Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello, love. Babies 35, 36, and 37

Note: This post is taking place a couple of months after the filler I recently posted. Enjoy! :)

Wednesday 10:00 pm
Purple_Haired_Freak has signed on.
MagicMike has signed on.

Purple_Haired_Freak: Ummm… Hi?

MagicMike: Hi… What’s wrong?

Purple_Haired_Freak: MagicMike… Really? 

MagicMike: Yep. Why? You got a problem, my little purple haired freak?

Purple_Haired_Freak: *Have
                                         Yes, I am a grammar Nazi. 
                                         But seriously, you aren’t a sexy male stripper.

MagicMike: Psh. You don’t know what I do in my spare time. For all you know I could be stripping on the side.

Purple_Haired_Freak: Ha. Doubt it. 

MagicMike: :P

Purple_Haired_Freak: Anyways…

MagicMike: Want to video chat again tonight?

Purple_Haired_Freak: Oh god, no. I look terrible today. Seriously; no make-up, baggy sweats and a tee shirt. Boy, I was even too lazy to put contacts in today.

MagicMike: I hope you understand that I’m rolling my eyes at my computer right now. I honestly wouldn’t care if you grew another limb or something crazy like that. I just want to see you because I really haven’t done so for a week.

Purple_Haired_Freak: Asdfghjkl… I know. >.>
                                       I’m sorry; maybe we could video chat tomorrow?

MagicMike:  Fair enough. What have you been up to for the past week.

Purple_Haired_Freak: Well, I got myself pregnant for starters.

MagicMike:  Oh, who’s the guy this time?

Purple_Haired_Freak:  One sec… I’ll try to find a picture of him…
                                         A ha! Here’s one.

MagicMike:  Name?

Purple_Haired_Freak: Aqua Coral

MagicMike:  Occupation?

Purple_Haired_Freak: Hit man.

MagicMike:  O_O

Purple_Haired_Freak: Psh. I’m just kidding. I have no clue; I just found him on the sperm donor website. So if you wanted to know his address, phone number, and social security number too you’re out of luck. xD

MagicMike:  :O
                       How are we going to do a thorough background check now?


MagicMike: Just kidding. xD

Purple_Haired_Freak: Thank goodness.

MagicMike: Haha, I’m not that much of a creep, trust me.
                      Of course, I hope I’m not much of a creep at all…

Purple_Haired_Freak: You aren’t

MagicMike: Well that’s good. Anything else happen this week?

Purple_Haired_Freak: Well, I aged up all of the kids.

Wendy and Tris both look a lot like Charlie, but they’re still really adorable. (Just look at those little faces!! :D)

Rory is a really shy little guy. (Hey, that rhymed!) 

Amy has a bit of an attitude now, but Bridget helps to keep her in line.

Oh, and Glowy had a kitten. We gave him to Skye Everard since one can only handle so many cats at a time.

MagicMike: They all look so adorable! (Including the cat, by the way. ;])

Purple_Haired_Freak: Well shucks… Thanks. I carried them all by myself.
                                         Except for the cat… That would be creepy.

MagicMike: Just a bit… I would be a little concerned about how you were treating the cats if you did.

Purple_Haired_Freak: … Anywhozers…
                                        We also went to the beach, which was pretty fun. Some weird chick with really short hair and glasses offered to take a family picture of us, so I let her, but then she started apologizing for all of the things she’s done to me and we decided to leave since it was creepy. I’ve never even met this chick.

MagicMike: That’s… Really creepy. Watch your back, Laura; she might murder you in your sleep. ;)

Purple_Haired_Freak: Thanks Mike… Who needs sleep anyways? :P

MagicMike: Er’body needs sleep. Otherwise we would all be zombie-ish and stuff.

Purple_Haired_Freak: Hey, speaking of sleep, do you know who probably watches you sleep?

MagicMike: Ummm…. Not you?

Purple_Haired_Freak: Too far of a drive, so that would be correct.

MagicMike: So who would be watching me sleep then?

Purple_Haired_Freak: Nellie. In her lingerie, wondering what the best way to wake you up would be; giving you a hand job or removing all of your clothing.

MagicMike: LAURA!

Purple_Haired_Freak: Oh shush, you. You know it’s true.

MagicMike: I… It’s not like that anymore though.

Purple_Haired_Freak: She sure doesn’t seem to think so.

MagicMike: I feel bad for saying this, but Nellie never was the brightest bulb in the pack…

Purple_Haired_Freak: *gasp* You don’t say! xD

MagicMike: You and your sarcasm over the internet… I swear. >.>

Purple_Haired_Freak: :3

MagicMike: -_-

Purple_Haired_Freak: So, how has your week been?

MagicMike: Shmeh…  I spent the majority of it in the recording studio, so it was pretty boring. And now my throat is sore, so Nellie is making 5000 different types of tea to try and sooth it.

Purple_Haired_Freak: Stupid bitch. >.>

MagicMike: Hey, I’m not against free tea; even though she’s being obnoxious about it.
                      And is somebody jealous? ;)

Purple_Haired_Freak: No :P

MagicMike: Awwww… You’re so cute when you’re being possessive.

Purple_Haired_Freak: Well you’re living with some other chick who’s obsessed with you, so I can’t really help it.

MagicMike: So you are jealous. :3

Purple_Haired_Freak: Maybe a bit…

MagicMike: Knew it. There’s no reason to be jealous though. Any feelings I’ve had towards Nellie are gone now.

Purple_Haired_Freak: Okay :/
                                        … I gotta go.
                                         You know… That whole labor thing. :3

MagicMike: Yeaah… Have fun with that. J
                      Talk to you tomorrow!

Wednesday 11:30 pm
Purple_Haired_Freak has signed off.

Wednesday 11:31 pm
MagicMike has signed off.

Thursday7:00 am
Purple_Haired_Freak has signed on.

Purple_Haired_Freak: Triplets. :)

Thursday 7:02 am
Purple_Haired_Freak has signed off.

Alrighty... So. I hope you all enjoyed that post. It was something new and pretty fun to write, so feel free to comment on if you want another post like that in the future.

I dunno how many people saw this on Facebook, but whilest I was an emotional angsty mess today I said I would take a break from my blog after this post. I don't think I'll still do that, but the reason I was so upset was because my mom completely flipped out at my brother and I this morning and I was very stressed and emotional the whole day because of it. However, if that continues to happen then I will take a break.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. If things get bad again then I'll take some time away, but I'm going to try and make sure that things stay calm around here.

I want some gum. >.>



  1. You called a child by the name I'm naming my next child. This is disturbing, though it also means I'm not alone when it comes to crazy names.

    Just thought I'd tell you this. Since it's 2AM and I'm too brain frazzled to care much.

    I just copied that over from facebook, and now I shall elaborate,


    I'm sorry about your mom, and brother. And I have some gum if you want it. *offers*

    I think that's everything. Bye bye!


    1. Like I said on Facebook, that's really awesome!

      Hehe, thanks. I named him after one of my favorite book characters.

      It's okay, like I said, we're just trying to make things better now. Nom nom nom, lucky! *Takes a piece* Thanks. :3


  2. Magic Mike. *giggles insanely* It still has me laughing. :D

    MIKE'S so sweet!!!! Everything he says is dsjaklfsdjfkl. <3 <3 <3 I'm fangirling over Mike ten million times more than you are over Adam. :3

    Even though you've already shown us the kitten, it's still so cute!!!! I can't see Laura carrying a cat but Calista...


    LLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL. You included the "weird chick" scenario and I'm seriously wetting my pants right now.

    Oh that's Nellie's tea. I love when everything clicks.


    Aww, I'm sorry about your experience this morning. As glad as I was to read this post, feel free to take a break anytime. Remember, our blogs are not our priorities. *tries to make some tea to calm Amanda's mother*


    PS: I'd love another post like this in the future. It was extremely entertaining to read.

    Also, I haven't chewed gum since the fifth grade.... :p

    ~Your blue-haired freak, Calista Smith

    1. Hehe, I had to! Too bad he isn't a male stripper though... Laura might enjoy that a bit. xD

      Whoa. Don't hurt yourself there. That's some extreme fangirling. O.o

      Iknowright? The little guy was adorable.
      I don't even want to know what Calista does with her cats.

      Yes I did. xD
      You might want to change those. ;D

      Indeed it was. Sadly her efforts are going to waste, because Mike will never love her. :3

      Thanks! You should! It's a lot of fun.

      Hehe, we made her some tea after the explosion, actually. (She had water boiling when it happened, so we finished it off for her and my brother sent me in to give it to her.) And it's okay! It's over now and hopefully it'll never happen again.

      Alrighty, I might make another one. It's extremely likely given Mike and Laura's long distance-ness.

      Oh gawd. I'm addicted to gum. I try to stop, but I can't. ._.

    2. Oh, and I see what you did there!
      Blue haired freak. Hehe. :3

  3. Ooh, I LUUUUUUUURVE the idea you used in this post of messaging and all that. I don't think I've ever seen someone do something like it...or maybe they have. I've forgotten a lot of things.

    Everyone keeps saying it, but I guess I'll join the fangirling... MIKE, YOU CUTE PIECE OF...uh...can't find an appropriate comparison... Okay, he's one of a kind.

    [MagicMike: Occupation?

    Purple_Haired_Freak: Hit man.

    MagicMike: O_O]

    ^THAT...had me laughing so much. Actually, the whole post did. You have a fantastic sense of humor.

    I shall now end this comment, because if I do go on... I'll start writing a whole load of nonsense like I did on Molly's blog.

    A really fantastic post, and I do hope things get better for you soon. I would hate if this place dried up. :'(

    PS: Your banner... I haven't said this before, looks awesome.

    1. Aw, thanks! If anyone else did I'm not sure if I remember it or ever read it.

      Oh my goodness, yes! Join the fangirling. :D
      He definitely is.

      Hehe, thanks.

      Oh wow, yeah, that might be a good idea to end it here then.

      Thanks! I hope they do to. So far no more explosions, so I'm hopeful.

      Thanks! I'm glad you like it. :)

  4. I can't stop laughing about the cups. I don't know why. O_O

    *clears throat* Anyway...
    Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob. Blob.

    Okay, I'm done being annoying. :p Night!!!!!

    1. Hehe, does Nellie's stalkerness amuse you? :3


      Nighty night! (Even though it's totally morning now. xD)