Sunday, May 27, 2012

Add him to the list of creeps! Babies 30 and 31!

*Warning: This post contains some mildly adult themes at the end. I'd say it's about a PG-13 on the rating scale.*

 Unfortunately, Mike has to leave shortly after the birth of the twins.Not long after he leaves, they age up into two nearly identical toddlers. The only thing that's different about them is their skin tone and eye color. Gideon has his dad's eyes and skin tone whereas Esta has mine.

Alayna, who used to be a shy, introverted child who loved everything to do with art, ended up coming out of her shell and becoming quite the athlete. She's become a skilled gymnast and contortionist and hopes that one day she can find a career that involves the two very painful looking talents.

Corbin grew into a very gentle and caring teenage boy. If he isn't at work or school you can usually find him with Lucky, teaching him new tricks or playing catch. I've been thinking that the two are becoming so close that Corbin should take Lucky when the triplets move out.

Ily is a charismatic young girl who has a passion for theater. When she's home you can find her in front of a mirror practicing lines or preparing an audition for the next play at school.

The next man to show up is Darell Woods. Unfortunately, I've only said seven words to him, "Hi, I'm Laura, nice to meet you!" All that he does is work. He goes to work then he comes home and works some more. Personally, I think it sounds like a pretty dull life, but whatever. Everybody's different.

One thing about the twins is they both love the mini xylophone! But whereas Gideon has the more "serious" look while playing with it, Esta seems to have a little bit more fun.
With that being said, I think that no matter how much fun the xylophone is to them, they both have the virtuoso trait. You can hardly tear them away once they start to play and they already have a good idea of which key makes what pitch.

One morning I wake up and go to take care of Esta and Gideon, but am interrupted by my phone buzzing madly in my pocket. Not sure who would be trying to contact me so early, I look at my phone to see that Mike sent me a a text.

Mike: Hey! How's the new guy?

I hesitate to text him back. Is it against the rules to contact the other guys while you have one at your house?
Are there any rules to this?
Ah hell, I don't know, nor do I even care at this point.

Me: Ugh. All he does is work and he won't even talk to anyone.
Mike: Wow... Sounds fun.
Me: Totally :P
Mike: You should ditch this guy for the day... We could hang out somewhere. :)
Me: Sounds good to me! Where should we go? (:

While waiting for Mike to respond, I decided to try to see if Darell would be willing to watch Gideon and Esta for one day. He was of course in the midst of some intense conversation with somebody from work. I
sigh and wait for him to either finish up or for a break in the conversation, but it appears to be taking a while.

After a couple of minutes he seems to notice me and motions for me to leave. "You're kidding me, right?" I ask without thinking.

He shoots me an irritated glare and says something in a hushed tone, hanging up afterwards.

"What was that?" He demanded, turning towards me while looking rather angry.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I wasn't aware that you could kick me out of my room just like that."

"Well, I'm sorry, I was in the middle of a phone call," He said sounding a little more calm. "Now what do you want? I'm busy in here."

"I was actually wondering if you would be willing to watch the kids for a couple of hours."

"Absolutely not."

I sighed in irritation, "Why?" I asked. "All you ever do is make phone calls and sit around on the computer. Would it really hurt to go bond with a couple of toddlers for two hours?"

"The company needs me," He said simply. "I can't be distracted by anything."

"Whatever," I said. I didn't know what company he was talking about, nor did I care, but I obviously wouldn't be able to get through to this guy. "I'll work something out then."

In the end, we decided to meet up at the library since they have a children's area. That way we could make sure Gideon and Esta were okay and Mike could see them without any issues. Don't ask why we didn't think of this before, but it was a great idea.

I got there a couple of minutes before Mike did and was playing with the kids when he poked his head through the door. "Did somebody order a sexy man with cyan highlights?"

I laughed and practically launched myself at him. "Wow, he's very modest too."

He smiled down at me and gave me a light kiss on the lips. "Aside from the jerk who happens to be staying in your house, how are you?"

"Just lovely, thank you. And how are you?"

"Fantastic because I get to see you and the twins."

I can't help but grin like an idiot as I unwrap my arms from around him, "They're right over there. Beware, they're quite adorable."

He laughs as he picks up Gideon. "Hey little man."

Gideon looks at me with curious eyes, wondering who this new man is since he hasn't ever seen him since he was born. "That's your daddy, Gideon," I say, hoping it'll have some effect on him.

"Dada?" He asks simply, looking at Mike with those adorable, round eyes. "Hi."

Mike looks at me with nervous eyes. "It's okay, if he talks it means he like you or is warming up to you. He refuses to talk to some people."

"Like that new guy?"

"Yes, exactly like that new guy. I tried getting them to communicate once, they both just sort of stared."

Both of us end up reading to the toddlers. Gideon, being the shyer one of the group is content just listening to the story, but Esta definitely enjoys asking questions about the pictures more.

Around 5:00, we bring the toddlers back home and the teens offer to watch them so that Mike and I can have a little alone time. All that we really do is cuddle on a park bench and talk about random things; what the other has been doing since Mike had to leave, why dinosaurs became extinct, and our past in general.

While I admit, the past is a touchy subject for me, I find it easy to talk to Mike about it and he listens, barely saying a word as I tell him about pretty much everything. When I'm finally finished he simply looks at me in amazement. "You are amazing."

I feel the blood rush to my cheeks and bite my lip. "Why's that?"

"Your childhood sucked, you got kicked out of the house on you eighteenth birthday, and you've had a lot of terrible things happen since you started your challenge and yet you're still on your feet. I know people who would have just given up by now. How do you do it?"

"My kids," I said. "They help a lot by keeping my mind off of things. And just knowing that I at least have them to hold on for motivates me to keep going."

After sitting in silence for a little while, we decide it would probably be best to leave since it's getting late. Once we both get off the bench and link arms like one of those couples in a cheesy chick flick. "I hope you enjoyed your night," Mike said, sounding like a complete gentleman.

"Of course I did, thank you for not running for the hills after I told you all of my issues."

He smiled, "That, my friend, would be a dick move. Pardon my French."

Without another word, he turns and plants a kiss on my lips, this one being much more deep and passionate than the kiss earlier today. Once we pull apart we head our separate.

The next day I decide to age the kids up because both Esta and Gideon know all of their skills and the triplets need to age up because there's no room in the house. Esta is a spunky, young girl who loves to dance and sing. I could definitely see her following in her dad's footsteps and becoming a singer.

Gideon is much more serious than his sister, but he still makes an effort to go out and play with her because he loves his family.

Ily ages up into a lovely young adult who hopes to make it far in the journalism career and to start a small family.

Alayna, unlike Ily, has no interest in settling down anytime soon. She's going to become an acrobat and hopes to entertain people for most of her life.

Corbin isn't quite sure what he wants to do with life yet, so he's keeping his part-time job at the grocery store for a while. Since he always had a special bond with Lucky, I decide to send them off together. It's sad to see Lucky go, but I know he'll be safe with Corbin.

With the kids gone, I finally decide to address Darell on the whole baby making thing. I decide to get straight to the point, "Look, I know you aren't very fond of me, but part of this is that we have to have a kid together."

He sighs in irritation, "That's all fine and dandy, but I really don't want to sleep with you."

"Well, I don't want to sleep with you either," I spit back a bit harsher than I expected.

"It's not because I don't like you, which I honestly don't. It's because well, to be honest, you're a 100 baby challenge mother which means you must be a slut and I don't want to find out I have some sort of STD."

I fold my arms across my chest and glare at him, "A) Just because I'm doing a 100 baby challenge, it doesn't mean I sleep with every man I see. B) I'm not a dumbass, I get tested for STD's regularly and make sure the fathers are all clean."

A look of surprise passes over his face as he realizes he might have actually offended me. "Alright, fine. But after this is all done I don't want to meet the kid."


After the whole baby making thing is done, Darell and I just avoid each other and do our own thing. My gardening skill is getting high and I think I may master it soon. Once I master it  the garden is going bye bye, as relaxing as it is, it's a lot of work!

Since I'm bored out of my mind with no kids in the house, I decide to spend some quality time with Mocha. I take a ride to the pet store and get a new saddle for her, because face it, horses need to look fashionable too.

The next day, I get an unexpected call from my mother. She tells me that she's sorry that she over reacted about the 100 baby challenge and that she really wants to start talking to me again. Of course I forgive her, every girl wants to have a nice relationship with their mother.

She ends up inviting me over to her house to meet her new fiance and my future step brother.

As soon as I get there she runs out of the house excitedly, giving me a big hug. I can see that she's actually genuinely excited to see me and I hope that I can have a great mother-daughter relationship with her in the future. "Hey sweetie," She says as we start heading inside.

"Hey mom," I say, feeling mildly nervous. What if this new guy was as bad as my dad used to be?

Of course she introduces me to him right away. His name is Neil Sykes and he's a special education teacher. From the short amount of time that I talk to him I assume that he's a good guy. He doesn't seem especially creepy or touchy feely.

As for his son, well, he's a different story. "Hey there," He says as I notice his eyes slowly running up and down my body, making me feel a bit awkward. "I'm Charlie."

"Hi," I say tentatively. "I'm Laura. Nice to meet you." Okay, not really. He already creeps me out, but what am I going to say, 'Hi, I'm Laura and you creep me out a little!' No, that would just be rude.

He reaches out to shake my hand and I return the gesture. It wasn't one of those quick and easy handshakes, no, it was one of the awkward ones where the other person won't let go.

We all end up having a quick dinner, it being my mom's famous beef stew. The dinner is filled with my mom chattering with me excitedly about her wedding plans. From what I gathered there are going to be lots of flowers and it should be coming up soon.

Afterwards, Charlie wants to talk to me in his room. We walk inside and I immediately notice that it's pretty dark. Why? I don't know, but I missed the pretty colors. Hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess. If this man doesn't like pretty colors, who am I to judge?

As soon as the door closes he snaps around and starts talking. "You love your mother, right?"

His question throws me off a little and I'm not quite sure if he's just making casual conversation or just acting like a complete psycho axe murderer. "Well... yeah, why?"

"So you would want her to be happy, correct?"

"Of course I would, again, why?"

"Wouldn't it be a shame if she found out that we didn't get along? She would probably break things off with my father and then she wouldn't be nearly as happy as she is now."

"Yeah, that would be a shame," I say hesitantly. "Care to explain why you're bringing this up?"

"I have a simple request," He says quickly. As I'm about to open my mouth to respond, he cuts me off. "Don't talk until I'm done," He snaps, sounding much harsher than he did thirty seconds ago. "You're nice to me I'll make sure to mention that we get along perfectly, and believe me, they'll believe me over you, so don't even try convincing them otherwise."

"Wait... I'm confused. What are you trying to say?"

"Don't be stupid Laura, you're not too unattractive. What I'm saying is you do whatever I want and our parents and I are completely happy. You, I'm not sure, but I don't really give a damn how you feel."

I gasp as I realize what he's saying. "So you want me to um... Pleasure you?" I manage to stutter.

"About time you caught on," He said, looking at me like I was an idiot. "Now since you're pregnant, I'll go easy on you this time--"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," I say, not caring that I completely just cut him off. "I didn't agree to anything here."

"But I know you will."

"Maybe I won't."

"And maybe after I break our parents up and your mother is crushed I'll try to find some of your daughters."

"You wouldn't."

He glared at me. "Don't doubt that I would, you have enough of them. Now, what do you say?"

"Fine," I muttered. "What do you want."

He smiled, looking completely satisfied with himself. "I thought you would say that. Now," He said, unzipping his jeans. "Go ahead and get down for me, okay?"

God dammit, what did I get myself into now?

I have to say, I never really imagined myself giving my future step brother a blow job, but if I would have I think it would have been as painfully awkward as it actually was. No, I won't go into detail because that would just make things here even more awkward and uncomfortable.

After I was done, Charlie got down on the ground and tried grabbing me, but I slapped him in the arm, making him back off a bit. "If you tell anybody about this I'll do both of the things that I just mentioned, plus I won't hesitate to make your life a living hell."

"O-o-okay..." I stuttered, too terrified to say anything else.

He got up and tossed his phone down at me. "Put your number in here, I'll be sure to contact you. Get out when you're done."

As I got up I typed my number in his phone quickly, shoving it at him when I was done.

Needless to say, I pretty much ran out of that house, muttering a quick goodbye to my mom and Neil on my way out.

The drive home felt longer than it really was; probably because I was crying the whole way and I drove slower than normal, probably irritating other drivers on the road. I might have pulled over once, I don't really remember. All that I know is that as soon as I got home I made sure to brush my teeth a few times and wash my mouth out with Listerine about five.

After cleaning the hell out of my mouth, I washed my tear streaked face and threw on some old pajamas. Feeling emotionally drained, I collapsed into bed for the night and tried to get to sleep without thinking about what I could possibly do about all of this.

Of course I failed.
Unfortunately, I realized that there was absolutely no way out of this; I was trapped.

The next morning I met my good friend Calista Smith at the Bistro for lunch, hoping that her obsession with cats and brilliant sense of humor would help take my mind off of things.

"Hey!" She says excitedly.

"Hey there," I say. "How was your first psychologist appointment?"

She laughs as we sit down. "It was uh... Great. Weston isn't all that bad."

"Oh no, his technique is pretty good, too bad he's such a jerk."

She laughed. "We talking about his psychology skills or...?" 

"I was talking about his psychology skills..."

"Oh," She muttered. "Well now this is awkward."

"But he certainly isn't too bad in that department either," I admit. Yes, I've had better Woohoos in my days, but Weston wasn't too bad. 

For those of you guys who are confused, Calista has been having a rough time lately, so she visited the wonderful Weston Ferris and well, you can only guess what happened from there.

Weston loves his 100 baby challenge mothers.

Pretty soon our food gets here. Calista decides to be healthy and get a nice salad whereas I get a big, juicy burger.

Sheesh, and I used to be the vegetarian here.

As we're talking and eating, I can feel my phone continuously vibrating in my pocket. Calista lets out a small laugh after what I assume was the fifth call in a row. "I think you might want to get that," She says. "It could be the school or something else important."

I immediately whipped out my phone to see I had four missed calls and three new text messages. All from the same, unknown number. I laughed, "Certainly not the school, unknown number and texts."

"Whoever sent them must be a super creep."

Feeling daring, I look at the list of messages that just came in on my phone.

#1: Hey, it's Charlie. Need to talk. Answer your phone.
#2: Answer my god damn calls, you stupid bitch.
#3: Fine, either call me or send me a nice picture of your tits in ten minutes. :P

"Laura?" I snapped my head up in shock after hearing Calista say my name. "Are you okay, you look like you just saw a ghost."

"Oh yeah... Great," I said, feeling a little breathless. "Um, I have to go now. See you soon."

"Alright," She said, looking slightly worried. "If you need anything just call, okay?"


After getting into my car I called that stupid pig's number and he answered on the first ring. "What do you want?" I demanded. 

"I told you what I want," He said. 

"Yeah well, I'll do what you want if it's not illegal. Which sending nude pictures of yourself is, so it's not going to happen."

"Fine," He sounded really irritated. "Phone sex. Right now." 

"You know, I really hate you, right?"

"Ask me if I care, sweet pea."

Yeah, you don't need to know how the rest of that phone call went. However it did make me feel even worse about myself. Maybe Darell was right earlier in the week, maybe I am a slut; I sure feel like one now.

At least I didn't have much time to dwell on it, because soon enough I went into labor.

Introducing baby 30, Amy Johanson! (Thank you to Skye Everard  for the name!)

And baby 31, Bridget Johanson! (Thank you to Calista Smith for the name!)

Thank you all for reading! As usual, I hope that you enjoyed this post.

Any name suggestions are greatly appreciated!


  1. Geez, Charlie is a super creep. Who asks their future step sister to do that?
    That date with Mike was really cute and Gideon and Esta are super adorable!
    How dinosaurs became extinct is an amazing topic for a date. ^.^ That part made me laugh.
    I'm really loving your challenge and I hope someone can put an end to Charlie's... creepiness.

    1. He is! Creepy berry sims do, I guess!
      Thank you! I had a lot of trouble with that date, so I'm glad it all worked out.
      Haha, I totally chose something random right there. Yay for randomness!
      Thank you very much. :D
      Muahahaha, perhaps somebody will be able to later on. Maybe it'll be somebody rather unexpected. >:)

  2. I'm going to start with the sad/scary/weird/creepy stuff first.

    Darell... what a jerk. Sadly, as much of a jerk as he was, he wasn't nearly as bad as Charlie. *shudders* I totally wasn't expecting that. I thought the blowjob was bad but the phone thingy... goodness gracious. Now I can see why you were so empathetic about what you had done to Laura. I'm so glad I know now. As I always say... poor thing. :(

    It's a good thing Calista is there to help. I enjoyed reading their conversation. It's so fun when story lines overlap like that. Baha, I love it! :D

    Okay, now onto the happy stuff. As I said on Facebook, Gideon and Esta were perfect to start the post out with! They're so CUTE! ^_^ You're so lucky that got their father's hair.

    OHMYGOD MIKE IS UBER ADORABLE! All of his and Laura's lovey-dovey-ness was extremely cute. Gah, I couldn't take it. I really hope they end up together but it's a bit too soon in the challenge for the so I'm not going to get my hopes up.

    Oh, and congratulations on the 100 page views thingy. *throws confetti and gives Amanda some yogurt*

    This post was one of your very best. It was so interesting to read and totally worth the wait (gosh, I always say that... but that's because it's so true). Ooh, I forgot to say, I'm glad we got to meet Laura's mom. :P

    Okay, I'm done.

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Alrighty! Let's get the tough stuff done first. *rubs hands together*

      Yeah, Darell was tame compared to Charlie. I wasn't planning on introducing Charlie until much, much later, but things worked out in this post and I did it. Unfortunately, this means I'm going to make it get much worse than I had originally anticipated too because now other ideas are overlapping with it and yeah... It should be interesting. O.o

      Oh yes! Writing that conversation gave me a little chuckle.

      Thanks!! I'm so happy they actually got Mike's hair! Usually the kids have some random game hair or Laura's purple-ness.

      OHMYGOD I KNOW!!! :D Seriously, I think I like him more than Tom. I was having so much trouble writing that part, so I'm glad it turned out well. Perhaps he'll stick around for a while. You never know what may happen though. ;)

      Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it and Laura's mom is glad to meet you too. :3

  3. Holy crap! Awesome post...but let me just say, and this comes from the bottom of my heart, that you need a have my full permission to download Hadley, Mason, Bonnie...any characters you want and have them come and 1) Kick the crap out of Darrell - all challenge mothers are sluts? Aw hellll naw! He's going down...and 2) Make it so the only bj Charlie gets from now on is from himself...if you get my drift. Laura won't have to worry about him going after anybody when we're done with him...unless he needs someone to change the bag he'll be crapping into for the rest of his life....
    OMG, he brought out an evil side to me...and pretty darn inventive...hehe, but seriously...say the word! Hadley will come out of her amnesia to kick some a$$

    1. Thank you!

      Haha, yes, I really do! One is coming up soon, I swear. Only it'll be for different reasons.

      Oh, I think Darell needs to watch his mouth, or else he'll have a swarm of challenge moms on his back.

      No kidding! I'm kinda scared now. I never knew you were so evil.
      He deserves a nice beating though... Maybe somebody will smack some sense into him.