I laughed. "If only you knew what I was saying."
He just stared at me and drooled.
Just then Tom came into the room. "Bill's here."
I sighed. "Great," I muttered under my breath. Whatever, it's time to grow a pair and deal with this. Maybe he could know something.

I walked down to see this guy sitting there. "Hi," I said timidly.
"Hey,"  He said. 

"So Laura," Tom said. "Do you recognize this guy at all?"
"Say something," I said.
"What do you want me to say?" Bill asked.
"He looks and sounds familiar. I don't know where I know him from though."
"Honestly, if you're going to say it, just say it," Bill said.
"Say what?" I asked.
"That I was there, you obviously know I was."
"Actually, no, I didn't."
"But now that I think of it, you were the one who wanted Chaz to knock me out, weren't you?"

That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed this post. Oh, and also, I'm sorry I keep making cliffhangers. They're just so fun!! :3

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Computer Issues >.>

Hey y'all. It pains me to say this, but I have...

*Cue dramatic look*

Laptop issues. (Bum bum buuumm)
Anyways, here's the gist of my little issue. A couple of nights ago I went to turn this bad boy on since I couldn't sleep. It had start up issues and was all like, "Well, do the system repair or else I'm not doing anything for you missy." So I did the little repair and it worked. Yada yada yada. Anyways, I go to turn it on about an hour ago and it does the same thing. I also found out why my time keeps messing itself up on here- turns out it just goes to the last time it saw before it went wiggy. 
Just a fair warning. If you suddenly see me drop off the face of the internet that would be why. DON'T WORRY! Chances are I am not dead. This would only be if my laptop decided to just be a massive jerkwad and not start up at all. Granted I would still be able to Facebook on my phone, just not blog. And I will not stop blogging unless it gets that bad. I refuse. This thing is like my child. xD
So toodles for now, here's hoping my computer is nice to momma and continues to work. :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Breaking Point- Baby 16 Part 2

Before we all left the other challenge moms took me to the hospital to get checked out. Yes, it was uncomfortable, but they're doing some tests to see which one of the guys erm... Took advantage of me. The doctor said that it was too early to determine if I was pregnant though.

Somehow I ended up back home. Everything that had happened in the past 24 hours is all a bit of a blur, I don't even remember what I was doing 5 minutes ago. I think I was still in the car. Or was I standing out here for the past 5 minutes looking like an idiot? I shrugged, it wouldn't be the first time, that's for sure.

the first thing I did when I got inside was check on the quads. It looked like they just got up. I got them all out of their cribs and gave them a bottle. Now where's Tom?

I found him downstairs checking out the washing machine. "You are so beautiful and so good at doing your job," He said to it.
I laughed. "I don't know what job you're talking about, but thanks."
He laughed. "I was talking about the washing machine silly girl."
"I'm aware, I just like making jokes at random times."

He turned around and hugged me. "You okay?" He asked. "You seem kind of tense."
Dang. He definitely knows when something is up. "I'm fine," I said. "Just a long night."
He laughed. "I bet. And I also bet you're pretty tired too."
"A bit, but hey, that's completely normal for me."
"Do you think you would be up for going on a date to the bistro tonight?"
"I don't know, I was kind of hoping to spend a bit of time with the kids tonight. You probably need a bit of a break though, don't you?"
"I would like one, yes."
"Then I'll call a babysitter for the quads. They'll probably all be asleep by the time we go out anyways, or at least taking a nap."

The next person I saw was Micah. "Hey mom," He said. "I'm getting good grades in school, can I age up?"
I was slightly surprised at his request. "Um, sure, that's fine with me."

So we aged him up. He decided to go into the ghost hunting profession which had always seemed kind of dangerous to me. He convinced me that he would be fine and then he moved out.

*Tom's Point of View*

We got to the Bistro at about 7:00 and sat down at one of the tables outside. When we were waiting for our food to get served Laura seemed a bit fidgety. "Are you sure you're okay?"
She jumped a bit at the sound of me saying something. "Oh yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry."
"Okay," I said. Maybe it's time for a change of topic. "I really like your dress."
She looked uncomfortable after I said that. "Oh, thanks."

After eating we went back to her house and were making out when I decided to make the next move and reached for the zipper of her dress. She froze and of course we stopped. "Not tonight, okay?" She asked.
"Yeah, sure, that's fine."

"Can you please get off of me now?" She asked.
"Sure," I said as I rolled over to my side of the bed.
She got up stiffly and went to the dresser. "I'm going to go change into my pajamas real quick."

She got some clothes out and went to the bathroom, which was weird enough, she usually just changes in here. And if that's not weird enough, She came out in this. (Not her usual pajamas, that's for sure.)

She climbed into bed and fell asleep rather quickly.

Two hours later she got right out of bed. "Laura," I said. "What the hell?"
"What?" She asked.
"Why are you suddenly so awake?"
"I can't sleep."
I propped myself up on my elbow. "Why?"
"I just can't sleep, that's all. Don't worry about it, I'm fine."
"Shhh, go back to sleep."

She got up and started teaching Tessa how to walk. At least the toddlers were awake. I sighed and tried to get back to sleep.

While Laura was with the toddlers in the morning I called Calista. She and I have talked a few times before and since she was in Bridgeport I figured she might know what happened.
Calista: Hello?
Me: Hey Calista, it's Tom. I'm just cutting to the chase and asking. Do you know what's wrong with Laura? She's been acting pretty weird since she got back.
Me: Hello?
Calista: She hasn't told you yet...?
Me: No, I don't even know what you're talking about.
Calista: Tom, I'm going to say this once. Do you remember when we were discussing how Laura was going to reach her breaking point one day?
Me: Yeah... Why?
Calista: I'm pretty sure she reached it.
Me: Wait Calista, what happened?
Calista: I'm not the one that should be telling you what happened. That's up to Laura. When she's ready she'll tell you, just don't pester her, alright?
Me: Alright.

After that the line went dead.
What's going on?

*Laura's Point of View*

In the midst of taking care of the toddlers I got a phone call.
Me: Hello?
Calista: You haven't told him yet?
Me: No
Calista: Why?
Me: I don't know how to tell him.
Calista: He deserves to know what's going on. He's really freaked out right now because he can tell something's seriously wrong.
Me: Well how do you suggest I tell him? It's kind of hard going up to your boyfriend and telling him you saw Chester and also got raped by one of the guys that was with him.
Calista: Chester was there? Good god Laura, why didn't you tell us?
Me: I didn't tell you he was there?
Calista: No, you just said there were 4 guys.
I could hear some heavy swearing coming from Calista. Dang. I never thought I'd hear that woman use such foal language.
Calista: Well this changes everything.
Me: Just a bit.
Calista: Do you think he did it?
Me: I don't know. Maybe he did. I severely doubt it though.
Calista: Why?
Me: I already slept with him once. He got what he wanted when I had to deal with him the first time.
Calista: That's true, I guess. Do you have any guesses as to who might have done it?
Me: I have an idea. I don't think Chester did it and one of them seemed kind of scared by the whole situation, so it probably wasn't him. It was either the one who know me out or the one who told him to knock me out.
Calista: Both seem pretty likely.
Me: Exactly.

A couple of hours after the phone call with Calista I had to throw up. Either I ate some bad food or that creep got me pregnant. For once I actually hoped I just ate some bad vegetables.

Later, Tom and I were cleaning out the training potties when he said, "You haven't eaten anything all day. Go get some food, I can handle the quads."
"I'm not hungry though."
"Too bad, it's nearly time to go to bed and you've been taking care of toddlers all day. Go eat something. I'll just wait in your bedroom for you."
I sighed. "Fine. But I seriously am not hungry at all."
"Yeah, I heard you say that when you get stressed."
"Because I don't think of food when I have stuff to do and other things on my mind. So sue me."
"Well you could at least try to be healthy."
"I'm perfectly fine, Tom."
"Then why are you acting so weird all of a sudden?"
"I'm not acting weird."
"Then why do you suddenly freeze or try to flinch away from me whenever I try to touch you?" He asked as he made the mistake of touching my shoulder.
I flinched. "Could you just stop?"
"Stop what?"
"Touching me. I don't like being touched."
"Well you had no problem with it before."
"Yeah, well, that obviously isn't the case now."
"Jesus Christ Laura."
"You're so defensive and stubborn lately. You seriously need to calm down."
"Well you haven't exactly been pleasant to be around lately either."
"Oh and why's that?"
"You've just been so pestering lately. 'Oh Laura, are you okay? Are you sure? Why aren't you sleeping?'" I mimicked him.
"Well I'm sorry for caring."
"And I'm sorry for not telling you something that's not your problem."
"So there is something wrong."
"Yeah, and it's my problem, so I'm dealing with it. Geez, step off."
At that point we were both pretty angry, so I just left.
"Very mature," Tom yelled after me.
"Screw you," I yelled back.

After eating some leftovers in the fridge I got into my room to discover I was pregnant. Great. Just one more thing for Tom to freak out at me for. Just what I needed.

Just as I discovered I was pregnant, Tom walked in.
"You're... Pregnant?"
"It appears so," I said.
"So that's why you've been acting so weird."
"Wait, what? Oh, yeah, it is. Yeah, I am acting weird, aren't I?"
"Why do you sound so guilty," He asked. Then he had a surprised and slightly hurt face. "Wait, are you cheating on me?"
"What?!? No! How could I even do that?!?"
"Then how did you magically get pregnant? The timing is perfect, a few days ago you were in Bridgeport... Wait, are you crying?"
Crap, I was. I quickly tried to wipe away the tears. "No, why would I be crying. Everything is fine, really."
Tom walked towards me and started wiping away the tears that were now streaming down my face and I unintentionally flinched away from him. "I’m sorry,” He said, bringing his hand down. “Crap. Laura, I didn't mean to make you cry."
"No, no, it's fine. I could see why you would think that. That isn't why I'm crying."
"Then why are you crying?"
"Because I'm useless and good for nothing. And I always let people dow---"
"Laura, what's going on? Why are you saying this stuff?"
"Because it's true," I said between sobs as I nearly crumpled to the floor. Luckily Tom caught me.
"No it isn't," He whispered as he stroked my hair.
I started sobbing harder and the tears were coming out faster and faster. Poor Tom had no clue what was even going on. "I'm sorry," I blurted out.
"I don't know what you're sorry for, but it's okay," He said as he lifted me up and sat me on the bed.

Tom looked hesitant to even say anything. I can't say I blame him. I've been a hormonal mess today. "You can say something," I said hesitantly. "I promise I won't freak out at you or start crying again."
"Thank god," He said, smiling. "So, what were you apologizing for?"
"For being so snippy lately and not telling you what's going on."
"It's fine, if you don't mind me asking, what is going on?"
I told him what happened in Bridgeport a couple of nights ago with Chester and his "buddies."
"So... That's why you've been acting so weird since you got back?"
"And this really happened?" He was the one who seemed upset now.
"Yes Tom, I'm pregnant because of it."
He leaped off of the bed, whipped out his phone, and punched in a number. "Hey Bill," He said.
Bill, who's Bill? Whoever it was they responded.
"You were going undercover in Bridgeport a couple nights ago to help spy on Chester, right?"
"What?!?" I nearly screamed. Tom shushed me.
"And you were in his group, right?.... Did he do anything illegal?... Oh, nothing, huh? Are you just covering there, because my girlfriend ran into you guys."

Thanks for reading guys!!! I've been a post making fiend lately, I swear. I hope you um, enjoyed this post. Personally, I'm glad I'm done writing it. This is the only thing I did all day since I was too lazy to do anything else and it was kind of saddening to write it. xD
This is totally not how I saw this post ending. At all. But then it popped into my head and I was all like, :O "PLOT TWIST"
Anywho, I'm done typing this little closer, so toodles!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Did someone say party? Baby 16 Part 1

Quadruplets: The reason I nearly pull my hair out everyday.
Like a typical morning I was grumpy, looked over at Tom, and said, "Good god, why didn't you come installed with a condom?"
Which he replied with, "Well you're the one who agreed with this."
"You were the one who brought it up."
Most of the time we're just joking around.

A rumor was going around that I had a child out of wedlock, which I did, but I felt it was unfair to get criticized for it since I was doing the challenge, so I went and sued for slander.

When I got home after losing the case, I saw this in the yard. It's cute, but it's also kind of creepy.

Right when I got through the door, I got a call from Calista. "Hey," I answered.
"Hey, I'm glad you're up."
I looked at my watch. It was midnight. "Yeah, speaking of that, who calls someone at midnight?"
"I do, and plus I knew you would be up since you just had quadruplets."
"True. So, what's up?"
"A few challenge moms are visiting Bridgeport in a couple of days, you want to join us?"
"Alright, I'll see you in a couple of days then."
"Alright, bye."

The next day Tom and I decided to age the quadruplets up to make it a bit easier on him.
Tessa was too cute. The only thing she got from me was her skin tone. She was definitely a daddy's girl and would never leave Tom alone.

Alec definitely was trouble, you didn't want to see this boy if he didn't get his way. He looked a lot like me, but he got Tom's lips.

Felicity absolutely loved the color purple. Or as she called it, "purpo." You can't really see them in this picture, but she has Tom's eyes. She was the perfect cross between the two of us, Tom's nose and eyes and then my hair, skin tone, and lips.

Last but not least was Isabelle. She refused to wear dresses and loved her llama shirt. She maily had my features, but she does have Tom's hair color.

We started teaching them all some skills right away.

The morning that I left I gave Tom a hug. "Good luck," I said. "If you need anything just call me."
"Will do," He said. "Don't get pregnant."
I laughed. "I'll try, no promises though."

I got to the hotel we were staying at in a couple of hours.

Then I went up to out floor...

And into our room. Skye and Calista were engrossed in some sort of action movie. Personally, action movies make me fall asleep. I saw a familiar back of somebody's head over by the bookcase.

It was none other than Hadley Reed-Pope! Hadley just finished her 100 baby challenge and got married. I had met her once before in her blog.
"Hey," I said.
"Hey," She said. "How is everything?"
"Even with quads it's much more peaceful than when I had to deal with Chester. How is everything going with you?"
"Everything's great. IT's so weird not being pregnant all the time though."
"I bet."

Just then Skye and Calista separated themselves from their movie. "Hey Laura," Skye said.
"Your hairstyle is waaay too classy to go clubbing with."
"Wait, what?"

All of a sudden I was pushed into a chair and surrounded by Calista, Hadley, and Skye. "W-w-what's going on?" I asked.
"We're giving you a makeover," Calista said.
"I think I look fine like this," I said, trying to get up.
Hadley pushed me back onto the chair. "You do, but we need a new hairstyle at least for tonight."
"Yeah," Skye said. "This is just too... Fancy for a club."
"Exactly," Calista said.
"Fine," I said. "Do it."
"Let's do this girls," Calista said.

"Hmmmmm.... Let's get her hair down first," Calista said as she undid my ponytail. "Dang, this is longer than I thought."
"I guess we probably won't need these then," Skye said while holding up purple hair extensions.
"Where in the world do you get those?" I asked.
"They're in any store now because lately there's been an increase of purple hair children," Skye said.
"Peculiar, isn't it?" Hadley asked.

First they tried this. "You guys. I look like an anime character."
"And a very classy one at that," Hadley said. "Calista, how did you even do this?"
"With lots of hairspray," Calista said.
"Next," Skye blurted out.
"I agree with Skye on that one, next," I said.

"Good god, I look even more like an anime character with this one."
"I know," Calista said. "I'm changing it now."

"I have this style I want to try next," Calista said.
"What is is?" I asked.
"Well, it's a pixie cut..."
"I have a wig. You could try it on and see if you like the style first."
"Alright," I said.
She put it on. "Hey, that's actually not bad," Skye said.
"It's not," Hadley said. "It looks really good, classy, but edgy at the same time."
"I like it too," I said. "Alright, cut my hair."
"Yay!" Calista cheered.

I'm actually surprised that it turned out so well. (And that I could trust Calista with scissors that are very close to my neck and face.)
"Well," Calista said. "I nearly stabbed your eye once, but that being said, it looks really good!"
"Wait, you nearly stabbed my eye?"
"Yes, you fell asleep and your eye almost had a bad collision with the scissors."
"Crap, sorry about that."

Once we were done getting dressed we of course took some photos.

When we got to the club we ordered some nachos, but some lady tried taking them. She of course got ranted at by 4 angry (And hungry) women.

We all started dancing pretty soon after that.

I ended up in the bathroom puking though because it turned out that those nachos had some sort of meat in them.

When I got out of the bathroom, Skye was dancing on the counter. It appeared I was in there longer than I thought and everyone was getting a tad bit drunk. Skye was the crazy, party-girl drunk.

Calista was making this derpy face and was sad because her hair was blue. I'm thinking she's going to be an emotional drunk.

At first I thought Hadley was normal, but then...

She exploded at Calista. "Do you REALLY think I care about you and your stupid hair problems? Good god, quit your stupid whining."
That only made Calista more emotional. "Why are you yelling at me?!?" She asked as she started crying.
Looks like Hadley is an angry drunk.

After vomiting three times already from the meat I decided to just go back to the hotel. I was told by Hadley to call when I get there, but truth be told, I was kind of scared to talk to her. She was like a ticking time bomb.

As I was walking to the subway I saw four creepy looking men. Among them was Chester.

I decided to just act like I didn't notice then and hope that they didn't notice me. I heard some of them shouting things about my legs and how I was dressed.

Then Chester cut me off.

"Well if it isn't the best challenge mom ever, Laura Johanson," He said.
"Get out of the way Chester."
"Oh, what was that? Oh, you want me to move? And what if I refuse?"

"Look, I really don't feel like dealing with you right now, okay. If you just leave me alone I won't tell anyone where you are and what you're doing."
"What, you think I'm scared of your little boyfriend? Well I'm not. He's been chasing me for quite a while now and guess what, I'm still out here."
"Yeah. In Bridgeport. Where there's a crap load of paparazzi. Trust me, if I don't tell him, he's bound to find out where you are eventually."
"But how can I be sure that you won't tell him?" He asked while he started to circle me. I decided to start running, which probably wasn't the best choice, but I had to try.
"Chaz, get her!"

Some big, buff guy who I assumed was Chaz grabbed me. I tried breaking free, but his grip only tightened.
"Go ahead and knock her out Chaz," One of them said. "We could have some fun with this one."

*Third person point of view*
All of the other girls got out of the club a couple of hours later and started heading down the street. "Hey Hadley," Calista started. "Did Laura ever call you?"
Hadley pulled out her phone and checked it. "I don't have any missed calls, and I think I would've heard it in the club too."
"Oh," Calista said. "Maybe she just forgot."

"Hey guys," Skye said hesitantly.
"Yeah?" Hadley and Calista asked.
"There's someone laying in that semi-dark alley over there..."
"Do you think it's--?" Hadley started to ask.
"It couldn't hurt to look," Calista said.
"And plus," Skye said. "If someone is hurt we could at least try and get them to a hospital."

They went up to the body and noticed it was Laura. "What scumbags," Calista said. "Whoever did this is..."
"Going to get whooped by all of us plus Tom?" Skye asked.
Hadley got down on the ground and gently nudged Laura. "Laura, you need to get up now, okay?"
Laura's eyes slowly fluttered open. "What happened?" She asked groggily.
"We don't know, but we're going to find out, okay?" Hadley said.

I hope you guys erm... Enjoyed(?) this post. I decided to split it up into 2 or 3 parts because otherwise it would be pretty long.
Also, thank you to those of you who let me use your sims in this post, it was really awesome playing with them. ^.^