Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Break Up- Babies 18, 19, and 20

*About a month after the last post*

 I hugged Oliver tightly. Today would be his last day as a baby and I was going to miss him not understanding what I'm saying. Sure, it sounds selfish, but sometimes you just want to let off steam. 
I have quite a few things to rant about anyways, Tom and I have been fighting a lot for no real reason, I'm constantly having to take different medicines or get a higher dose because nothing is really working, and plus, I always have to worry about Chester showing up on my doorstep.

For once, one of my children didn't get my purple hair! Oliver aged up to be a perfect blend of his father and myself. For whatever reason, this child is obsessed with overalls. I don't know whether to be concerned or not.

Shortly after Oliver aged up Tom and I ended up having another fight. This time it's about Chester because he's been trying to contact me again and I never got around to telling Tom.
Tom: Why did you text me to stay away from you?
Me: Oh my gosh. I didn't mean to send that to you.
Tom: Who were you going to send it to then?
Tom: Laura, what's going on?
Me: Chester has been trying to contact me again.
Tom: What?!? Why didn't you tell me?
Me: I don't know, maybe because I didn't want this to happen. I mean, we're fighting about everything lately.  Why fight about something else?
Tom: Well this one wouldn't be happening if you would have just told me. 
Me: Maybe it would be. Only it wouldn't be happening because I didn't tell you, but rather because he somehow got my contact information even though I've changed my email address and phone number. 

He groaned and hugged me. "You're right," He said. "I would have probably said that. And don't say I told you so."
I sighed. "I never said that I was going to.

After that I taught Izzy how to drive while Tom was teaching Oliver to walk. We both just needed a bit of time alone. These fights typically ended up this way. I don't think I'll be able to handle it much longer.

In the middle of our little drive we saw a protest. 

Well, Izzy and I have never been in a protest, so we had to join. We found out that we were protesting because the Science Facility was dumping Toxic Chemicals in the ocean. I made a mental note to never let any of the kids swim in the ocean.

When we got home I noticed a raccoon in our yard. During the day. We both went inside and I called animal control. I certainly didn't want a rabid raccoon biting any of the kids. 

Before they came though it made sure to knock down my garbage can to rummage through the trash. I hope it enjoyed the rotten lettuce in there while it could because it was in a cage relatively soon.

When it was gone I went to pick up the garbage can. Darn raccoon. 

Tom and I went to sleep without saying a word to each other. 

I decided to talk to him as soon as we both woke up. "Look," I said.
"This isn't working," He said at the same time.
"I think we need to..." I started.
"Take a break?" He finished.
"Yes. Maybe it would be best to just see other people for now."
"I agree," He said.
We stayed silent for a little bit. "So this is it?" I asked. "We're really breaking up?"
He took a deep breath. "I guess so."
We've both been thinking about this for weeks now, but it didn't make it hurt any less. 

Without another word Tom left.
I felt like I should have done what any other girl would do and engorge herself with chocolate, call her best friends, and cry and watch bad soap operas. I couldn't bring myself to do that though. I at least wanted to try and get things back to normal.

And also, I had a crying toddler that demanded my attention, so I couldn't go through the typical break up motions.
"Hey there," I said to him to calm him down. "Somebody's a little grumpy today, isn't he?"
"Mama," He said innocently as he hugged my arm tightly.
I looked out the window and noticed my best friend from high school, Aubrey Pearce. 

I went downstairs and went outside to greet her. "Hey," I said to her as I gave her an awkward one armed hug.
"Hey!" She said enthusiastically. "I'm glad I finally tracked you down!"
I laughed. "What do you mean by tracking me down?"
"You totally disappeared after your 18th birthday. I thought you were dead or something."
"No," I said. "No, I've just been busy."
"I see that," She said while looking at Oliver. "You have a kid?"
"Well, actually, 17 kids."
"DAAAAANG girl, you have been busy. How are you still such a stick."
"Stress," I said simply. I didn't think mentioning my stalker would be a good topic to bring up when meeting with an old friend.
"May I ask why you have 17 kids?"
"I'm doing a 100 baby challenge."
"That's exciting!" She said. Well, she's certainly taking it better than my mom. "Way more exciting than my life. Sheesh, you must be meeting some strange people."
"Oh, you have no idea," I said while shaking my head. "So, what have you been doing with your life?"
"Well, I live in a tiny rental house in Twinbrook. I used to be a architectural designer."
"Why did you quit?" I asked curiously.
"One day I decided I couldn't just go on doing a job that I hated. You know me, If something isn't working, I take action. So I quit."
"I also got my first tattoo. I decided on a phoenix because they represent rebirth, or a new way of life."
"I also got a part time job at the grocery store. I knew I had to make money somehow."

"I used that money to go on trips. The first trip was to Egypt, which is my favorite place to go."
"That was the first time I every cleared rubble,"
"Stuck my hand in strange holes,"
"Did archaeological work,"

"Found hidden walls,"
"And even charmed a snake. I still haven't been able to actually get a snake though, which irritates me greatly."
"In my downtime, I read some interesting Egyptian books."
"I ended up getting the eye of the scarab tattooed on my ankle."
"The next place I ended up visiting was China. I found some stairs that led to a tomb there, I didn't get to explore it until later though because I needed a certain keystone to get in."
"I also learned some karate."

"I got up all the way to a yellow belt while I was there, I'm still working my way to a black belt though."

"When I finally got the keystone into that tomb I had to dive into some well to actually get somewhere. It's was kind of ridiculous."

"I ended up getting yet another tattoo on my back to remember the trip.

"When I had some downtime I got a dog named Boxer. When I'm gone I get somebody to dogsit him." 

"The last place I went to was France. It was there that I encountered my toughest exploration yet. The Chateau du Langraab. I still get chills when I think of that place. It was rigged with traps and I'm pretty sure it was haunted. It definitely felt like I was being watched in there."

"I ended up giving up in there. After nearly dying from being electrocuted in a dark room, I knew it was time to go. I of course took a shower in a can first. It would be embarrassing exploring France if I was all singed."
"The rest of my trip I did more normal things, like make nectar."

"I also camped at this one site they have down there. I made roasted garlic over the fire."
"Ew," I said.
"Yeah, it was disgusting. Don't eat garlic by itself, it's not a good idea."

"When I got home I got a tattoo of some music notes on my belly button because I heard a lot of beautiful music there."
"And you say I have the excited life," I said while laughing.
"Having kids is exciting, is it not?"
"Yeah it is, but not as exciting as traveling and going through tombs."
"True, I guess, hey, you look kind of upset. Are you okay?"
"What? Oh yeah, sorry. I just broke up with my boyfriend, so I'm a little down in the dumps today."
"Oh, did he find out you were having children with other men?"
"He already knew," I said.
"Oh... Well, I have an idea to make you feel better."
"...What?" I asked.
"Have one of your other kids watch him and I'll show you."
"Alright," I sighed. What am I getting myself into now?

We ended up outside the local salon. 

"Aubrey," I started hesitantly. "Why are we here?"
"You're getting a tattoo."

"WHAT?!?" I nearly screamed. "I am sooooooo not a tattoo person. Oh my gosh Aubrey..."
"Calm down woman, it'll be fine. It only stings a little bit."
"I don't care how bad it hurts, it's just... I can NOT get a tattoo."
"What, is it against the law now or something?"
I stuttered, "Well, uh, no, but oh gosh, I give up."
With a satisfied smirk she made me sit in the chair where I got tattooed by... Mason Smith. Funny, I never pictured him as a tattoo artist.

I got a flower and some sparkles. Just because it looks pretty. There was no significant meaning behind it.

While we were there, Aubrey also forced me to get a new outfit. She said I needed to show off the tattoo.
Later that night I saw a man standing outside my house. He had strange glowing eyes. 

I went out there and talked to him, "Hi," I said hesitantly.
"Hey," He said in a thick Italian accent. "Are you Laura Johanson?"
"Yep," I said. "May I help you?"
"I'm Riley Aiello, I heard about your challenge and wanted to participate, but it appears you're weaker than I expected."
"Is that a bad thing?" I asked.
"Yes, I would crush you and also, I'm not sure about how the baby would affect you."
"Oh, I'm sorry about that. Maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to---" I suddenly stopped talking. "Turn me into a vampire."
What?!? No, I didn't just say that. What's going on here?
"Really?" He asked with a mischievous glint in his eye.
"N--- Yes."
I slowly held out my wrist, even though I really didn't want to. Was this guy controlling me somehow?
He bit down on my wrist hungrily.
I let out a small scream and when he was done he came up and whispered in my ear, "Call me when you're ready."
I felt him slip a piece of paper in my hand. Ready for what? When would I be 'ready'? Was this guy insane or something? Before I could ask these questions he rushed off. 

What just happened? But more importantly, why do I have to run into all of the creeps.
As I was falling asleep in what felt like a very, very empty bed I thought about all of the things that happened today, Tom and I broke up, I got a tattoo, and come vampire came and mind controlled me so I could have his kid.
Looking at all of the things that have happened since I started this challenge I can't even call the mind control weird anymore. I find this kind of sad. 

I spent the next day with Oliver at the park while everyone else was at school. They added in some more things for kids to play on. I thought it would be niceto spend some days out in the sun while I still could.
Oliver loved the spring ride there. He looked absolutely adorable while he was riding on it.

When I tried to take him off though, he crossed his arms and gave me a dirty look, refusing to move. 
"Oliver, you have to get off at some point."
He sneered in the other direction. "Other kids want to use the spring rider too," I said. "Wouldn't it be nice if they could have as much fun as you did?"
He looked back at me and uncrossed his arms stubbornly. 

As I lifted him off he still had that grumpy look on his face. "You might get to ride on it later," I said. That wiped that look off of his face.
In the mean time, I decided to teach the little guy how to talk. Unfortunately only knowing the words mama and papa wouldn't get him very far in life. Once we were done, as I promised I let him ride again on the spring rider. Then we went home.

At home I prepared a nice meal for everyone. I had to push away the thought that this would probably be one of the last things I ate before I turned into a vampire.
It was a relatively quiet dinner tonight. All of the kids were tired from homework and their after school activities.  And plus, Tessa and Felicity were upset because the Shop Club the joined was actually wood-shop, not shopping like they had hoped.
The next day I mainly cleaned up around the house, but then the teens told me they had an activity awards ceremony to attend, so we went there.
All of these are participation trophies, except for the golden hammer, that was for Alec being the Debate Club president.
I'm proud of my kids for trying all of these things.

I just finished cooking spaghetti when I felt... Different.

I set it down as red sparkles engulfed me. I looked down curiously. I thought that this would be a little more painful for some reason.
Suddenly I did feel some pain. I guess that it took a split second for it to kick in. I bit my tongue to keep from screaming in pain, after all I didn't want to worry my kids. Even though they might be a little concerned about me suddenly being surrounded red sparkles anyways. 
It felt like I was on fire, but on the inside, not on the outside. Also, I was pretty much blind the whole time. My vision went blurry as soon as I noticed the sparkles.

It was over faster than it started and I became half dead. How many people can say that they've been half dead before? Yeah, not many.

When the kids went to sleep I felt compelled to stay up for some reason. I couldn't sleep no matter how hard I tried, so I pumped some iron. I need some muscle anyways.

After pumping iron all night I gained some muscle and got to level 5 in the athletic skill. The bad thing was, it was a little more than I had bargained for. 
No more pumping iron at night for me.

I called Riley at about 6:00 in the morning and he came over right away. 

I still felt like I was being controlled by him, but at least he was gone soon.
Later, I aged everybody up. Oliver was still an adorable kid. He wore a freezer bunny shirt everyday and was pretty popular at school. Nobody could get over this kid's charm.

Felicity is going to become a model. I can only hope that she won't get too caught up in that world. From what I've heard it can be dangerous. 

Alec is one of those guys who can pull of long hair. He's going into law enforcement like Tom. 

Isabelle looks like she would be an athlete on the surface (Which is what I always thought she would be anyways.), but she's actually in the architectural design profession. 

Tessa is going into the stylist profession to as she says, "help the ugly." I was shocked to hear he say that because she was always a nice child, people change, I guess.
Diego grew up looking a little bit more like Bill. I tried not letting it bother me, at least he didn't act like him. If he ever does he knows I'll be disappointed in him.

Thirst is the worst part of being a vampire. I'm constantly craving blood, but I refuse to drink a human's blood because it's just gross. So I eat plasma fruit and drink plasma juice instead. I'm only satisfied for so long though.

After I ate the plasma fruit my baby bump finally appeared. 

I also called Riley because I was thirsty AGAIN. It's only been five minutes. "Why am I so thirsty all the time?" I asked.
"I don't know, are you drinking from a human?"
"That's why, you're only completely satisfied when you drink from a human."
I hung up. Of course. 

I went in the kitchen and grumpily drank some plasma juice. 

The next day while I was all alone anyways, I taught Sam how to sit. "You just crouch down like this and put your paws on the floor." I said as I demonstrated to him. 

He gave me a look filled with derp. This is useless.

Then he actually sat down! Who said you couldn't teach an old dog new tricks? 

I ended up falling asleep because there was nothing else to really do.

I woke up when the kids got home and got in the shower. Only to discover that somebody pulled the hair dye prank. At least it was easy to wash out.

At around 5:00 I got a call from somebody.
Me: Hello?
??: Hey, can you come over? I need to talk to you.
Me: Yeah, I'll be there in a second.
He gave me his address and I headed over. 

It was a pretty nice looking house. I walked hesitantly up to the door and rang the doorbell.

He came out and hugged me. "Hey," He whispered in my ear. I sighed. I missed his familiar voice, and his strong arms around me. 
"Hey," I said feeling a little breathless. 
Tom took a step back and we both got a good look at each other. "Did you just get out of work?" I asked.
"Yeah," He replied. "Why are you...?"
"I'll explain in a bit," I said.
"Come inside," He said.

We both sat down on the couch. "So why are you a vampire?" Tom asked.
"Well," Where do I even begin with this? "Some vampire showed up that wanted to be a challenge dad. He made me become a vampire for the pregnancy." I felt bad not telling him about the mind control portion of it, but he would flip out.
"I see," He said.
"So what did you want to talk to me about?" I asked, even though I probably already knew.
"Well, I was thinking about things and I was wondering  if we would ever get back together."
"I don't know," I said. "Maybe. Not now though."
"I really miss you, Laura."
"I miss you too, but, I really don't think that we were even ready for a relationship at this point. I don't know.  Maybe we could get back together at some point, just, not now. I'm sorry."

Without another word I got up to leave. Tom got up after me and grabbed my arm. "Wait," He said. 
I stopped and turned around, noticing that his face was just inches from mine. I rested my forehead against his. "What?" I whispered.
"I'm willing to wait. If you need me I'll be here," He said as he grabbed my hand.
I pulled my hand away and walked out trying not to cry. Could vampires even cry? 

I ended up practicing my charisma skill that night. People were spreading rumors about me and I always lost the case when I sued for slander, maybe the charisma skill would help a bit.

Pinky ended up waking me up as soon as I fell asleep. Don't get me wrong, I love that dog, but she can be ridiculous at times.

The good thing about waking up was that I went into labor.

Introducing baby 18, Zuri Johanson,

Baby 19, Ewart Johanson (Thank you Calista Smith xD),

And finally, Damian Johanson. (Thank you again to Calista Smith. That link with names helped a lot.)

Alright! I hope you enjoyed this post! I also hope you were able to refrain from crying/going on an angry rampage while reading this. I have to admit I almost did both of those things. That meeting with Tom almost got me. :'(
Thanks for reading!!


  1. OMG, Oliver is the cutest!! I love his overall obsession... that's sort of makes him even more adorable!

    Wow... the break up was so... smooth? Peaceful in a way? Well, for one, it didn't make me cry so that good. Yay! Laura's free to date other people. For example a certain shrink - Weston?!?!?!!? *wink wink*

    Haha, yay for the spaghetti!!! And lol, Ewart! :DDDDDDDD

    The last part with Tom and Laura was so sad yet happy too. Because they don't hate each other. They just know and respect the fact that they need a break.

    ~Calista Smith

    1. I know! I love Oliver. He's just exploding with cuteness!
      Yeah. I figured that they already fought enough, so it may as well be a relatively peaceful break up.That's good! Lol, yes she is very free to date other people. xD
      Haha, yes, the spaghetti saved the day! And don't get me started about Ewart. xD
      Yeah, like I said. I had to resist the urge to cry at that point. It didn't help that a sad song started playing on my Ipod that completely related to that part either. -_-

  2. oliver...dawwwwwww ^__^
    hopefully tom and laura will see each other soon *wink*
    i love all your kids!!! cuteee!!!

    1. I know! He's overflowing with cuteness. :3
      Ha... Heheh... O.o No comment on Tom and Laura. You'll see why in the next post. *looks away awkwardly*
      Thanks!! Laura does make some cute babies.

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    Do update your links! :)

    1. Hey there,
      Thank you!
      I'll make sure to do that. ^_^

  4. Ahhh! What an action-packed entry! Vampires, breakups...crazy stuff! The babies are so adorable though...and your kids are gorgeous!

    1. Haha, yeah. I was afraid that it would be too much for one post. O.o
      Thanks! Laura does make some adorable babies. :3