Saturday, February 11, 2012

How does this even happen?!? - Babies 23 and 24

Note: I'm sorry to say, but I'm missing some pictures at some parts. My game was being very glitchy as you will be able to see at the end. O.o

 Yet again, it's birthday time. Zuri still has her curly hair that she won't let anybody touch. And I actually discovered that her eyes are her dad's color, not mine. Who knew?

Damian is the slacker of the group. I constantly have to get him to do his homework as opposed to his siblings who do it without me telling them to.

Ewart is... Ewart. That's all I can really say. 

Little Haley is adorable, only she did end up looking a lot like her jerkwad of a father. The only thing that she got from me was her nose. 

Florence looks a little bit like me, but not much. She's a spontaneous little girl and I always have to make sure she's within range. Otherwise she would decide to "experiment" with stairs and the pool.

Oliver is a very helpful teen who's also an excellent student. He takes all honors classes and gets all A's. If only I could have been that good of a student when I was in high school...

Diego aged up into a suave young adult with hopes of making it far in the Journalism career. He's also a hopeless romantic, so to all of the ladies who are reading this: He's single. ;)

Lately I've just been missing the sunlight and human food, so I decided to go get the Vampirism-B-Gone Potion. 

The science facility wasn't as exciting as one may think. There were no crazy scientists (in sight anyways) and also, no fluffy bunnies in cages or man eating plants. How boring. 

Well, even if I didn't encounter any man eating plants, I still got the potion, and that's all that really matters. "Well," I said. "Here goes nothing." 
I quickly gulped the disgusting potion down and turned into a human again. I had expected it to be more painful; or at least look cool, but nope. Neither of them were true. It was pretty uneventful. 

Unfortunately, becoming human again made my eyesight turn to crap, so I had to get some glasses. (AN: Yes, I know in RL you can't get glasses that fast. You have to go through the appointment, wait for them to come in, etc. But hey, this is the sims. B)) I'm still not completely sure how I feel about them. Maybe I might get contacts... 

After pondering my reflection, I got a call.
Me: Hello?
Chester: So do you...
Me: How many times do I need to reject you before you actually get it?
Chester: Just once and I'll leave you alone.
Me: Yeah, like I haven't heard that from you before.
Chester: What if I actually mean it this time?
Me: Then that would be a pretty nice miracle, wouldn't it?
Chester: Okay, I promise that if you go on one date with me I'll leave you alone.
Me: Alright fine, but NOTHING happens on this date. No touching my drink, no touching me, no asking to bring me home, oh and did I mention no checking me out? I think that should be a rule too...
Chester: Sounds good, meet me at the Bistro in half an hour.

And then the line went dead. "You have got to be kidding me," I muttered under my breath
I briefly thought about going on the date like this, but knowing Chester he would actually somehow find it attractive. I think the helmet completes the look, don't you?

Why I had these clothes in my closet, I will never know.

I finally just decided on this. As much as I would like to look like a complete lunatic, Chester already has the lunatic title on this "date". 

I got to the bistro just on time to meet the creep. "You look beautiful," Chester said. 
"Um... Thanks," I said awkwardly. 
"Should we go get our food?"
"Sure, that sounds good to me."
We went inside to get our meal. I got a grilled cheese while Chester got some weird looking taco thing. This was the most awkward date I had ever been on and what made it worse was that we were taking bites in unison. Also, I choked at some point so that didn't make it much better.

I looked over and saw Tom sitting at another table. Maybe he could...
No, no. He's my ex.
Suddenly he looked up and noticed me staring at him. "Help. Me." I mouthed. His eyes went over to the person sitting next to me and I swear I could hear him laughing. 
He turned and said something to the chick he was with and got up. 

He was over at our table in an instant. "Hey Laura, hey creep, how are you two on this fine evening?"
""I'm great," I said. "How are you?"
"I'm doing alright," He said. "Chester?"
"Why are you here?" Chester asked. "Did you two plan this."
"Not at all," Tom said pleasantly. "It's purely a coincidence. you never answered my question, Chester." 
"I'm fine, just dandy," He said, sounding extremely annoyed. 
"Is something wrong?" I asked sweetly. Okay, to be honest, I was enjoying this way more than I should. Nothing is better than making your creeper feel all disgruntled. 
"You know, if you two are still in love, why don't you just get back together?" 
"Wait... What?" I asked feeling completely dumbstruck. "Where did you get that?" 
"Oh please, you two have so much sexual tension that even I can feel it." 
Tom and I exchanged an awkward glance. "Um..." I tried to recover. "We totally don't have feelings for each other any more. We broke up for a reason."
"Prove it," Chester said. 
"How?" Tom asked. 
"Kiss each other, right now."
"Ummmm...." I had no words. He wanted me to kiss Tom? How could that prove anything?
"If you truly have no feelings for each other any more it won't matter, will it?"
"No," I said. "It won't." I got up from my chair, earning a surprised glance from both of the men. 

I nervously walked up to Tom and he wrapped his arms around me while I rested my hands against his chest. "You sure you want to do this?" He asked under his breath. 
"Yes," I muttered. "Lets just get this over with."
I don't know if I was just imagining it, but he looked slightly hurt for a second. 
I don't know why, but I was a bit nervous. It was ridiculous too because I've kissed Tom before. Maybe it's because I'm being put on the spot. Or, I thought. Maybe I still have feelings for him. No. I can't. Even if I do, I need to get over him. 
I looked around, Tom just looked confused and Chester looked very impatient. Damn, I need to stop with these inner conflicts. 
I sighed. Better now than never. 
I leaned in and kissed him. It never occurred to me how much I missed him until this moment. Tom tightened his grip around me and my hands moved up to cup his face, both of us tried to make the moment last longer than necessary, but we didn't care. Why did I break up with Tom again? Gosh, that was the worst mistake of my life. But that didn't matter, all that mattered was this moment, and making it last forever. I didn't even care if people were staring at us, if they need too, they could take a picture. Hell, it lasts longer anyways. 
We were suddenly interrupted by Chester clearing his throat. 

"See," I said trying to hide the pain in my voice. "Nothing."
"Yeah," Tom said while looking into my eyes. "Nothing at all."
We stood there gazing at each other until Chester finally said something. "Yes, absolutely nothing, huh?"
I glanced at him and could tell he was ticked.
"Exa---," I tried saying, but was interrupted.

"Tom!" I heard an angry voice say. "Your on a date with ME, not Laura."
I turned around and saw Aubrey. "Oh," I said, feeling completely hurt. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you two."
"It's fine," Aubrey said grumpily to me as she turned to Tom. "We need to go anyways."
She grabbed Tom's hand and angrily pulled him away.
Wow, I don't know what their relationship is, but Tom is whipped already. 

"I think we should both go too," Chester said, sounding as ticked as he had after the kiss. 
"Alright," I said. Now I felt guilty. I just kissed my friend's date and liked it way more than I should have. Oh well, at least I got to go home because of it. 

The next morning I had to catch up on chores, such as laundry.

And dog washing. 

Don't forget mopping up that puddle that the dogs left when they got out of the bath tub. 

By the time I was done I was craving a little bit of family time, so we all headed to the public pool. Maybe I say, we had a very intense game of Marco Polo. I found out that I'm terrible at that game. 

The toddlers even joined the fun too! Only they were at the side of the pool playing with their imaginary friends. I like Florence's a lot. It's very purple. :)

Speaking of purple, I saw this man sitting outside the pool. I'm all for family bonding, but I do need a new challenge father...

I reluctantly got out the pool and went up to him. 

"Hi," I said, turning on my charm. "I'm Laura Johanson and I'm doing the 100 baby challenge, would you like to be the next father? You don't even have to meet the kid if you don't want to."

"Hi, um... I'm Plump Grape. Well," He said hesitantly. "I don't know..." Then he looked at me up and down. I have to say, it was quite awkward. "Alright, fine."
We quickly slipped into the showers and got down to business before the kids could even notice I was gone. 

When we got home, everybody went and did their own thing. The triplets went and played video games.
Damian: Ugh, I'm totally owning you guys. 
Zuri: I like this game. :)
Ewart: Which button do I press?!?

Oliver and I started teaching the twins to talk.He was using really big words too. "Hey Oliver," I said. "Try using words Haley will actually understand."
"Okay mom," He said. "Can you say photosynthesis?"
"Po ho sin toe sis," Haley said innocently. 
I sighed. Oliver and his big words. 

The next morning as I was going out to get the newspaper and mail I saw this creepy little thing. "Cat..." I muttered. 
It hissed at me and I glared at it. "Don't sass me mister, I have a big dog and a clueless chihuahua in there." 
It came up to me and started rubbing against my leg. I felt myself tense. "Why are you suddenly so innocent you soulless, ginger cat?"
It started purring and that was when I went safely inside. That's what cats do, they make you think that they like you, but then they try to rip your throat out while you sleep.

For most of the day I read recipes that I had neglected to read before. My cooking skill was at level 8, so I should know more recipes by now. 

Meanwhile, Oliver was socializing with our latest pet, Lory! Isn't she so pretty?

He even started teaching her how to talk. Oliver loves that bird already. 

Eventually, I got a bit of morning sickness and then discovered I was pregnant. 

The next morning I was awoken by my phone ringing. Some lady wanted to interview me on her show. "Sure, why not?" I told her. 
I would probably regret this later, but whatever. If someone wants to pay me to talk about something I'm not going to object. 

I was very disgruntle when the washing machine broke. It was so difficult to fix since those annoying suds kept getting in the way. 

Pregnancy makes you do crazy things. I know what you're thinking and yes, this is steak.  I was having cravings for it and also, I'm sick of being limited as a vegetarian. If I'm at level 8 in the culinary skill I want to be able to cook things. 

I can honestly say that this has been the laziest pregnancy I've ever had. I often end up on the couch taking a nap or watching TV.

Granted, I still wake up and take care of tasks that need to be done. 

Such as taking care of screaming toddlers and making derp faces while doing it. 

I also have to give Pinky a flea bath. I think she must have interacted with that stray cat I saw the other day to get them. 

After that I had to take my own bath because the fleas clung to my clothes. Well isn't that just lovely?

I was playing some piano when I suddenly went into labor. 

Introducing baby number 23, Sydney (Thank you Hathaway Legacy!)

After I put Sydney in her crib I got another contraction. "What?" I huffed. "This shouldn't be happening, there are already 8 people in the house."

Oliver looked very alarmed. "Mom, what do I do?" He asked. "Should I move out?"

I didn't have much time to answer him, because baby 24, Farah came out. "Um..." I said. "What just happened?" 
Oliver looked as stunned as I did. "I think we just went over our household limit..." Oliver said.
"We did," I said. 
"I'm going to age up..."
"Okay," I said, feeling breathless. 

I watched as sparkles surrounded Oliver. I felt like it was too soon for him to be leaving, but there was no other way for us to all live in this house.

He aged up looking quite attractive. He's going into the medical career track. Maybe one day he'll be able too tell the gender of his siblings!

Thanks for reading everybody. 
I'm sorry this post wasn't very good, I tried my best, but there were lots of gaps. I was thinking of maybe writing the kiss between Tom and Laura in Tom's point of view, but I'm not sure. Would anyone like to read Tom's thoughts about it?


  1. I'd like to read Tom's thoughts.

    Then again, who wouldn't?

    I was going to say something else, but I forgot it.


    1. Alright ^_^
      Thanks for your input, I probably will make a mini post for it. :)

  2. I'd love to read about Tom's thoughts!!!!!!!!

    Oh boy, poor Ewart.... :( And also, that poor cat, Laura really needs to go to a shrink for her cat problem.

    The date was hilarious! :p Poor Tom, that girl doesn't deserve him. And Chester is such a weirdo. Laura's "lunatic" outfit was awesome!

    I liked the challenge father's "plant hair" or as Skye calls it, a "bush on his head." :)

    Can't wait for your VD post!!! <3

    ~Calista Smith


    1. Haha, Ewart. :3 Lol, yes, she does!

      Lol, thank you, I tried. ^_^ No girl deserves him but Laura. I know right? He urges them to kiss and then gets all cranky when they do. Bwaha, thanks. :3

      Thanks, I'm happy because one of the girls has green hair, so she'll have a bush on her head one day.

    2. Hehe, yay! Okay, I love quoting you and I really want to quote "She'll have a bush on her head one day." You always make me laugh!!! :D

      Okay, this will be the last response. I just couldn't resist.

      ~Calista Smith

  3. Bahahaha! I LOVED seeing that part between Chester, Laura, and Tom... Goodness, Chester just has to get the message and leave her alone. :D

    *secretly VERY happy that Laura is no longer a vampire*

    1. Haha, thanks! Chester isn't going to be back for a very, very long time. Unless something pops into my mind that I can use him for, but I really don't think that's going to happen. xD

      I'm also very happy. Vampire Laura kind of scares me. O.o

  4. :OO I just saw this post! D: Your welcome! ^_^