Sunday, August 14, 2011

~The Beginning-- Baby 1~

Hi, you may be seeing all these pictures of me and wondering, "Who is she?"
I'm Laura Johanson. My traits are Family Oriented, Vegetarian, Artistic, Virtuoso, and Natural Cook.

I live in a small house in the town of Riverview. In this small house, I'm going to start the one hundred baby challenge.

I know it must sound crazy, living in such a small house and raising a hundred kids, but it can't be that hard, right?
I'm hoping that if I can sell enough paintings I'll be able to get a new house, but as of now this place is just fine.

Some of my new neighbors decided to come over to my house while I was painting.
I explained my challenge to a woman named Heather. (I think O.O)
She said that she knew a guy who could help me out.

"Really?" I asked. "That's great, where can I meet him?"
She wrote down his address and phone number and gave it to me.

After they left I decided to make myself some autumn salad.

Since it was so late already, I decided to just register as a self-employed painter and then head home and go to bed. I had a feeling that the man wouldn't be too happy if I showed up on his doorstep late at night.

Nobody was home until about 6:00, so that's when I decided to visit.

His name was Justin Sickly because he had weird pale green skin. I hope me first baby has that skin tone.

All that I really had time to do was get to know him. I found out his favorite color was purple, which is the color of my hair. What made it funny was that my favorite color is green, so we both apparently love each other's hair.
The next day I invited Justin over.

We watched the stars for awhile.

But then he left so I went to sleep.

He came over bright and early the next day.

I made sure to get things done soon in case he had to leave again.

And thus baby 1 was created.

I could tell this would be rough-- I had vomited 3 times already today.
Hopefully the morning sickness wouldn't be so bad for all of the babies.

I decided to paint so I could relax a little.

One day I went to the spa because my back was aching.

My belly was getting so huge! The baby is going to be here very soon.

Apparently the baby was coming sooner than I thought.

Introducing Baby 1, Kellan Johanson. He was born with the light sleeper and loves the outdoors traits.

Thanks for reading!
I'm sorry this post was pretty bad because I don't really have a story-line built up yet and plus I have my first day of school tomorrow, so I'm short on time since it's getting late and I need to sleep. The next post will be better, I promise!


  1. Laura is so pretty! I really, really hope this challenge works out for you!

  2. Thank you ^.^
    It took me forever to make her, so I'm glad you think so. (There was a bad default sim in CAS so it was difficult. xD)
    I hope it does too! Maybe the third time is the charm?

  3. I hope your third time really does work. Your mum shows promise and Laura is beautiful. Have a fun challenge and (if you like) visit mine. I'm gonna follow your's.
    Skye Everard.

  4. Thank you, hopefully the third time is the charm.
    I'll check your challenge out. =)